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Porc Tribal Warfare RP (5/12)

In The Land of Unity they is a small clutches of Porc Pits near the Neuqua Sea that are at war right now. The four nations at war is, Mano the leader West Bridge tribe, who is the oldest leader alive right now. Jorget’s War Pit, he is one of the new leaders, because he killed the old leader of the central Porcs. Pirate Captain Chief, he was the chef of the legendary Pirate king Bopen, before his death, now he leads the Porcs of the coastal area. Finally there is Governor Borson in his castle, with support of the nearby a Elven kingdom, to take over the Porcs of the center, coast, and West Bridge.

Here is the story for each member.

Mano the Old:
Mano was a Young Porc once, fighting in any conflict he could find. Forming a war band to solve or cause problems, just so they could fight. While he age his strength left him, but his magic powers grow, becoming a Grey Hoof, but with this, he also got wiser with age. Seeing problems with constant fighting, and he wished to expand peace in the area, by creating a road system. This seem too worked, but soon the central Porcs leader was killed by Jorget, Borson took over North Porc, and Chief was being an ass whole.

Mano being the oldest leader alive right now, rather wait and weight his options, before getting into an all-out war. He will be sending out scouting parties, to help keep him updated, before he attacks. He has plenty of general ready to kill, like Poso, Doro, Nomo, Daeth, Porbo, and Porco. Mano will survive this war, like he always do.

Mano + 100 stamina and + 8

Pirate Captain Chief Chef:

Being the chef of Bopen was nice, he cooked plenty of food for everyone, and himself. He got big and fat from all of his eating, with a lust for gold and food, but everything ends. Bopen the elf Pirate king died on his ship, with all of his crew with him, but Chief. He was washed to shore near one of Bopen’s Pirate Cities, once word of his deaths spread, his thieving empire have fallen, but Chef being greedy took over the city, killing anyone who defines him. He made his land all about farming Pigs, making them Porcs, and selling them as Slaves, or Steves.

His land is filled with outlaws and thieves, with no laws, but don’t cross Chief. Chief became very fat, about two Porcs wide, while he is a black boar, so he is also tall. He is just raiding nearby enemies, hoping for loot, and Porcs to sell off. With ships raiding on the river by Mano, and groups going through the Jungle to fight Jorget. Chief wants it all, and he will get it all.

Chief + 100 stamina and + 24


Jorget was just another solder in Waruk’s army, not as any special Porc, just a fighter. Jorget have known what it was to be a porc, strength, but soon he say Waruk as a weakling. He wished to make peace with the other tribes, with no war. “Come on” he thought, “war is in your name!” He left Waruk, and made is own independent war band, but doing this makes you a ravel to all other Porc leader. He was force out of his home, and trained to return. After making a small army of Porcs all across the land, he came back to face Waruk, near the Death River. The battle was bloody, but soon Jorget came to a 1v1 with Waruk, this fight was long, but Jorget ended it when he push Waruk into the river. Where he sunk to the bottom of the river and drowned.
He thought the hard part was done with, but when he went back to Waruk pit, and renamed it, Borson came with an army and attack the Porc leader of the north, Dranwit. Who allied himself with Jorget, the tribal war has started, with Jorget and Borson. Jorget is all about fighting with skills, and little to no magic use, if you’re weak you will be killed, the strongest (Jorget) will conquer all.

Jorget + 100 stamina and + 28


Borson was born as a runt, a runt pig who was through into a porc puck pit. He was left behind when a group of elves, who were killing the porcs he was with. They saw this weak creature, taking pity on him and started to raise him like an elf. Borson grew stronger as he age, stepping pass his weakness, but at the same time his mind opened up. Borson became fairly smart, and calculating, as he fight along side the elves.

His whole life was depending on the elven family Lantern, where he learn plenty of light magic. Borson is here to liberate the Porcs from their old ways, and hope to bring a brighter future to the porcs, but he will have to fight Jorger, Mano, and Chief for his dream to come true. He is more of a military force, with more training then others, and having a stick chain in commands. Borson will bring order to the porcs, no matter what.

Borson + 100 stamina and + 60

In this RP, you are all solders in one of the nations, and will be fighting to take over the land of one of the factions. Now you can pick which nation you want to fight for, but each one have limits to class and shop options. You will all plays one of the porc races (for now), but there are 2 more custom sub Porc races you can chose. 

Runt's are smaller porcs and much weaker then you're normal porcs. They have to smart to survive the harsh world and skilled to lived, they get 2 class abilities, which help them survive. 

Grey Hoofs are old wise porcs, who gain magic powers with age.They are wise with age, so their intelligent could be high, but you could be wise, and not that intelligent. (note, i need to change card) you get 6 random spell of what elements you want, then pock which three you want, and which three you don't want. Then roll, 1-10 don't want, and 11-20 do want. So read everything below before making you’re character.

