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Spooky Island

edited September 2017 in Custom Maps
Hey! My friends and I recently started playing some Urealms games, and one of my friends decided to make some maps for us and let me share them with you guys.

The first set of maps he made focus around an expedition to Spooky Island.

EDIT: My bad, new to this:

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

Also shout out to @Spacewalker and @Meganzoor for the assets!


  • The 3rd map is not that good bit other then that the others look good
  • oh god this is really spooky
  • First map is really cool! I'm a sucker for pirate maps with lots of detail like this.

    The second map's fog thing isn't really necessary. It blocks the view of the board so it makes moving around a little weird, but maybe that makes sense as a "I can't see much through the fog" type of roleplay thing.

    The third map looks a little weird because some objects like the mushrooms have thicker drawn lines than the rocks, but honestly that can be look passed for the uniqueness of the room! I like the idea of having to go get the four keys to unlock the door through four challenges. Cool stuff.
  • ...
    Did you just make the maps for Rick Snot's URealms game he ran in New Crew?
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