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Was Bopen's first Birth from the bones of Bruce Willakers?

The title says it all. He mentioned Bruce's death, and he said he's been birthed before, and he came from one of the king's bones for his latest birth, so he probably did the same for his first birth.


  • probably.
  • I want it to be true but who knows.
  • Maybe but I think he is bruce willakers he has his golden sword from the dwarf vs zombie game, he talk about seeing lance first. I think that he was turned by a Ageless in a battle right infront of lance see him first I think this god this king this Grrranddad-Phineas, is bruce this is a theory of my own answer is not correct or wrong until where told by rob 
  • It does seem likely but we know he had* Virgo's skull, also somehow Lance somehow got Bruce's bow which is neat.
  • I mean look at it Rob is brutal and mean at times to the other members and so is Bopen so Bruce for bopen
  • no joke thats what i thought. I NEEd it to be true
  • Excaliju = B O P E N
  • I mean, personally I believe that Bopen KNEW Bruce in some form or another, maybe fighting against him if Bruce was a Grand Paladin before. The thing is, I don't think (correct me if I'm wrong) Bopen said that Bruce died. He just said something along the lines of him having a terrible fate. So personally I like to think Bruce ended up in the DvZ universe cursed to relieve his death again and again.
  • It could be that Bruce was placed under a curse by the divines to be Bopen 
  • Nah, I just think Bopen says he was 'Born Again' to feign that he actually is the ageless god Bopen The Skeleton King. We know he's not actually Bopen. If he was he would not have been so paranoid when talking with Phineas.
  • I don't think his rebirth has anything to do with Bruce I think his rebirth was what we saw during the fall of Dudinbourgh. Increasingly I am starting to think something happened where the Prince of Dundinbourgh trapped his soul in the red gem (probably a Nader Gem) on Bopen's gold sword. And he is using the telekinetic powers he had before this transition to control things from within the crystal. Alternatively he either has a "One Ring" style soul ring as is mentioned in the story in Dundinbourgh or he is a believer (which is the least unlikely given events.) So in order to kill him someone has to destroy whatever is holding his soul or spirit or whatever you want to call it.
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