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Custom Legendaries Commissions. Come send a Character, and I'll make you a Special Legendary


Since Jj, and Murlin have stopped Creating Legendaries made for Characters, for personal reasons, I am here to try to take their place, and continue their Legacy of Making Legendaries

Well, as always, there are some things I'll need

1. A Character Sheet:
Obviously, I'll need a Character Sheet. If you don't give me a Character Sheet to work with, then I might unknowingly make a Legendary Armor Piece for you, even though you actually have goro making it useless

Also, Please. And I beg. Do not send me a Character sheet that has something like, Master Wizard AND a Legendary Companion. Not only is it hard to make, it's that you're already too powerful, that I don't think a gm would want your dude to have an even stronger Character

2. A Story/Background to said character :

I need a short little backstory for me to shape your character. What if you were traumatized by Magic or something in your story, I wouldn't want to give you a Magically Based Legendary, now would I? This is important for most of the small things. No need to give me your full backstory, just give me a few sentences, like how was he raised

If you do not give me a backstory/A few sentences, then I'll base the legendary around what I think would fit your character's play style. Which can lead to problems, like when rob said in The Skeleton King, that Coe's Legendary was going to be based around Bookworm, but then Coe's character was based around stabbing people

You have been Warned

3. What is your Character's Gimmick/role?:
What is your character going to be like? Will you be a really fast kid or something? Will you be an assassin? Will you be a guard for some royals? Or are you some old man that just really likes playing with his Earth Golems

4. [Optional] Preference for the Legendary [Optional]:
Now, I know how much time you guys invest into making characters, and their backstories. I understand, I love making them too. And sometimes, there will be times where your legendary is something that you really want to be based around your Backstory, like a Bow, a Pet, a Bond, or a trait. That's why I allow you to make some requests.

Expect me to make cards whenever I can, If there are a bunch of requests at once, please do wait. I most likely have classes, or am busy for a bit. I will do my best to get to you, and try to make your legendary

If you already have a character awaiting a Legendary on this thread, please refrain from adding another until I have made a Legendary for them

Hope you guys will come and leave your Characters for me to make a Legendary for! And also, Always have fun!

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit


  • Lady_A_sena
    Name - Lady A' Sen'A

    Having her parents killed at the age of 2 (Dark Knight), Lady A' Sen'A fell onto a dark path, dabbling in the dark arts of the Arcane and Dark aspects of magic. She travels around, with her pet Sunhound (Malix) as a way to always remember her parents and their tragic death. She also has a Spirit which follows her around, which over time become corrupted and is now a Dark Spirit. (Have more backstory if you need more)

    Role; Support/Damage Dealer (Attacks from range)

    Legendary preference: 1st preference is Armor, then a Shield, then weapon

    Let me know if you need any more info.
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    Why don't you have some unexpected Protection? custom card
    Basically, whenever you cast an earth spell, you can use One of either the Sun Hound's Abilities, or One of the Dark Spirit's Ability

    So you could be at the back, supporting the group, while your companions run in and do most of the fighting for you
  • @Phendrix that looks AMAZING! thanks for getting it done so quickly. It works so well with the playstyle. I have a couple more characters that I'm working on, will upload in a few days. thanks again for the amazing Legendary.
  • @DrthMalgys
    Thanks man. I really appreciate the feed back!  :)
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    Hello there sir! Nice to meet you! The name's Sintour Sallazhar! Have a gold coin.

    Sintour_Sallazhar (using your own characters against you! Muwahahaha!!  >:) )

    I hope you already know the legendary Sintour Sallazhar, master art thief and sneaky boi! Unfortunately I was captured one time and brought to Fort Joy, a small secluded island where I managed to find my friend, Douglass_. We now go hunting around the Realm looking for art to steal.

    Of course you know my fighting style too, stay way in the back and let Douglass do all the work while I plink em with arrows! Or I can run away and almost get Douglass killed too.

    (By no means do you have to do this, is more of a joke c: )
  • @Ninja_Goose
    So 1 for each, or like, just for sintour
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    Seems Like Sintour and Douglass Have done such an Amazing work with their Art Thieving, and all of their training has finally paid off

    For Douglass, why doesn't he find a way to Improve his Techniques once more. Maybe something like: custom card

    As for Sintour... I don't think that much has changed about him... Other than little Secrets that are hidden from us, but maybe His Legendary could reveal something. Or it could all be a rouse. A Trap. A Red Herring

    Who knows? But here's Sintour with: custom card
  • Daka_N_Smaka

    Name: Daka

    Being a feral hog before his metamorphosis, Daka was quick to rise into a position of great power in his porc clan thanks to the remarkable durability and extreme aggression he gained as a side effect of his origins. Leading his forces across the realm to raid and battle, he's most famous for the murder of a high ranking paladin with their own mallet, which he calls 'Smaka' and wields to this day, causing him and his band of porcs to be a well known adversary to the grand paladin order. Oh and his flesh is barbed after an incident with wrestling an octodrak out of boredom (he's a bit of a rageaholic).

