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Campaign Thread: The Purge



  • Stand for the Light!
  • I'm just waiting for Gwenyth to get killed by Bopen so Lance can be a decent Grand Paladin
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  • I love the way Vitali shuffles the cards so much.
  • @Coconut ;
    It's so pleasing to all the senses
  • Lotus Damnit Gwyneth, you're going crazy
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    @Connormur Crazy girl must be put down before she gets someone she cares about hurt/killed, if she can even care at all anymore <_<
  • Holy Hype train batman.
  • @Snarky just about to talk about that here lol. As Gwenneths original design was Kuvira, im getting an Azula feel right now with her. Shes just become the Grand paladin, and shes kinda acting like Azula after she became firelord getting mad at her friends and such. Also getting the Kuvira feel of "youre either with me or against me" when she wont negotiate with Vitali on the matter. Great turn around for the character Rob, rate it 10/10.
  • Man , Gwyneth has transformed into a monster due to the grand paladin soul. I wonder how kallark feels about this watching your loved one turn into something you don't recognise anymore
  • She did refer to herself as we once so I think either the Grand Paladin spirit is not merging with hers properly or, remember that theory people had after the GPO trailer where people said that maybe Bopen had cursed / tainted the Grand Paladin spirit, that could be a possible reason for her becoming a monster. 
  • Poor Vitali, Alessa, and Jormr. They've been through so much in this short span of time. :frownporc: 
  • I hope we find out why she wants them all dead even though she knows Bopen isn't ageless, also I kinda agree with her to an extent, I think all ageless should die but the civilised ones should die on their own or she should wait until she doesn't get a lot of backlash/ rebellion.
  • 2 elven genocides in a row? Remember season 1 when there were issues with the anti-goblin sentimants contrasting with the Elve's typically enlightened nature to other races?

    On the other hand, it is nice to see that the Elves actually did recognize the good ageless and went out of their way to avoid conflict with them; even if we only hear about it to see them abandon that principle.

    To nerd out a bit more; how can you have a purge against the ageless. Based on Coe's Quest 2 (which I believe is consider U-Realms cannon), an Elven purge is based on making the target race infertile; which is precisly what we saw with the Beeno purge.
  • @homura1650 ;
    I believe they already are, but killing them off is a psuedopurge in a way by killing massive amounts of them.
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    @Dolfinmaster It's fun to see extreme character development like this, Rawb continues to deliver interesting stories to us, that guy.
  • @Mega_muncher ;
    I don't think she knows that Bopen isn't necessarily ageless. We know he's not, but everyone so far think of him as an ageless god. So they would think he's something like them, but not quite. I still hold to my belief Bopen is a sentient sword that's messing with everyone :bopen: 

    @Caleb_Bomb I don't think he corrupted it. It would kinda be a cop out of character development. Gwenyth has just been through a lot and through her experiences. Vitali in turn is on the other side of the coin compared to Gwenyth. He's more caring and ethical in a sense. Gwenyth too has been raised to fight ageless. I think she's doing what she thinks is necessary to protect the rest of the people she loves. Kinda like an Arthas story from wow. I kinda think Gwenyth may go that direction.
  • @CaptainDeston but she said he wasn't an ageless, he was a God. Though maybe he can be an ageless God so yeah
  • The only thing that really made me sad with the paladins is how hard Jormr hit the bench this season. Cause he was Gullible which shouldn't have been too much of a big deal except for the fact that he went from this to this. If he ever shows up again, hopefully he'll have regained the fighting spirit he used to have... and also start casting some spells again.

    At any rate this campaign oughta be a good one. Perhaps we'll see one of the former player characters fighting against the party this time!
  • @Connormur Probably not going to happen as it would completely go against the purpose to Divine Decisions.  Even if Gwyneth were allowed to die this early, Lance would likely not be the next Grand Paladin as we already chose not to follow his story.
  • Bopen has extreme power, but we don’t know what it is. Divines are dragon aspect babies, which I doubt go unnoticed. To what we know, Bopen just shows up one day claiming to be a god. He’s not ageless, as phineas let us know, and unless he’s like QL and Goldestants crazy secret child, it’s gotta do with that purple aura.
  • People are willing to flip so easily aren't they? 
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    @Caleb_Bomb Um, I don't think the spirit needed to be tainted. Virgo killed Cecilia because she became ageless to save her own life. Virgo always had the mindset to kill all ageless, no matter how innocent they are. If anything, you could argue Bopen is more humane because at least he takes survivors.
  • Bopen had a genocide too.
  • NNOOOOOOO i have to work in the grape feilds on Saturday WWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY ROB i will still try to watch tho
  • @Gent I completely agree; it made no sense to me that Ageless were allowed to live on the surface at all, considering how much the Sunswords hate them. My only logical guess is that the Dwarves (and maybe the Porcish) Factions in the GPO were able to keep Virgo from going full on Ageless Purging.

    So hyped for Saturday! :3
  • Does anybody else find is kinda weird to finally have Gwyneth voiced by a girl?

    Regardless, I can't wait for Saturday!! :smilebold: 
  • @friskyBrisky I would say one of the reasons for that was because the Elves did not have the means to detect Ageless before, and evidently those guys were pretty good at concealing themselves before the elves went through intense R&D to develop one of the most effective anti-Ageless tools in the realm: Darkvision.
  • How are the forums not flooded with Gwyneth and Vitali avatars yet?
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