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"The Barracks" (XCOM 2 AAR) Signups!

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"Hello Commander,

It's been 20 years since the Aliens took over Earth, and with the influence of the Elders, the Advent Administration was formed and took firm control over the planet we love. However, due to the success of your freedom from Advent control, we now have a chance to to fight back against Advent and the Elders. Commander, with the help of the three prominent Resistance Groups around the world; The Skirmishers, the Reapers, and the Templars, can you free the Earth from the chains of Advent? 

Do not disappoint."
~XCOM Spokesperson

Hey Guys, Emp here!

Today, I am announcing that XCOM: The Barracks is coming back for it's second season, with XCOM 2! Now, what makes this different than any AAR is that I will be making another discussion where you guys, the soldiers, will be interracting with other soldiers in "The Barracks"! So, if you'd like to sign up, then post your characters in the comments (with all the requirements and things!). Now, XCOM is known for their soldier diversity, and to make a character, you can follow these requirements! Or you can have your character just be plain, with just a name (If you don't know what these requirements mean, you can just give me the general idea of what you want for your character and I'll try my best to create them like you asked)! The requirements are: 

First Name: 
Last Name: 
Facial Hair: 
Hair Color: 
Eye Color: 
Skin Color: 
Upper Face: 
Lower Face:
Face Paint: 
Armor Color: 

Also, feel free to add a backstory for your character, it makes roleplay more interesting (And I can add them to your characters too)!

You may also choose to play as a Reaper, Skirmisher, or a Templar as well! So if you want to play as one of the special resistance groups and not a regular XCOM soldier, you can! I'd like a few soldiers before I start though, because... I'm not really good at this, and a lot of you might die... Sorry in advance. I'd like around 30-40 soldiers (I doubt I'd get that number, but please, spread the word!), so I can have a fully stocked squadron of soldiers! After every mission, I'll do a little AAR style monologue in the forum roleplay post, for those interested! This game will start once the 30-40 soldier mark has been made!

For those wondering, this will be played on Ironman!

If you have any questions, please PM me, I don't want to clutter this thread with questions, so I can easily copy and paste the characters into the character creator!

See you guys later!
~Emp :D


  • Oh neat, I picked up vanilla XCom 2 since it was on sale for the DLC release and I've been adding URealms characters as my soldiers.
  • First Name: euge
    Nickname: "king of games"
    Last Name: moto
    Nationality: british
    Gender: flexable
    Voice: deep
    Attitude: funny (?)
    Face: also funny
    Facial Hair: none
    Hair Color: black with yellow streaks
    Eye Color: brown
    Race: asian
    Skin Color: pale
    Helmet/Hat: funny hair
    Upper Face: serious
    Lower Face: cocky
    Face Paint: none
    Scars: none
    Armor Color: blue
    Torso: leather
    Pants: leather
    Tattoo: an upsidedown pyramid with an eye in the middle of it
  • First Name: Thomas
    Nickname: "The Train"
    Last Name: Kelly
    Nationality: United States
    Gender: Male
    Voice: deep
    Attitude: Laid Back
    Face: A
    Facial Hair: Goatee and Mustache 
    Hair Color: black 
    Eye Color: blue
    Race: caucasian
    Skin Color: light tan
    Helmet/Hat: Recon Hood
    Upper Face: Dark Sunglasses
    Lower Face: none
    Face Paint: Midnight Warrior
    Scars: none
    Armor Color: Red and White
    Torso: 3
    Pants: 7
    Tattoo: Xcom Sleeve, Shadow wolf
    Backstory: A good old Boy from Alabama, Thomas was a Linebacker for the National Champion Crimson Tide when the aliens invaded. With the world being taken over people no longer cared about college football and Thomas would not stand for this. He vowed to fight the aliens until they were gone and he could return to enjoying the game of football.
    P.S. whenever he kills a alien he yells "whooo" like cole train from Gears of war.
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    First Name: Rob
    Nickname: "Nerazim"
    Last Name: Metis
    Nationality: United States of America
    Gender: Male
    Voice: American 3 (or similar)
    Attitude: Hard Luck / Laid Back (think half Emile from Halo: Reach and half Jun)
    Face: A
    Facial Hair: Scrappy Beard
    Hair Color: Light Brown / 0
    Eye Color: Light Blue / 16
    Race: 0
    Skin Color: 1
    Helmet/Hat: Dress Hat
    Upper Face: Half - framed Glasses
    Armor Color: Brown/Black (94)
    Secondary Colour: Yellow/Gold (87)
    Torso: 2
    Pants: 3
    Tattoo: Shadow Wolf (Dark Green)

    Faction: Templars
    Focus on the Psi-blade ('cause Starcraft).
    Fighting personality: Tactical. Not one to run into the thick of things unless he's confident in a positive outcome. On top of the psiblade, he is also strong with the pistol for his ranged combat. (Sharpshooter pistol abilities). His ideal is to be the focus of the enemy attention, his primary goal to protect his teammates with parry, reflect, and supporting the backline.

