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Not To Steal Any Thunder: Custom Cards & Legendaries

I am not trying to steal any thunder from @Phendrix since he started doing this stuff again. I am willing to put the creative thought and time into your character's legendaries and custom cards. Just please follow a format and I will do my best to get back to you.

Also as a reminder generally the less OP your character is the stronger a legendary can be in a sense.
More Slots Open = More I can work with.
I say this because balanced characters are somewhat more fun unless cool ability wombos are involved

1.) Background/Personality/Values (It can be as long as you like)

2.) Character's Unique Traits (If any. It's okay to be normal)

3.) Gimmicks/Roles (Phendrix put this in the best wording. Again he has inspired me to do this too!)

If you want something specific let me know, but I find a hint of surprise is nice too. Just put anything not in the list above at the end a bit separated from the list. Again shoutout to @Phendrix . This guy does an awesome job at all this, but I love to get creative and this can give me an outlet to do it. If you guys would like I can show some Legendary stuff I made in Season 2 of Urealms for custom campaigns.

For example the custom Legendary for my character: 
custom card


  • @CaptainDeston
    Tbh, I don't mind this thread. In all honesty, it makes me happy

    Because, I don't look at this as a competition, I look at it as a fun thing to give to the awesome fans of the show

    I think it's better if there's two, or maybe even 3 threads like this, that way if one id busy, you could go to the other, or you could ask both, compare them/ see what would fit more. 

    I like this thread you made
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