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VictorSchal's art woo! :D

Hi! I'm Victor.

I love pixel art and I've made some URealms stuff, so I'll post all my art here from now on.

These are just portraits of some of my favorite chartacters.

Starting with...

...Alessa! I also included Heathera. I wanted to make all of these with a character on their own, but without Heathera, Alessa didn't really feel whole. I mean, It's not like Alessa isn't a whole character, it's more that I needed another whole.

I love regret that pun.

Cain! I love Cain. I wanted to show how disturbing and dangerous he can be. Also, Tom. There I go, breaking my rule again.

Phineas Barringster! Master Cabalist! I mean, I can't not do Phineas. Love the little guy.  Also, I made a BOOOONES version.

Patrick Cake! Patrick is a pretty underappreciated character, so I had to add some spectacle.
explosions are hard. halp.

BOB. I don't know why I made him so comic-booky, but I like how it turned out, so I might make more like it. I was originally gonna put him in the "Legend Killer" pose, but he's more Hulk Hogan, so... I mean, I referenced a Hulk...

Hallo Philhipés!
I'm Philhipé, and this is where Philhipés can talk abo-

Philhipé's still my favourite character, so I had to go all out. I think it turned out pretty good. Philhipé! :smilebold: 

Ye. I wanted to do a character for every player, so I think I'll make Spiff and Milbee's characters from Azveltara Z together since their dynamic was so much fun. For Nisovin, I really want to do something for Johnny Feo. I'm already working on Gwyneth, but that one's gonna take a little longer to do.


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