    Background: Though the XCOM initiative failed early, some remnants continued on. One section in the early days after the fall was fortunate to have a decent number of soldiers AND the help of none other than Dr. Vahlen. Nerazim was one of the soldiers that fought with the contingent. After innovations by Vahlen, some soldiers were able to gain psionic abilities. This faction was later broken from the main contingent, with Vahlen and researchers choosing genetic research over continuing with psionics. Nerazim moved on alone for some time before being brought back into the fold with the Templar. Sharing their vision of revenge, but knowing all too well the cost of war, believing his sister long lost, Nerazim does what he can to protect his less gifted teammates.

    Korshala Adun.

    I don't have War of the Chosen and I have a LOT of mods, so I'm trying to stick to stuff you should have available to you.

    Additionally, you can carry over my character from the last campaign since she never died (going off of forum cannon).
  • @BigTom I enjoy how radically different our characters are, yet they share the Moon Wold.

    RP ideas +1
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    First Name: Edward
    Nickname: Helios
    Last Name: Fowler
    Nationality: American(United States)
    Gender: Male
    Voice: Chill
    Attitude: SlapStick
    Face: D
    Facial Hair: SideBurns
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Race: African American
    Skin Color: Brown
    Helmet/Hat: Monocle and Fedora
    Upper Face: Monocle
    Lower Face:none
    Face Paint: none
    Scars: none
    Armor Color: Black and Dark Grey
    Torso: Roman chest piece Shaped Kevlar vest
    Pants: Kevlar Cargo pants

    "Helios" A nickname Edward got from sing a lot of flash bangs. He was Born in Cleveland Ohio in 1987 january 2nd. Comes from a family known to have been old school militants. His mother and father died from an ageless, and his sister is still missing. He tries to remain calm by using ironic humor or just general humor.

    "Aliens...Kinda knew they existed but i didn't really care till now..." "Now... i can do something about it."
    He joined the resistance as soon as he heard word. He is a demolitions expert (

    "they're gonna be walking on sunshine" is what he says when he uses a flashbang

    "Go now beautiful" he says as he throws a grenade

    "Surprise!" he says after a flank kill
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    First name: Charles
    Nickname: Sand Storm
    Last name: Calvert
    Nationality: Egypt (immigrated there when was child, initially from UK)
    Gender: Male
    Voice: UK English 4
    Attitude: Intense
    Face: C
    Facial Hair: Scrappy Beard
    Hair Color: 5
    Eye Color: 2
    Skin Color: 0
    Helment/Hat: Recon Hat
    Upper Face: Aviators
    Lower face: N/A
    Face Print: Arid
    Scars: Face burn
    Armor Color: Primary 4 Secondary 35
    Torso: 2 
    Legs: 1
    Arms 3
    Tattoos: Left Arm-Earth Sleeve Right Arm- Ace in the hole
    Tattoo color: 27

    If allowed!
    Armor Pattern: Arid
    Weapon Pattern: Tundra 
    Hair Style when without hood: Parted

    Backstory: Sandstorm was always unpredictible, switching emotions as it was on a dial. Sometimes these "switches" were random and sometimes gradually changed due to the theme of a conversation. Well one day, during a protest led by resistance members, he was captured and his face burned heavily. He was locked up with a cell for a few years before he let back out into the streets of New Egypt. During that time he lived on the outskirts of town, avoiding as much advent contact as possible. When he was in town, he moved quickly and most people acted like he wasn't even there as he keeps his face hidden and wears clothes that blend into his sandy enviornment. But the second he wants to be seen, he is there waiting to shoot an alien or advent member in the face with any sort of weapon he has, all the same to him*
  • First Name: Arkanis
    Nickname: [Grant him one based on something cool he does, if anything]
    Last Name: d'Vergine
    Nationality: French
    Gender: Male
    Voice: French 9
    Attitude: By the Book
    Face: E
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair Color: 17
    Eye Color: 6
    Race: 0
    Skin Color: 0
    Helmet/Hat: None
    Upper Face: Half-rim Glasses
    Lower Face: None
    Face Paint:  None
    Scars: None
    Armor Color: Primary-5, Secondary-49
    Torso: 2
    Pants: 1
    Arms: 1
    Tattoo: None

