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(Roamin's?) Luxurious locks

I can't tell if this is Roamin or not.
 If it is; glorious.
 If it isn't; then who the HECK is this?


  • Maybe Coe's gone full blond? ;)

    In all seriousness, though, it is a little weird to see such a Blonde Presence when the art has almost always been purple, blue, or grey.
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    So the campaign will have spliff deadbones Justin and romain in it good to know( and is it just me that really want rob face in that picture as a profile picture)
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    It didn't use to be blonde. On sunday night when the donations and such were up, it looked like coe's hair. But by the next morning after the preview came out it was blonde. If you notice Roamin isn't in the picture but seems confirmed for the campaign through the donation to nerf him.
    Earlier this month Rob said he hoped to get two campaigns out this month but that changed due to hurricane Irma affecting both Justin and Six. Its possible who is available for the campaign and thus the cast was changed when it was pushed back.

    EDIT: also forgot roamin is depicted as blonde in the opening.
  • Still don't think that's roamin, his hair has never looked like that, too long and blonde.
  • One of the donation events still has the original picture. We can compare them.
  • It almost HAS to be roamin, he's the only blonde on the cast and I doubt there would be another new cast member this quickly... UNLESS coe is playing a Character who is specifically blonde
  • @Nickzilla Could be a super important NPC. One who's death will literally ruin the campaign.
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    That's what I was thinking, it could be a Barringster. they are all blonde and usually have a story presence. @friskyBrisky ;

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    Besides, I don't think Roamin has ever been shown without his helmet in donation events. Most of the time it completely covers his hair too.

     Edit: I'm even pretty sure his hair is BROWN in some donation events.
  • By far my favorite episode :) I recently rewatched it coincidentally. Anyway I guess we can assume the art had the wrong person on it and Rawb decided to just change the hair color for a quick and efficient fix or he's just here to remind us that roamin was actually shown with blond hair. We'll see soon enough. 
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    Son of a bitch, WHEN WILL THE CONFUSION END! I wake up and there is new evidence....

    There's only one man that can solve this case...
  • We need to get Roamin on this case.
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    I think it might be the new player because all the other players have there Level ups but they only make up three I don't think Spiff is in this campaign and if she is then she didn't level the last campaign but I think she would've.
  • $87.50? what that is a reference to?
  • Wait, something has changed about the inspector....
  • @Gterra2 Unforgotten Realms.
  • @Maris I Clearly know that, but its an oddly specific number/amount! So it feels like a reference to something else from back then -__-
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