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An interesting combination of cards.

You know how dark knight gives five bonus actions right?
Since spirit rush is a limited you can use both. Then you use the exp potion, which because its a consumable, does not cost an action. So you end up with 14 bonus actions.

It could only happen once per game yes, (due to dark knight and you probably not being a alchemist to make more exp) but its one of the funny, kinda likely to happen combinations ive seen. 

(Provided you get the dark knight cornerstone, you have the monk as one of your classes, or that the exp potion to be available at all.)

so what kinda funny/weirdly synergistic card combinations have you guys thought of?


  • Step 1: Soldier, and as much damage as possible with a Basic Attack (30-45 max)
    Step 2: Thornmail, Steel Spiked Shield, and Barbed Flesh
    Step 3: Spirit Roar

    Congratulations, now you deal up to 125 Damage to an opponent(s) whenever you cast Spirit Roar next to them! Feel free to add stuff like status immunity, mobility, or Bonus Actions to make this even more ridiculous.
  • @knguy They wouldn't stack though. Thornmail says "whenever you take damage" and you wouldn't take damage if you used the shield since that's "whenever you block" and barbed flesh is your skin so wearing Thornmail would just make it moot (plus, things only stack if they say so).

    @pechum That'd be a good boss finisher, but could also easily be messed up by a 1 so you're probably safer to split 'em up.
  • @helperbot0613 An old-style ranger with a pet? That seems like just a staple hunter-class.
  • Ahem 2 death rollls with a paralyze
  • paralyze into egg tomb into a death web
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    into 1 rapid fire while they are down which is 50 damage or 5 more deathrolls
  • @helperbot0613 Paralyze's effects would typically wear off the round after it, death web and eggtomb don't do damage and their death-rolls can be quite easily negated and rapid fire would be 10 x 5 since you don't have any self double-damage buffing so if anything your best combo with them (without limiteds nor anytimes being used, of course) is eggtomb then paralyze since eggtomb is round of casting (for casting) then paralyzing the next round so their chance of getting free from eggtomb is lower (since it says end of next round).
  • that 100 damage was editted
  • @helperbot0613 It doesn't change it in real-time, since I was mid-comment when it happened. Anyhow, relating to the "or 5 more deathrolls" that's only true if the foe was in a defeated/danger state. Deathrolling from something like eggtomb or dangerous terrain doesn't automatically put you into a defeated/danger 'cause otherwise they'd be much stronger and essentially really powerful-limited level.
  • oh ok... so you have to drain their Stamina...
  • @helperbot0613 Pretty much, yeah. 'cause otherwise death-roll abilities would be the basic pick for min-maxers followed by anything that allows you to hit a lot of times just to make sure they keep rolling for that 5% chance.
  • I always wanted to see someone mount someone else and then the person on top casts arcane beam while the person on the bottom casts whirlwind dealing 99 to all foes (and allies i guess).
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    @Umlaut ;
    Yes, so I've made the assumption that any regular-size character can mount most Large Tile characters without issue, and Gnomes and Keens have a lot more freedom in this.

    There aren't many benefits to mounting, for if the one you mounted could take the hits for you it would make both of you immune to Status Effects if Large Tile, and essentially combine the Stamina pool (especially if it could also be done the other way around). Though, your GM might allow this anyway if they're nice.

    But if there were, say, a certain item or two in the shop, like a saddle or a carrot on a stick, giving you some really good mounting incentives, then in the right circumstances you could make the ultimate mounted character, like a Keen piggybacking a Black Boar, the classic Elf on a moose, or some other such combination.
  • @JaxOh1 That sounds more like a guardian than a mount.
  • Adenaline Rush + Hatezen + Aura of Retribution. That's 1 action that gives you 9 bonus actions if you survive a death roll and while most gms would never let you do it multiple times per round there's nothing stopping you from trying. Mix in brew potions and potentially an endless supply of bonus attacks and killing yourself with death rolls
  • Remember rolling a one gets rid of all actions so you would need pearl of foresight yo pull any of these super bonus action sprees off
  • Had an Grand Warrior+Average combo yesterday on a player, combined with a MAsterful Ruby and an arcane Blaster, the ability to 'never miss/crit fail'. at the cost of never Critical Sucess, is suprisingly terrifying
  • @JaxOh1 Average's entire "Can't do anything too good for an average character" spin kinda stops Arcane Blaster from being "good", and makes it "average" so you can't stack it more than say 4 or 5 times in which you'd be better off just fireballing the 4 actions it takes to build it up. Also, I'd like to point out Grand Warrior doesn't stop you from missing, just that it lowers the chance (plus, the foe can still dodge/block), however that's not really that important since I assume the arcane blaster was the main focus to which masterful ruby does the work for its' "accuracy" which'd make Grand Warrior redundant.
  • @JaxOh1 & @UnluckyBimi ;
    Here's what Rawb said about the Average + Arcane Blaster combo, and remember what average says in the last sentence.

    Of course, you could still stack it super high as long as you never rolled a 1, and wouldn't limit that part because then the player would just get a Ring of Fire or Lunar Boomerang instead.

    Average, while not the most fun roleplay card, is pretty cool as far as gameplay goes, but there's generally going to be a hard limit on how cool that gameplay is. The Game Master can still leave in the possibility of you missing or having an ineffective ability on a 1, even if you have an advantage on accuracy (which'll be fun because now you can blame XCOM for your bad luck). If you are an average Joe with a 
    grimshadeblade the Game Master can still say it breaks on a 1 because otherwise you are capable of dealing a consistently not-so-average 40 damage a round, at the cost of only 100 gold. That's just my read on the whole average thing.

    Now if you really want to be with the big boys... be an average bodybuilder and pair it with an Emerald or Ruby so you can really give your GM a hard time in combat.
  • If you add power leveler thats another 5, also grand finale either of the limiteds for 5 more, bumping you to 24 bonus actions. also if Arcano Lute gives you a bonus action every time you use a limited (i think no roll too), then that's 3 more after power leveler, spirit rush, and grand finale, there's probably more. This game has so many great or overpowered combos, that there gives you 27 bonus actions once per game, and 22 every other combat of that character
  • @Ozoner its just too bad that a ridiculous amount rolls would have to happen, just to get the ACTIONS, nevermind the amount of rolls to do something. Rolling a one at anytime in a bonus action storm will ruin it, heh.
  • @Ozoner & @pechum ;
    Pearl of Hindsight + Optimistic WOOOO YEAH LET'S KEEP GOING BOYS

    The Pearl of Hindsight isn't necessary on a basic character, but for serious combat and the kind of characters who get tons of bonus actions, it is a must. If you draw traits like Dark Knight or Patient, or play classes like Sandbender, Alchemist,  and Spellthief, seek the Pearl.

    Personally, I prefer to be a lot more tactical with additional actions, so cards like Demonstration, Preparation, and Patient really speak to the tactician in me because Anytimes can be saved for later.

    Especially Preparation, if you are able to find a way to use it as many times as possible.
  • @knguy ;
    When I make characters I always look for ways to get more actions, either weapon procs or abilities like preparation, second win, grand finale, or the chronominaeanosifneao ivasdf clock
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