    Role: Tank+Bruiser, Can take on several opponents at once in melee combat and withstand all but the most damaging of attacks (does however struggle against enemies that debuff as he's not a large tile)

    Legendary Preference: Not overly fussed on legendary type as long as it doesn't "replace" his Mallet (upgraded version is acceptable if you decide on making a weapon legendary)
  • Adam_C_One

    Name: Unknown

    This character went to a nice University to study music. There he met this magical wizard who said he was destined for great things. So he followed along assuming he was going to learn music. He was taught lots of spells. Until eventually the wizard showed him a magical ukulele, but told him he wasn't ready for it yet. The character decided to steal the ukulele and run away. The wizard sent a warrior to go after him but the character charmed him making him his companion.

    Well the character is pretty tanky but most characters in the campaign are tanky too so I think he is more of a control type character.

    So the characters will be in a magical vault with magical items in it. The only reason the character is going to because he hopes to find another magical instrument so whatever it is just make it some kind of instrument.
  • Pick one of them, or do one now and one later

    Former members of the Conflagration, these two chose to defect during a crucial fight, and have been laying low in the city of Zriarcha ever since, under the guise of weapon smiths. Over the years, their craftsmanship has become equal to their fighting prowess.

    Rudabergh is old and gruff, a Keen with grit. He is the centerpiece of the Zriarch armory, having used his small size and combat experience to great effect when creating firearms and explosives. Look on the back of any Zriarch marksman and you'll often see a Rudabergh rifle or revolver.

    While Rude occasionally steps forward to clear trouble from the streets, his real preference in battle is to be in the midst of a good old-fashioned shootout, just like he used to have in the Silverflats. He is equipped with all kinds of ammo for the job, which means...

    Rudabergh needs a powerful weapon that will replace the two he currently has. On his workbench are two blueprints. One depicts a matchlock rifle modified for long range sharpshooting, and the other displays what appears to be a twin-barreled shotgun. He only has enough time to work on one of them.

    Clayton is the other side of the coin, with a similar hardness to his attitude. Having served in the Conflagration for half his life, it took him a very long time to get used to the quiet reaches of Zriarcha. As of now, he's a high-ranking member of the militia, itching to get into the action again.

    Clayton is a skilled siege archer, preferring to attack from long range with the destructive power of his arrows, hence the preference of damaging abilities and Volley. A well-placed shot can mean a crucial break in the enemy's defenses, whether it be a blown up opponent or a toppled barricade.

    Naturally, he requires a weapon that can destroy from afar. He wants to craft a heavy weapon - a longbow or crossbow that utilizes fiery and/or explosive shots used to wreck the battlefield or the enemy lines. Unfortunately, he's not sure what the arrows are really going to do when they land.
  • Gen_Emma_Barringster_ do i need to put her backstory due to me and you and in the same thread? 
  • @Chardaemon
    Why don't you Adapt and Harness the Power of your Rage. Even though it might be a bit Feral, custom card
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    Hmm.... Seems like your Charm capabilities are quite Magnifique... But why don't we find you something that can make it better? Some custom card

    (Basically, it replaces Musical Instrument. But still makes you immune to silence)
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    Two Powerful Weapon Crafters, each with different Styles
    I think Roudaberg would Create a Long Ranged weapon, but make sure that he Improves the Power that brings your Enemies to you when you attacl:
    custom card
    (Basically, this replaces your Lawsoo. That way, you aren't forced to bring the target right infront of you)

    Now for Clayton, it seems like He would find a Special Stone that has a Purple Rune in it, and decides to use it for his Weapon in mind, creating a:
    custom card
  • Sir_Robarto 
    the leader of a small regiment of paladins. Robarto left home in a early age with hops to show the world his skill, during one of his adventures he defended a small gnome settlement from a large group of feral Ageless, this brought the attention of one of the nearby paladins orders how came to Robarto with the offer to join the order. at first he was hesitant but then they gave him a dog and he was sold. he now trains a small small regiment in the art of warfare, he have started to grow restless as he haven't had the chance to shine in a while.

