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Who's side are you on? Vitaly or gwenyth?



  • So why ask such obvious questions?
  • all for gwenyth, what good story line doesnt have the mass slaughter of thousands of innocents?
  • i choose neither of them, i think they both have valid points but are not looking at the problem from the right angle. Gwenyth is blinded by her emotions and the vision of her fathers death, but if you want to end the ageless threat you need to make sure that there's no ageless to perform the ageless ritual, and that requires that there's no ageless with that knowledge left. Vitaly is right that doing things this way will only create more enemies during a time when the order is at its weakest, but his mentality will not stop the ageless threat, instead it will let the threat grow from within. and that cant be good in the long run. 
  • You should probably change the title to Vitali or the Grand Paladin. Cause if Gwyneth did the fuse souls thing she isn't entirely Gwyneth anymore.
  • I gotta say I personally agree more Vitali, just because I know that there are good Ageless out there, and being someone who was born under and has believed in the "innocent until proven guilty" way of living, Vitali speaks to my sense of righteousness more. You can't punish the entire group for what select individuals did. Some individuals didn't choose to be Ageless, and in fact, reject their agelessness and try to live peacefully among the non-ageless. So, yeah, it wouldn't be right to kill those people.

    Having said that though, I honestly hope Gwyneth carries out this "purge" and goes overboard, maybe even becoming insane and becoming a tyrant against any who are against her rule. Because that would make for a really good story, and the conflict between Gwyneth and Bopen would blow up astronomically.
  • @pechum
    My theory is that Gwyneth believes Bopen is a God because she has Virgo's memories of breaking Bopen's skull and him not dying. Therefore, she/he would think Bopen is a God.
  • Gwenyth, Death to all the spooky scary skeletons and the even more grandpaladins that will die because they will probobly fail. I'm more with the spooky scary skeletons really.
  • @LuckyLOO You're one to flip real easily aren't you. Bopen had a genocide too y'know.
  • @pechum maybe since she became the grand paladin, she has knowledge of the old gods and due to something the she learned or already knew that Virgo didn't, she's come to the conclusion that bopen is a direct creation from the old gods kinda like how at one point or another some old gods are going to create a(nother) divine, maybe its the same situation with bopen
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