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How to kill Bopen

So after two "deaths" it's obvious Bopen doesn't die from having his skull crushed.  Many people in chat seem to think destroying his sword would kill him, and that seems like it could be reasonable to me.  Has we been given any hints that point to this or that say otherwise?


  • He's a god. You would have to kill his skull, then destroy the evil magic mist he's made of

     >_<  Good luck
  • I feel like that gold golem in Dunderborough has to be part of his lifeforce somehow
  • realistically his sword is made of gold and should break super easily tbh, but Bopen doesn't seem to follow that type of logic
  • It's the only physical part of him that has yet to be destroyed, and In dundinborough we saw the sword radiate Bopen's aura long before his body formed.
  • @AceTheGreat an ECHANTED gold sword  >_< 
  • We still know NOTHING about his ring.
  • break the sword would be my guess, it seems like the purple aura is the sores of Bopen and that keeps coming from the sword, buts that´s just a wild guess 
  • @AceTheGreat I mean that's real life gold physics.  Gold in urealms is pure magic.
  • He has to keep collecting gold for that purple mist monster back at the dwarven kingdom. Maybe that has to do with his immortality.
  • I think ;rob kind of confirmed Bopen is killable since he said how Roamin kills him is very important. The only two options I think are the sword and the purple aura. When phineas in deadlantis "pushed" Bopen, only his aura went flying. But when Roamin killed Bopen, the only thing that was mentioned was Bopen re equipping his sword. 
  • We don't even know if he truly has a ring, or if that was just a made up part of the story.

    I think the only way to kill him is with something like a greater pyroblast, which can supposedly kill even a divine.
  • Both times Bopen has "died", he's always taken the skull of the one who destroyed his already existing one. So if you were to kill Bopen, you'd not only have to destroy his skull, but also live to tell the tale rather than killing him with a suicide attack (Roamin in the recent campaign) or let your guard down and let the sword with the help of the purple magic decapitate you (Virgo).
  • is it possible bopen isn't even a nomrl type of ageless just that dark aura is what ever consciousness that he is. though it's true he does seem to like to feed that gold monster gold which we know is magical potential energy so maybe like shal stated that could be linked. if he stops feeding it maybe he ceases to exist? maybe he'll just keep showing up cackling? 

    also since virgo's skull is now gone does that mean phineas won't be calling him grandpa anymore ? 
  • He could be like Voldemort?
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    it may be that the Golden sword must be what destroys bopens skull to kill him 
  • to kill bopen you have to break his skull and his sword, and then use a spell to trap the mist in a jar

    or its like the rat king and whoever kills bopen becomes bopen via dark ageless curse
  • You ask me it's either his sword, or he just can't be killed.
  • To be fair in our world gold is weak but in Urealms mine-able or conjured gold may have different properties, possibly making it stronger and more durable than its real world counterpart
  • @Sonderp Virgo killed him without dying.  Bopen's body rose up after a few moments and cut Virgo's head off.
  • Bopen has a very strange, very unusual aura that appears and disappears depending on his skeleton's overall stability. I'm thinking he is really this Aura, sort of like a Believer for Bones. A Boneliever, if you will. My only guess is you either entrap the aura (somehow) or you entrap what the aura is possessing. Maybe doing what the Dwarves did to Thor (IE, entrap him in unbreakable stone) and hiding him in the Shadow Realm (away from Dalfgan though) would be the only real way to be rid of him once and for all...
  • Of course he's not a normal Ageless. It's not even retconned yet that Lance isn't a Dvergr, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bopen actually managed to make a Dvergr Ageless.
  • You need to break the sword, skull and trap his soal in a jar. with the jar you need to bansish it to the shadow realm. I think that can do that
  • @RaHuHe powerful, yes, god complex, definitely, but he is no god. he is mortal just everyone attacks his skull and not the sword. he died once before, we don't know when, we don't know how, but he did,  and he can die again.
  • @Pyrotrap Yes, but he only lived for like 10 seconds. Sorry if I didn't word it clearly, but what I meant was that maybe after the skull breaks, the purple magic carries a desperation spell that allows Bopen to still have consciousness for a limited time after the skull is breaks.
  • My theory is that you have to completely destroy every single bit of essence in his entire body, like cell or buu or some shit, but you also have to make sure that the sword is AT LEAST distracted with killing someone else/contained. After that it's a simple matter of quickly destroying any bones around him so that he can't reform. If he hasn't reformed in time, the sword will eventually lose its connection to him and just fall to the ground. The most important part is just making sure no corpses are around him. That's my take.
  • @BewareTheDragon You make a very good point sir.  We know Bopen is not Divine due to being affected by Time Magic, so a spell that is capable of even killing Divines should do that trick.
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    this discussion have come up many times before, but now three things are clear, 1: Bopen is not in the body but instead in the Aura. 2: Bopen need a vessel of bones and can make one as long as he have bones nearby 3: Bopen have been alive once before and went through a rebirth
  • I think it needs to be noted that, because Rob asked how the attack was performed, that means Roamin was capable of killing Bopen there. If it was something like the mist having to be trapped, I don't see any possibility of Roamin dealing with that.
  • Put Bopen in the realm of holding?
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