    Role: Leader and front line fighter.(his dog comes in and help sometimes)

    Preference: he is often in the thick of it so something that can help him with that.
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    Ah.... A General Guard for The King Himself... Why not a Gift? Though it's a Bit Uncommon to receive gifts from him, he might have made one Exception... That Being  custom card
  • @LexderMob
    How about some Versatility, both in Utility, and Spellcasting With custom card
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    1. Captain_Deston_Faere

    2. My Character i an elf who grew up in Kadoral. He was raised near the order by dwarven parents (He is definitely a young elf by elven standards.) His dwarven were paladins when they found my character abandoned at their door step as a baby. He was a squire in the order when he was a lad. However, at an early age in an ageless raid his adoptive parents died. He has saved their ashes in order to someday have a hammer forged from their remains like dwarves do with rune blades. He also wears the armor of his parents' melted down to be his armor. He lost many friends to ageless over the years of his service and even went on a dragon raid losing many more friends along the way. He still pushes on looking to protect all the innocents he can while being a Captain in a branch order.
    (Sorry for the Paragraph)

    *He is of Draughwin decent however, he was abandoned hence his affinity with the mind magics*

    3. My character's gimmick is his weaving of spells and basic attacks together. He is very capable against dark magic users and ageless. He also has a basic understanding on how to rune weapons and how to confuse opponents minds.  However, the biggest thing he's about is tanking in general trying to deal damage so he has to be focused first while he slings spells about in combat dealing both damage and healing his allies. He wants to keep his friends and allies alive because of what he's lost.

    4. I was thinking of him having his specially forged hammer. Carrying on the dwarven traditions of his parents.
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    2./ Daymond Thunderbeard was born into the Grandpaladin Order and at a young age of the dwarven equal of 10 started his work as a squire mainly just starting out handling animals, shining weapon and armor you know those sort of things. When Daymond had reached the age 15 he started to learn combat from his mother and father Halaster and Tola Thunderbeard. So as he was taught by his father in the way of the thane but always told him about this spell of bearding that he had which he did teach to Daymond which instead of growing the normal beard would just make it light aflame in a completly harmless way with a lighting crackle everynow and then. His mother on the other hand taught him arcane magic she gave daymond a Lotus broom staff to start teaching him how to handle arcane magic teaching him thunderous roar and dreamwalk spells.

    But sadly one day one of them died by a pyroblast gone wrong killing his poor father when he was fighting ageless with his companions his Mallet of Devotion Being sent back to them for Daymond to take on (Which taught him two light spells serenity and divine mending) which he took on following in his foot steps igniteing his beard the same way his father had before him. Later down the road so about 19-20 years of dwarven age Tola his mother felt like he already had good control of the magic she taught him and gave him a gift which was a Arcane Greatbow which was once her's which he held dear along side the Mallet of devotion. Now when Daymond reached about 25 he finally got out the status of squire proving himself in battle against whatever was thrown at him be it Ageless or Mercenaries he could handle it while continuing the Thunderbeard tradition of showing the magnificence of thier flaming and light filled beards if glory.

    3./ Damage Dealer and the main gimmick is magic with his beard causing it to become made of fire and lightning 

    -> Incase the first link broke
  • @CaptainDeston
    custom card
    You heal a dude with one of your spells, then you can choose to heal the dude, or instead deal 10 Additional damage in the Field
  • @Mysteryo333
    Hmm... You are good at Damage, but I think some Utility would be Nice, especially if it can keep you and your team going for much longer. Now you can with this custom card
    (Sorry I still haven't figured out how to properly do this)

