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Most Tanky Possible Character

I've been playing with the Character creator trying to make crazily overpowered Characters, this is what I could do easily in a few minutes, see if you can make anything better I didnt try very hard


  • This should be in the "Custom Cards and Assets" section probably? Instead of "the Show"?
  • Yeah I just realized that I was about to try and fix it
  • Change the Attribute to durable and you win
  • edited October 2017
    I'm fairly certain we achieved over 1k hp with the midas items on the ridiculous card thread, you dont need a highbear or heals for that.
  • @Poke
    The record, as far as I'm aware, is The Wall (don't have character link on me sorry) with 2114 stamina.
  • I'd like you to consider the possibilities of the Fleshweaver class for a moment. I've been making some characters for myself and I came across a REALLY powerful Flesh Golem combo as I made her. Take a look Nora_Seraph
  • I wouldnt really go for the heavy plate personally. Id go for a spongey tank with the armor that lets you heal when ever you use a class ability with the warrior class's great shield, and just soak up damage. (I forgot what what that armor is called but its really good.)
  • @Gterra2 or just take energy vest and heal for fifty every round
  • Highest HP character I've ever theorycrafted had 4820 stamina and was completely legal to build (though it did need a bit of help from its party to reach that).

    If you really want to be tanky though I don't see much point in going over 300 stamina. After that point you should really be focusing on avoiding instant deathrolls.
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