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Urealms as Hearthstone cards


  • Cool cards! Balance-wise I think Nisovin is a bit OP, but that's not extremely important here.

    Personally I'd have Nisovin be a 4/4 that fills your board with 0/4 illusions with taunt and spell damage +3 (on the main one, not the illusions)
  • @CookiesAndMil_ I just thought that Nisovin deserved something cooler than mirror images
  • You missed the chance for him to add a Twisting Nether to your hand and call it "WORMHOLE"
  • The Wormhole having something like, "destroys all ENEMY minions" or "destroys random amount of minions"
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    I would have made the thralls Poisonous (you can kill a thrall safely from a distance by breaking his skull) and maybe made Golestandt immune to Poisonous (here he can easily be dead on board if your ennemy has a minion, a bit anti-climactic)

    A bit unbalanced in my opinion but interesting design! I love Johnny Feo, but completely broken with rogue having, among other things, coldblood!

    Nice work :)

    EDIT : My take on it

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    I like those cards. Like TinySpectrum said, a few of the cards are a bit unbalanced, but other than that they are all pretty cool!

    Here are some cards I made a while ago:
  • I have made several Urealms Hearthstone Cards in the past but I need to find them, will post them later. Also I like all the ones that are currently here.
  • @coolethanps2 eyy we had the same idea for gwyneth 

    Here are my very old Hearthstone Urealms Cards that aren't balanced properly as they are about 2 years or so old now
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    Johnny Feo + 2 Cold Bloods with combo effect = SMOrc's wet dream
  • Also Nisovin + Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw 2 Pyroblasts and 2 Fireballs
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    Golestandt is just a delayed board clear, when one ageless dies, they all die.
  • no oldman willikars? Riot
  • Alright let's talk randomly about all of these.

    Cain: Way overcosted, would never see play. Shadow word pain effect costs 2 mana, which means you're paying 7 mana for a 4/8 with taunt. Ancient of War is a 7 mana 5/10 with flexability.(Rarely used, but it is upside.) For a Neutral option Nesting Roc is a 4/7 with conditional taunt for five. Ancient of Blossoms is a 3/8 for six vanilla.

    Gwyneth Sunsword: Well, we have Ultimate Infestation so not altogether a ridiculous design. Let's look at it in detail. Its a 10 mana Force Tank Max that loses the currently irrelevant Mech tag and gains, Battlecry: Deal Five Damage, summon a 5/5. As far as Ten mana cards go, not bad or out of the realm of viability. Sunfury Protector on the followup is insane, especially if you keep the DS on Fenris.

    Kohai-Chan: 4 mana 6/6 with partial taunt or flexability. Biggest problem is, would it see play in Druid? Maybe Token with the loss of Innervate, but otherwise, I'm not sure.WHY ARE THEY 1/5 S?(Sorry broke for a second)

    Nisovin: Its hard to balance Nisovin with the flavor you seem to be going for, but I'd say Blizzard may design something like this eventually. Probably a Quest reward. Nisovin-Fireball-Fireball-Frostbolt-Frostbolt-Ice Lance-Ice Lance-Polymorph: Boar (Nisovin) = 30 DMG

    The Cartel: Bliz would make a card like this prohibitively expensive I feel. Look at Force of Nature. Five mana for a trade of 1 attack for Stealth. Bliz values Stealth highly and usually wants lower health on stealth minions.

    Johnny Feo: The Stealth.... Makes him super dangerous. I'd knock off three Health off him to make him balanced, but who needs balance with Feo?

    I'm done evaluating for now. This has taken too much time already.
  • The cards were removed. you need to host them on imgur so they stay up.
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