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Someone died today

I just learned that someone in one or two grades above me died this morning. I know this isn't the type of thing for these forums, I just feel the need to tell someone.


  • We're here for you, buddy. I'm sorry it happened, but, well, we can't change the past. Just be careful and try to have a good life.
  • The suffering of others can hit us in unexpected ways, whether we know the person or not. And sometimes, we just need someone to listen, you're not alone. I hope you feel better soon.
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    its just a thing where, you can see a video or a picture talking about a death, or the news, but, this hit me harder, I guess just because they were in my community. thanks for the good wishes, guys, it means a lot, but I can't take that, because I can't even begin to know the pain of the friends and family of this person. It's just shocking that something like this would happen, just, out of the blue.
  • I've been in that situation to, one of my best friend's brother died from cancer. It can really suck but hang in there
  • @F00lHardyOwl Yes. It's called Schadenfreude
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