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Post purge story idea for where things go from here

So after Gweneth called for the purge I figure that would immediately set off alarm bells for the other races of the urealms world so this is just my idea for how the story could go from there.

So it would start with a non elf character, like a giant kobold (because kobolds are the best race). A very powerful character on someone like Virgo's or Bopen's tier. They're raised by a low bear and then became an ally of some high bear place. I'm gonna call them Vod (because its more interesting than they).
So Vod hears about how the new grand paladin has called for a purge of all ageless and is appalled. He (or she) has always thought of the grand paladin order as a force of good in the world and has always respected its inclusive membership policies. However knowing that elves are the most superior feeling of the races, and the fact that one of their orders has just called for a purge is concerning. So Vod sends out a message to the ageless of the land and their families that his home at the base of a mountain is open to them, Soon hundreds of peaceful ageless, peasants of all races start showing up to. Without the space they start digging into the mountain to make space for the families. He finds the stronger of those and asks them to volunteer to help keep the peace. The take up a name, the templar order, as a reminder of the grand paladin order before the started purging people.
So eventually word of this community gets out and even non ageless start showing up. Turns out Vod wasn't the only one concerned with this sudden purge, and some are worried that the kobolds or the gnomes are going to be seen as an enemy and purged next. People start to leave the grand paladin order appalled by the purge start to join this order and eventually it becomes a notable order.
This angers the Grand Paladin greatly, and she want to attack them. However she can't because the mountain where they made their home is under protection from nearby highbears. She makes a diplomatic plea to Vod, that they help deal with the ageless threat that is starting to take over the realm. He says he will on the condition that she undo the purge order on all peaceful ageless, which Gweneth declines. Angry and offended by the new order she organizes and full on assault on the ageless god. After a large battle the grand paladin order is utterly defeated, and flea to the templar order for protection.
So finally united they come together to find a plan to take down the ageless god but come up with nothing. Nobody knows how to kill Bopen and stop his ageless horde. But then Gweneth some up with an idea, someone who might know how to defeat him, Quintara Lotus atop the tower of ultimate wizardry. So they send a team of their best to climb the tower and ask the dragon aspect for a way to defeat Bopen. So the climb the tower and it succeeds, she does knoiw how to kill him and the go to leave but on they're way back they are captured by one of Bopens hordes. But word gets to the templar order that they're captured through a network of ageless spies they set up in Bopens armies, and the Templar Order lead an army to go and save them. A huge battle ensues which with the absence of Bopen the orders win convincingly, and so they finaly find a way to defeat the ageless god.
Both sides organise all their forces, pretty much every character introduced is involved. Huge battle ensues, where the light emerges victorious. However with no Grand Paladin order to help keep the peace the realm is still very chaotic, and to regain their former strength they work with the templar order to bring order back to the realm.

Just me putting off uni work thinking of a fun urealms story while I wait for the next campaign, and im no good at drawing so this is my version of fanart. Cant wait to see where the Bopen story actually goes.
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