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I want to meet new fans!

Hi everyone! I'm Snowy. I haven't been in the community for very long, starting out with The Woodcarvers, and I've grown to be a huge fan of the show. Problem is, I don't know anyone else! So I wanted to start this thread for all the newcomers to meet other newcomers, so we can make our journeys into the community together.  :D 
I'd really love to get involved with character designs and maybe GMming in the future! I love to do art of the characters and I'll totally sketch some designs if you throw them my way!


  • Hi! Welcome to the forums :D
  • I'm not too new of a fan, but I've never interacted much with the community. I'm also really hoping to get to know more people! My spouse is really bored of all my Urealms rants lol. If anyone wants to chat hmu :)
  • Hello Ive been watching sense the old DvZ days, if your thinking about GMing I would be happy to help, I have GMed 2 URealms games and created 5, 3 were not used and lost because of flaky players and scedule/computer problomes. 

    If your intorested into fan RP I would sugest going and cheaking out The Arena, RP Tavern, and (shamless self promotion) Welcom to the Murder Bros. 

    Welcom :smilebold: 
  • Yo! Welcome to the Forums.  :)
  • Greetings new mortal o/ And welcome to the land of no tricks!
  • not exactly a new comer, i have been watching Rawbs content for a while, but welcome regardless. how are ya?
  • @Knifu_Waifu Where are those things you mentioned? They sound interesting, but I'm not sure where to look to check them out.
  • @Knifu_Waifu Same! I'm totally intrigued. Are they other threads?
  • Not new, but up until these forums I've pretty much been a lurker. Nice to meet ya! :smile: 
  • I'm not new but its awesome to see new fans@Snowy
  • Also not new. But hello, regardless. Enjoy your stay in dongdank the wonderful world of Oz McDonald's the URealms community!

    Rolling to see if my greeting was good. 
  • Not exactly a newcomer by any means but welcome to the community! It's always great to see new faces!
  • Welcome I really want to get to know others as well though I'm bad at posting consistently.
  • Im an OG urealms fan, been around since the cartoon! Welcome
  • edited May 2017
    I've been stalking Rob for a quite awhile, not the original URealms days, but at least early DVZ days I really have not done anything in the community until the forums launch. and when I say really haven't done much. I mean I literally have not commented at all that I can recall, I've been a severe recluse until now, so hi from the youtube and twitch hermit o/
  • @Snowy As someone who has been following Rob for a long time I have a question.

    Have you looked back on any of Robs old work? If so what do you think?
  • @Volastern  I've seen most of robs old stuff. Rawb is a pretty funny dude. I sometimes rewatch much of his old stuff it is entertaining content 
  • @kreeperkiller63 Thats what I like to hear. I know Rob considers his old stuff over and done with but a lot of his stuff is pretty rewatchable.
  • I'm an old fan but I don't know anyone either, I've always been a lurker and only now with the website I'm trying to at least be out there a bit...

    I'm not that into the art department, but I wish you luck on that when you do start it, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your dming once the look for party forum is open ;)
  • @Nyss  Lurkers Unite!! :smile:
  • @sbDjango Unforgotten Quest supporter represent!
  • I am Kapu, I have been here since Bruce'a Gym Alpha
  • Heya! I go by Taey here, it's nice to meet you!
  • Hey! I've been here since the old DvZ (Bruce's Gym) but I've never talked to anyone. Would like to meet people though
  • Hello o/ I've been here since the Bruce's Gym Beta, been with the community since, rarely active until these forums came up, so I'm loving it here c:
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