    Backstory: Arkanis was initially the bookish type, content to live his days studying the sciences, reading and writing fiction, and generally pretending he didn't care about romance in the slightest. But the alien presence grated at him, wearing down his patience. He couldn't be happy living stifled by their presence; who were they to dictate human affairs? So, after a while, Arkanis set down his teacup and picked up a rifle, determined to prove to those aliens that they were better off on whatever rock they were bred on.
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    First Name: Nick
    Nickname: Shredder
    Last Name: Castanzar
    Nationality: French
    Gender: Male
    Voice: (highest pitched on you can pick)
    Attitude: By the book
    Face: B
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Skin Color: 
    Helmet/Hat: Dress hat (m' lady)
    Upper Face: Monacle
    Lower Face: none
    Face Paint: none
    Scars: none
    Armor Color: Grey
    Torso: 2
    Pants: 0
    Tattoo: Xcom

    Origin: He was once a humble redditor and thought that Killing aliens would be badass. He was not cut out for the job, until advent took away his rule 34 threads. That's when things got personal. 

    Class: Preferably a hacker specialist
  • First Name: Isaac
    Nickname: 'Bandit'
    Last Name: Lackey
    Nationality: American
    Gender: Male
    Voice: American English 6 or 7
    Attitude: Laid back
    Face: E
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair Color: Dark red
    Eye Color: Green
    Race: 0
    Skin Color: 
    Helmet/Hat: None
    Upper Face: None
    Lower Face: None
    Face Paint: None
    Scars: Eye and cheek scar
    Armor Color: Blue, preferably navy
    Torso: 1
    Pants: 3
    Tattoo: None

    Backstory: Isaac is a veteran Assault of the first iteration of Xcom, having entered the initiative at a young age to fight back against the alien invasion, having formed a team with fellow Assault Claire Moreau. They shined on missions together and were proving to be valuable assets to Xcom before the organization fell, where both operatives fled as they were unable to keep hold of the base as the aliens kidnapped the commander. They spend the intervening years traveling between resistance settlements, fighting against the invaders as they came and helping the resistance. With word of the commander's return, Isaac rushed to rejoin Xcom, Claire unable to return due to being too entrenched in handling the resistance of their current region.

    Would prefer a pure blade ranger with the exception of double tap, though a hacker support or pistol sharpshooter would work as well.
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    These are looking awesome! Loving the backstories!
  • First Name: Will
    Nickname: -
    Last Name: Russ
    Nationality: Norway
    Gender: Male
    Voice: Any English
    Attitude: Laid back
    Face: Any
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Race: 0
    Skin Color: White
    Helmet/Hat: None
    Upper Face: Half-Framed glasses
    Lower Face: None
    Face Paint: None
    Scars: None
    Armor Color: Dark blue and white
    Torso: Any
    Pants: Any
    Tattoo: None
  • You wouldn't mind if I asked for a class and a choice for abilities, wouldn't you?
  • @Razgrey ;
    I don't mind at all! (I'll try too see if I can get that for you, but you may be put into the RNG first mission, so I'll try!)
  • First Name: Irvin
    Nickname: 'Irving'
    Last Name: Terrick
    Nationality: Korean(or the closest thing)
    Gender: Male
    Voice: English something
    Attitude: Something casual but not Laid Back?
    Face: Something
    Facial Hair: Nah
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Moderately light blue(or just blue)
    Race: Asian I guess
    Skin Color: Something generic
    Helmet/Hat: A pair of glasses with the thinnest frame you can find
    Upper Face: Eh
    Lower Face: What
    Face Paint: Nope
    Scars: Nope
    Armor Color: Black and a Dark Blue
    Torso: Pretty much just clothing
    Pants: Gottagofast(but dont give me shorts)
    Tattoo: Nah
    If I by chance isn't part of your Gatecrasher squad, I would like for him to become a Ranger with... Phantom, Shadowstep, Run and Gun, Implacable, Untouchable, Rapid Fire.
    By the way, what difficulty is this?
  • Gonna be playing on I believe it's Commander difficulty with Ironman enabled! @Razgrey ;
  • If we do become people, will you tell us who we from bonds with and whether or not we die in a mission, I must know the fate of my gentlemen redditor :(  
  • @Emperor Heh heh...we're all gonna die~
  • @Arkanite Death is the destiny of all.

