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Enemies health

I am about to play urealms with a couple of my friends and I'm the GM but I don't know how much health enemies in the game are supposed to have if anyone can help I'd appreciate it


  • I am sorry to say this, but this something you are going to have to come up with yourself. Usually I go with:

    Minions - 1 stamina
    Weak enemies - 20 stamina
    Slightly stronger enemies - 50 stamina
    Strong enemies - 100 stamina
    Bosses - 200 to 500 (or even 1000)

    I also suggest later on trying to see how much stamina you should give your enemies to make it hard for the characters your players create. One campaign a 200 stamina boss can be hard, but the next could be a breeze.
  • Thanks I'll see how it works 
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