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THE #notricks DEAL

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Yo it's your boy Rob :rawb: 

Post a picture of you wearing a URealms T-shirt with a sign that says "#notricks" in BLUE CRAYON [[NO OTHER COLORS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!]] and i'll give you 5000 gold. One time offer per user. #NoTricks. If you are new to the website, don't expect this gold very quickly as I am slow and hardly check this thread more then a few times a week so be patient.

No you don't really need blue crayon, but put in some effort and draw something if you ain't committing to crayon!
If you are having trouble with posting images, read this thread. I fix peoples posts anyway so just make sure you got a link.
You can post yourself with a Poster/Mug or any URealms swag to claim this bounty!

edit:  I generally only check this thread once a month or so these days so keep that in mind!


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