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pls the cults have become too much

plz stop lord Franku has said it to be
Image result for time to stop
Image result for time to stop


  • You might have just created another cult.
  • You could make a religion out of this.
  • Yeah this cult shit is starting to get on my nerves. Thanks for speaking up about this @Rein through memes.
  • @CasualCow Memes are the solution to everyone's problems
  • No but like seriously Cult features would just divide people and start flame wars like the paladins and bandits on LoM
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    Solution: Rename cults to something with a different meaning, and do less culty or worshippy stuff, but keep half the front page under siege like usual. But don't worry guys cults are history!
  • we should start a doom-cult to cause a cult-apocalypse to kill all the cults so there are no more cults in the world.

  • You're all just jealous because you aren't in the one true cult. Praise the Woven One! 
  • This cult/group thing (or what ever you wanna call it) really does need to stop. Bad things will come from this, whether it be intentional or not. Im sure the last thing the majority of us wants, is to divide the community.
  • @Gterra2
    I doubt it will escalate to that level
  • @Gushy48 Even if it doesn't it is getting very annoying for people that have no interest in this cult stuff
  • @CasualCow
    I just ignore it. That's the best thing anyone can do without instigating anything. 
  • I don't think we need as many cults as we have but at the same time they are just playing along. At the end of this season we, the old gods, get to create a divine. The cults I've seen are about gathering a certain following to make their idea of a god enter the realm. I understand it can be a bit spammy but it's difficult when there is no campaign to come up with stuff so the roleplay threads are the only ones that stay active.

    Just my two cents. Praise Cachecol.
  • @Rein @Gterra2 @CasualCow ;
    (In all seriousness it's just a joke and if you don't like it just ignore it it's really not that hard to simply glance over any threads or comments that have the word cult in it and who are you to decide how people have fun as long as it doesn't hurt anyone which it doesn't since the cults we have just worship scarves and walruses)
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    @Fyre @Gushy48 I understand it's a joke but whenever I go onto the fourms it feels like either Cult posts or spam bots(although they're basically all gone). I don't know maybe the fourms just aren't my thing anymore, that could be that my love for Urealms has started to fade after the last show. I guess the only option I have is to ignore it or just accept it.
  • I'm sorry everyone, I mention cults one time in a thread and this happens. (I was the one who brought up cults in the philhipe thread, which was one of if not the first cult in a while) I think that these types of things are fun for role play but I agree there is no need to get into fights about it. Lets just stop mass producing cults for every little idea and keep every thread separate. It started out fun guys but it is getting out of hand.
  • Dude you act like it's gonna last for more than a month at most.
  • Yeah I know it will die down soon, I just wanted to share all the facts on my opinion.
  • i want to see how these cults will play out during the great purge campaign.
  • I bring you... THE NO MORE CULTS CULT

    NMC for short...
  • I already started the Cult of Cults.
  • I am kind of also tired of all the cults. Were all old gods after all, why do you guys need to worship more?
  • @Javo The real question isn't why worship more, its why worship at all? We are gods we should be worshipped, not worshipping a dead dogman in a scarf or an insane elven child with far to much power.
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