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There is a Bird Trying to Break Through My Air Conditioner

I'll take pics next time I see the bastard.


  • It's this fatass dove looking mothefucker. I went to pull up the blinds and it got stuck on the curtain, so I went to move it and then there was a giant ass spider inside the curtain and I was like NOPE
  • Lol, I hope it doesn't break your AC!
  • So you live outside A zoo?
  • Is it pecking at it like a wood pecker, or is it just trying to weasel in?
  • It was pecking at it. It hasn't come back since I posted so I think I scared it off for now.
  • I had a woodpecker who was determined enough to reduce an entire tree to mulch and sawdust, but that's not what this is about. This guy would hide in the woods behind my house, and every couple hours he would knock himself out bashing into the window as he attacks the house. He'd then wake up and spend 5 minutes pecking furiously at the gutters before retreating back into the forest for a couple hours. Now he's working on another tree back there and I don't know where he stays. 
  • It seems like you have made a weak yet persistent enemy
  • @Hutyro The most dangerous kind of enemy
  • I work in a kitchen, there is a pigeon trying to nest in our extraction system/AC, so I feel you're pain. Feathery bastards
  • Would you say this bird is quite...

  • roll high and try to cast the spell of bearding
  • I rolled a nat one and the bastard cast it on me.
  • I live in a high rise apartment and since moving in the following has flown into my apartment:

    A bat that flew into my old TV and Died.

    A Pigeon that flew into my bathroom, pooped all over the place and ran into the hallway to vanish when I opened the door. We did not find him anywhere.

    A Bunch of Starlings flew against my apartment window.

    I have since installed a camera that points at my picture window to see if this happens again.
  • Jesus Christ that sounds horrible. 
  • Meanwhile the birds in my area are all pretty friendly but shy. I have a bird table that I put seeds on. The seeds disappear but I rarely see the birds. Whenever I do, it is as they are flying away. Today I saw two of the largest pigeons ever as they flew away. One time I saw a tonne of little birds as I was coming home on the garden fence. Crazy little things.
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