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Firefly Arts



  • @Fera @Larry @LexderMob Thank you all  :D
    @Badzee Thanks, and me too! I was pleasantly surprised when he lived throughout the campaign 
    @NeoReaperXIII Thanks! And I agree, I'd love a crime dog avatar  :)
  • wow these are great. ~_~ i really like how clean it is. good job.
  • wow those look awesome, good job man

  • The lovely Quintara Lotus!
    I did some experimenting with this one, it was quite fun to draw  ~_~
  • Oh that looks great, couldn't help but feel she was interested when Smash Bro's 5 was coming out by the looks of her eye  :)
  • @Badzee ;
  • Back with more art after disappearing for several months lol, the season finale was amazing  :)
    (imgur kinda messed up the quality oops)
  • Looks great! ~_~ Love the lighting effect!

  • @NinjaGuy00 aa thank you!! It took me a while to get it to look right 

  • Some dragon aspects I've been (sparsely) working on! Expect the other 3... eventually. 
  • ok so i have no idea how active this place is these days (if at all), but i have something urealms related to share and i dont know where else i would put it. so.

    about 5 years ago, when i was 14, i drew this fenrus. i think after watching the new crew? and i posted it to ye olde buffalo wizards subreddit because that was before the forums were a thing. it's very old art, and obviously it's uh. lacking in the anatomy department. but i was proud of it and super happy to make art based on a thing i loved.

    flash forward to a few days ago, i randomly started reminiscing about urealms and decided i'd rewatch the first campaign. it was a little bittersweet but super nice to revisit the show. and since it was fenrus's debut campaign, i decided i'd redraw my old fenrus piece.

    i'm pretty proud of how it turned out! and it makes me happy to see how i've improved over the years by redrawing this good boy. 

    no matter what happens or doesnt happen with urealms, it will always hold a special place in my heart and thinking about it makes me happy to this day. it had a definite impact on my artistic journey and i'm sure it has inspired countless others. very few times has a piece of media enamored me as much as urealms did, with its unique format and worldbuilding and all the different stories it told. even if it's over, it had a positive impact on thousands of people and i think that renders it a huge success.

    anyway, thanks for reading. and enjoy the art! love you all <3
  • I love it!

    thanks for sharing Firefly. tbh I had never seen this thread back in the day. I was always so laser focused on making the show that I never really took time to pay attention to the community around it.
  • Lookin at them swirly eyes just makes me think of the season one urealms theme song with the crazy trumpet.

    Lovely stuff!
  • @Rob thank you!! <3 and it's all good, i hope you have more time to breathe now that youre not constantly working on the show 

    @brownhair798 thanks!!  :) and haha yea i totally feel that. the crazy swirly eyes were definitely part of that signature early urealms look
  • @Fireflyoverpass I chose a good say to check the forms, love the fenrus and sad I didn't see those dragons earlier. 
  • ok so i thought that'd be it BUT i decided to rewatch porc hunters too and got inspired all over again so here's a porbo 

    honestly watching these campaigns again after such a long time makes them almost feel like new. like even though i know exactly how they end it still feels tense when the players are in a tough spot or when some crazy event happens. porc hunters was such a good campaign, and a fantastic followup to the first that just built on everything band of thieves did right. great cast of player characters too, and porbo was a genuinely intimidating final encounter

    moving on to jewel of dingo isles next, i think i'm gonna try and post a drawing for each campaign i rewatch, it'll be a fun way to revisit the show
  • He looks great!
  • Sounds great! And great art as well!
  • do iiiiiiiiiiit
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