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[Roll20] Avatar Acquaintances - Puppet Pals in roll20 (Kind of bare bones)

Hi all. I'm not really posting this as a "I made this tool for you to use," more of a "I did some ground work for a concept and I think this is a decent launching-off point." If there's a large demand for this, I might put some more effort into it.

Note: This is a roll20 script that relies on the GM of a game having the Pro level subscription for access to the API. If you're interested in using this in your game, I'm assuming that you know how to install scripts. You'll probably have to fiddle with the code as well if you're using any other scripts in your game.

Avatar Acquaintances is a little script I made yesterday to allow for something like Puppet Pals to exist within roll20 (and hey, we've apparently got to keep the alliteration theme going). Unlike Puppet Pals or Babble Buds, this DOES require the user to create a complete image ahead of time for each state - there's no on-the-fly editing.

Here's what it looks like when set up:

(Here's what it looks like as a GM using the tool)

The script runs on the 'Roleplay' page, and expects tokens to be rollable tables with a number of states: Neutral (resting face), Talking, Happy, Angry, and Sad (in that order).

From there, the GM creates macros that perform the api calls (!talk, !neutral, !happy, !angry, !sad, !left, !right, !turn, !reg) and as long as a player can control a token, they can use those macro buttons to move the avatar around, make them talk, and change their expression.

Note: This script is provided as an example, and is not guaranteed at all to function alongside any other scripts within roll20. This is the version I'm using because it's the only script I'm using. If there's demand, I could start to make it play nicer in the larger landscape - if you're experienced with roll20 API development though, it's simple to take this idea and run with it yourself.
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