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Grand Paladin Order: Join The Righteous Dawn. Those Against Hunting Civilized Ageless.

It doesn't matter whether or not we are stripped of our titles as mighty paladins of The Grand Paladin Order. What matters is we do what is right! We must join together, we must stand strong in the all mighty eyes of the light. We will protect the innocent ageless with our lives if we must.

I do not know who will stand by me... But I know I would give my life as a paladin to protect the innocent. We will protect the light and stand up against those who would kill the innocent. We will make our presence known. IF you don't fight try to stand against the old Grand Paladin Order. Ageless God or not as Gwenyth says we must keep to our values.


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    Equips Heavy Plate Armor I'm ready to be a meat shield
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    I'm in. Innocent is innocent no matter who or what you are
  • @CasualCow ;
    Get a sword and armor up! Equips 
    heavyplate We must Stand together!
  • As a ageless who live peaceful amoned the living and a proud seantor for the Gravediggers i will stand behind you.  *Pull out Scythe and put on bloodauraplate
  • I would never have thought I would be one to stand beside the ageless, but if it means protecting what the light stands for. What we stand for I will do it.
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    You shall have my spells and knowledge at your side. I may not be a paladin but those that are blinded of their faith in their light, need to shown the consequences of their actions towards those who just want to peacefully coexist.

    I shall fight for those who are unable to fend for themselves, if you will have me?
    Giles Tehran
  • This might spark a civil war, but heck if the system is broke we will fix it. I'm in.
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    @Gterra2 ;
    I shall have you. I would hope no ill comes from this, but as long as I live and I can swing my hammer the innocent shall be protected. As a Captain in the Paladin Order it is my duty to serve.

  • All it's missing is the word Cult in the title.
  • @CaptainDeston
    glad to hear it, I may not be much of a fighter but I will help in what ever way I can.
  • Eh, sure I guess. I'm not too big on killing people who have families, anyway.
  • I shall join your Scarlet Dawn. Death to all ageless!
  • @AlternateWraph Uuuhh, wrong Booth. The guys you want are over there. *points at a booth with fireworks and lots of shattered skulls on display* This is the one where we support and protect innocent ageless and their families.
  • I actually think lore wise something like this could happen, my bet is that this weeks divine decision could be about Vitali making a splinter group
  • @Mortem OOOOOHHHH thatll be awesome if thats the case!
  • @Gterra2 Indeed, Vitali is angry
  • We shall not forget why this Order was formed. We fight for the Light. We fight for the innocent, Ageless or not! Until the Order has broken this darkness, we shall be here. 
  • You all forget the death of our beloved leader Virgo Sunsword so easily. You forget the Ageless attack upon our very own Paladin Order Hall!

    The Ageless began this war, and only we have the power to finish it. 

    You either fight with the living, or against them! For the Grand Paladin!
  • But families will be torn apart
  • We must protect the innocents.
  • @Cave you are clearly and understandably biased, but you or anyone else in the current order have no right to say who is innocent when it comes to war if you are going to judge someone by their physical composition or not knowing their context of how they became ageless. 

    There are those that attack your walls and you have the right to defend yourselves from them but going out and killing innocents from a hunch? If I didn't know any better, Id say you do it for sport.
  • As an Ageless living peacefully here I will stand strong with you
  • We must protect the innocents Ageless  or no Ageless 
  • We will take all. We may not be many from the order itself, but we are some. We will stand diplomatically to stop them first. If that doesn't work... maybe even our lives. The innocent need us.
  • It's not racist if it's right
  • ... Oh god I'm getting Argent Crusade flashbacks, no thanks. Besides, this is really just a big witch hunt, except there are real witches who can spread the curse, angrily.

    Remember, you don't need to be willing to be transformed into Ageless, personally if I knew a group of paladins were coming after me as an ageless, I'd set up a huge ritual circle for the Ageless ritual and perform it while they are stuck inside (probably with a maze or by fighting a boss monster :smilebold: )

    And just a last note: Some people's fates are written in blood. We'd hate to mess with that state of affairs, now wouldn't we?
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    I feel like Gwenyth' side is more Argent Crusadey than ours, but we have to try and battle fate. Death is the enemy. The final enemy and we must never stop fighting especially for the innocent who want to live normal lives.
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    Thats exactly what I'm saying, the paladins are going on a witch hunt, and I wouldn't be too surprised if Rawb actually decided to send the party as rampaging paladins to a town with no ageless and watch them tear it up looking for them. It'd be hilarious and really underscore that the only way to tell if someone is not ageless is to kill them, so you can't just go and test everyone.

    Edit: just realized Darkvision exists, but still, I doubt many paladins will have mastered it (since it is obviously a dark spell) and it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole 'we're hunting ageless' thing by turning it less into a hunt and more into a slaughter.


    Some people's fates are written in blood. We'd hate to mess with that state of affairs, now wouldn't we?
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    Kinda like Arthas and Strathholm except Strathholm was just a bunch of uninfected normal people.
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