    Especially those who are in half cover.
  • @cpMetis You're definitely not wrong there~
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    I know little to nothing about Xcom but I think I understand the character creation a bit. Idk if I'll RP often tho.

    First Name: Mabel
    Nickname: "Raspberry"
    Last Name: Maple
    Nationality: Canada
    Gender: Female
    Voice: anything goes
    Attitude: Twitchy
    Face: Face E
    Hair: Knitting Needle Bun
    Facial Hair: none
    Hair Color: Purple (lighter color)
    Eye Color: White
    Race: Asian?
    Skin Color: pale
    Helmet/Hat: none
    Upper Face: nose stud
    Lower Face: none
    Face Paint: Mononoke
    Scars: none
    Armor Color: Purple (darker than hair)
    Torso: anything goes
    Pants: anything goes 
    Tattoo: none

    Backstory-ish: Mabel Maple has always the type to get into fights, so when things took a turn for the worst she was ready to be in the front lines. She's a thrill seeker so near death experiences are actually somewhat exciting for her and she'll do anything to go out and fight.
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    First Name: Kendrick
    Nickname: Luckless
    Last Name: Lazel
    Nationality: United States
    Gender: Male
    Voice: Australian English 2
    Attitude: Happy-Go-Lucky Or Hard Luck
    Face: Face C
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair: Brushed Up Short
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Race:  Race 0
    Skin Color: 0
    Helmet/Hat: Dress Hat
    Upper Face:  Half-Framed Glasses
    Lower Face: Skull Bandana
    Face Paint: None
    Armor Color: 
    Main Armor Color: 41
    Secondary Armor Color: 74
    Torso:  Torso 2
    Pants:  Doesn't matter

    Backstory:Kendrick always attempted to keep to himself working simple jobs until the invaders killed some friends of him but before he could get killed XCOM saved him. He coulden't do anything about his friends and had to attempt to live the rest of his life untill ADVENT tried to tell that the invaders are peacefully which just made him greatly angered which made him join the remains of what XCOM was and help fight.
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    Accidentally posted this and I can't delete it ... So I might as well type something here
  • We need you to join the rsistance, go kick alien butt with us. You will not die in your first five minutes is our guarantee 
  • First Name: Cascabel
    Nickname: The Jingle~
    Last Name: Ramos
    Nationality: Spain
    Gender: Male
    Voice: Spanish 2
    Attitude: Happy-Go-Lucky
    Face: D
    Facial Hair: None
    Hair Color: 2
    Eye Color: 3
    Race: 3
    Skin Color: 3
    Helmet/Hat: Headband
    Upper Face: Earrings
    Lower Face: Ciguratte
    Face Paint: None
    Scars: None
    Armor Color: 24
    Secondary Armor Color: 93
    Torso: Anything light, bare arms
    Pants: Anything light
    Tattoo: Snake Wrap, color: 0

    Backstory: After the alien attacked Cascabel the famed bard of legend took up arms against the invasion, swearing to end their reign of tyranny. Cascabel has always been known for his mischievous and playful 
    demeanor, however when it comes to business The Jingle comes to collect. Equipped with the most dangerous jingle bells in all of existence, Cascabel makes quick work of his opponents dazzling them in the showiest fashion possible.
  • Will we get updates on the status of the characters? Also I am not exactly an xcom player, so would that info be filled in with whatever?
  • @Raynicorn ;
    Yes, after every mission, I will do an AAR like style post here, and I will explain the mission, so yes, you'll get updates. And if you're talking about what the character looks like, then yes, it will be randomly generated!
  • Yeah, cause I love to participate in community events but my knowledge of Xcom lore or items is very minimal. I'll try to look into character creation and lore as much as possible.
  • @Raynicorn ;
    Alright, you still got some time before I start playing, want to wait for about 10 to 15 more soldiers, so you have plenty of time!
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    For those who want to make a soldier, but don't know what the customization options are, here is a Youtube Video showing mostly everything!

    EDIT: A soon as I did some more digging, I found the Anarchy's Children DLC Customization Options!

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