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Race Idea: Drakes

custom card

"The Lotus Family is one of the most prestigious 'Elven' Families in the Realm. Descendants of Elves and Dragons, specifically Quintara Lotus and her brood, the Lotus Family isn't so much actually Elven. They are actually Drakes.

Drakes are similar to Elves in physiology, but are actually taller (by a few inches) and leaner then normal Elves. Drakes may also sometimes have exotic colored skin, usually in shades of blue and purple. Female Drakes lay eggs, similar to Dragon Eggs albeit much smaller.

Like both Arcane Dragons and Elves, Drakes have a deep affinity for magic. So much so, that they've abandoned physical combat, and most forms of physical activity, completely, viewing it as uncivilized and barbaric. They either do things through magic or have servants and slaves do things they can't do magically. Due to their relation with Dragons, Drakes are able to handle Dragon Gold; however, due to their Elven Ancestry, they are unable to handle it for more then 30 seconds (some Drakes have been able to handle it for up to 2 minutes, but these are rare circumstances). Drakes also have immediate access to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, but are unable to receive wishes from their Queen Mother.

Drakes have built a society very closely to that of Elves, and Elves consider them 'properly Elven', even more so then Dwelves. Drakes are ruled by the Queen Mother, Quintara Lotus, and her favored Son (which changes every couple of years) outside of her Tower. Many of her Children also work on the Mana'arch, the Elven Council ran by the various houses of the Elves. Very few Elves would think to speak negatively of Drakes, and many Non-Elves don't know the difference."

Just a fun little Idea I had when I heard about the Lotus Family of Elves. I'm pretty sure, canon wise, that the Lotus Family of Elves are indeed completely Elven, though.

(This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit.)


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    I'll only support this if there is a later race named Joshes.
  • I love the concept! Also, If you had it to where they started with a couple of slave companions instead of the legendary scrolls, you would essentially be able to play as the lizard people from Divinity Orginal Sin 2! (PS Thank you Rob for introducing me to the game; so addictive)
  • And this is in elven minutes so we have no idea as to how long that is. @friskyBrisky
  • @NeoReaperXIII This race was made specifically for the purpose of roleplaying characters like the Red Prince. 

    Probably not, but I like to think so.
  • @Astora Omg, yes. Just yes, I 100% agree XD
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    @NeoReaperXIII, @Ninjathis: It was less about the idea of playing a Red Prince-esque character, and more a fun idea I had for the Lotus Family. It was only a coincidence that the DOS2 LP by Rob came out the same time I did this. Doesn't mean you can't do it, though. :peace: 

    @Fera That's completely true. And intentional.
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