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plans for the jewel of the dingo isles


  • Cool idea :) . But what is a choas action, is it a Anytime Action or something else and why do you chose between death or going insane?
  • Due to the new updated version of the game, It should probably just say Bonus Action, which means the same thing
  • edited September 2017
    totally forgot about that old thing. I wonder what nisovin is gonna do with the actual thing in the show, if anything at all. I say "if anything at all" with the mindset that it could just be a rock or because season 1 had no singular direction across all the campaigns of that season. The jewel also has no observable direct connection to anything else in s2 or in s3 so far except that it may have been protected by ageless/ageless thralls for no clear reasons.
  • @Rukuri well a chaos action is just a action that can be used for anything really, as for the choice it really depends on the DM as to what outcome should happen, i just remembered the old stone and wanted something cool to happen with it hense the idea.
  • @Gterra2 well here's hoping rob has plans for it, and if not well the cards there and the lore on my profile page might help give any sort of ideas for the plot behind it, its really at the end of the day Robs to exsperament with i just like making cool cards and see what absolute chaos i can create in my mind.
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