    Name: Ezwin Whicker

    Backstory: Ezwin was raised by his parents Agitha, and Shift Whicker. They lived in a small gnomish town in close proximity to the Grand Paladin Order. At the equivalent age of 18 to gnomes Ezwin decided one day he wanted to join the Grand Paladin Order. However what Ezwin didn't know was that his parents had actually sold his soul to a warlock for immeasurable power. However the Warlock had doublecrossed them and turned them and the rest of the town into ageless thralls. Except for Ezwin who was already an ageless. Ezwin then decided that he would join the Paladin Order, find the warlock, and kill him to avenge his family. Many years pass and Ezwin is now a high standng paladin in the order. Then he met Gretta Zazaphin. She was a tall dwarf, and a new jimmy in the paladin order who had asked him where to go and what to do. Ezwin is immediately in love with her and shows her around the order. He offers her to become his squire and she accepts. Ezwin and Gretta battle many beasts defending the order, and ultimately get married. But one day,  Ezwin is set out on an expedition with Gretta and suddenly the Warlock that had destroyed Ezwin's village had seemingly come back to kill him and Gretta on his expedition to [Blank]. Ezwin attempts to battle him but the warlock is too powerful. As Ezwin is on his knees waiting for death, Gretta tells him to stop but refers to him as father. The warlock seemed to be angered at her saying that and says he will spare Ezwin but will secretly inform the Grand Paladin Order that Gretta Zazaphin was the daughter of the terrible Warlock Vaihan. Gretta carries Ezwin's semi conscious body back to the order but is welcomed with weapons and shackles. Ezwin wakes up in the equivalent of the hospital wing in the order. And is told that Gretta has been sentenced to death and is being held in the jails. Ezwin goes to see her prepared to end her life but he sees her and remembers everything they've been through and starts getting emotional. Gretta sees him and says that she left her father because of the things he did, she left because she didn't want to end up like him. Gretta says she has always loved him as the guards come in to drag her out of the room to be executed. But Ezwin pleads them not to, they then state that he is an ageless accomplice and must die as well. Ezwin and Gretta had to kill their way out of the order. But as they made it to the Gates the warlock disguised as a paladin had ran up ripped Gretta's soul to shreds and flew off cackling, leaving Gretta as a pile of bones. Ezwin realizing he's alone with Paldins hunting him, he grabs Gretta's wedding ring and runs into the forest vowing to
    A. Kill the damn Warlock who betrayed and killed his own daughter, who killed his parents and destroyed his home, the Warlock who ruined his life.
    B. Avenge Gretta by having his revenge on the Grand Paladin Order who accused her because she was related to that terrible man, and tried to kill me because I guess I'm ageless

    Whew just made that story up on the top of my head ended up kinda long.

    Gimmick: Doesn't see much value in any form of life

    Role: Suicide attacker/Minor Support

    Preference: Could you do something with Gretta's ring? Anything would do.
    Please, and thank you
  • Wanderer_Atox

    Atox was an orphan who was raised and taught by a Master Sharpsword. He had both the talent and determination to master the sword. His master often sent him on many difficult missions and tasks that served to temper his apprentice. Atox was known across the realm as a sword prodigy and hero, for saving the innocent and punishing the wicked. However, this fame inflated his pride and ego, leading him away from the true essence of the Sharpsword. Seeing this, his master was infuriated and decided on his apprentice's final task. Atox was sent away to learn humility and find his path of the sword again with nothing but some peasant clothing and a stick. His task was to defeat ten of the strongest Sharpswords of the realm to prove he was worthy of his master's legacy. 

    Atox was outraged at first, seeing that the task was unnecessary as he was already strong as his master. He quickly encountered his first opponent, a porc wielding a greatsword, which he regarded as an easy target. However, after facing that porc, he soon realized how narrow-minded he was. Fortunately, he did not let that setback stop him as he kept trying and training until he finally bested that porc. Atox, seeing that he was far too weak, continues to train and sharpen his sword arts against other adversaries with only a stick. He is currently wandering the realm, searching for his sixth opponent. 

    He's supposed to be a master swordsman, focusing more on his swordplay and dueling skills.

    A passive would be more preferable.
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    A character from a series of stories I'm writing on the forums. If you need reference to her character, it can be found there.

    Gimmick is that she's a thief; I can't really say much more than that because I can't really assign her an actual role that could be played in a game. I just thought it would be fun to see what someone came up with for her, so I'd obviously prefer some sort of roleplay legendary than an optimal one for combat.
  • @Phendrix Sorry on the late reply but thank you it's great 
  • @Indago ; Here's a Legendary for you. Looking at it he seems to remember that those in the way of his goal will not stop him.

    custom card
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    @NovaXII Utility and bonus stats from the mastery of sharpswordsmanship.

    custom card
  • Zingle_Scrygauge
    I'm sorry if this character seems overpowered or full, but I used the random thing from the card pages and I got gnome seeker by luck.
    His whole gimick is he uses seek destiny to get a legendary spell scroll and then stores it in his bag of holding as if he was "finding it in the bag". He was rose as his dad was a slave owner and then he was too. But they were kind to their slaves. I was thinking a bag or an armor piece would be really cool. This is the first character I've made following the rules and he is better than my others...
  • @CaptainDeston you are freaking awesome man! Thank you so much this fits his play style perfectly. :)
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