Final note, we're in a new world so not all of the Urealms lore will be followed, i will be making a OOC forum, which will be talking about Unity.

World Map:

Unity, Porc area

Capital: Big/oval colors
Incompetent: small dots
Roads: Grey lines are roads
Jungle: Dark Green
River: Blue lines, (don't swim in death river, please)


Fuck EXP

Gold and Stamina Roll: Gold Rolls work exactly like they do in Urealms Live. (Gold Roll x 10) Stamina Rolls were changed too. Instead of dividing it by 2, it will be added by that roll. (e.g. Rolling a 15 = +15 Stamina)

Status Effects and Terrain:
Status Effects can do a variety of things and they all last one round unless stated otherwise. Terrain also effects your movement and can kill you. (That escalated quickly)
Blind: Miss on low/average rolls.
Burning: Unable to use Limited, Anytimes, and Consumables.
Poison: Unable to heal Stamina whatsoever.
Stunned: Unable to do anything, may roll to get out of being stunned.
Charmed: You have to attack your own party until you roll out of being Charmed, or take Damage.
Silenced: Unable to cast Spells.
Frozen: Unable to Move.
In Danger: Cannot do anything at all. Occurs after a Death Roll.
Rough Terrain: Terrain that prevents you from moving any further when stepped on.
Dangerous Terrain: Terrain that cause you to Death Roll when stepped on.
Walled Terrain: Terrain that prevents you from moving forward. It's a wall. You can't move through a wall.
Death Rolls:
Death Rolls works just like Urealms for the players, but for minor companions/NPC their rolls will raise like Season 2. If a card say roll multiply dice, then you will have to roll more die. Beast will die once they reach 0 stamina, unless you are trying to knock them out, or have a passive that does that. Intelligent races that you are fighting will have it rise, while bosses will have large amount of health, that needs to reach zero to knocked out or kill.

Random Encounters:
Random Encounters happen every time you move to another location in the world, were anything can kill you, in this RP, it’s different. Though all the mercenaries will be Pocrs, and I will be giving them a random class as well. Also in this rp, there is a level of strength.
Weak: enemies will 1 class ability, and all their randoms, that’s it. 
Normal: enemies will have 2 class ability, a random weapons, armor and all their randoms
Strong: enemies with 3 class ability, 2 random weapons, armor, passive, and all their randoms
1: 2 strong, 2 normal and 2 weaks
2-5: 1 strong, 2 normal enemies and 1 weak
6-14: 2 normal enemies and 1 weak
15-19: 2 weak enemies
20: One random Companion available for Companionship
Roads are stone ways much safer to travel though with only 1-14 have random encounters happens.
The Battle field is an area filled with enemies ready to fight, with large amounts of scouting parties, and small battles going on. You will have to roll to try to get through, with a 20 having you made it through easily, or two high rolls needed to get though.
The Jungle, is a area filled with wild animals, basically the same thing with random encounters, but not weak-strong, just the amount of enemies. The roads do effect this area to, so traveling by road can save you time
It works exactly the same as Urealms, aside from Companions.
Speaking/human like: Companions are different in Unity. First, they will become a NPC that fallows you. Meaning they get their own character sheet. Second you need to use one passive slots for this companions, while they need to use one of theirs for you. Finally you can have up to 6 companions, 1 per passive slots.

Beast: Animal Companions can be used to carry equipment, but you can’t have them use weapons, but some armor can be used to on them.

Magic: They can’t be used to carry equipment, but they can learn more spell, if you put gold aka magic in them

Mech: theirs only two kinds right now, so fuck them.

Legendary Companions: Have access to all of their Inventory
Mercenary Companions gain a Random Class Ability every 100XP you earn. They get to choose from two Class Abilities.

Each factions have a custom shop you can buy from, that will restock once space is open.

War Stories:

The story of each player character in this RP.


1. I will randomly draw all your random stuff and we basically do it like the show.
2. No metagaming. If you’re character don’t know it, then they can’t do anything about it.
3. No editing your rolls. If I catch you doing this, I will give you something worst then a 1
4. I will tell you what happens when you roll, so just wait, and sorry if I can’t come on some days.
5. Tell me if their something about your character, which I might have forgotten during the game. (Like he can’t be burned or something)
6. Keep calm and roll the dice aka be nice and don’t star flame wars
7. Put "Porc 3" in your application to prove that you read this.
House Rules:
1. Low Rolls are 2-5 while High Rolls are 15-19.
2. Legendaries override Immunities. Like Curse of Medusa overriding Immunity to Charm. Or Emphavision overriding Bone Soul Shield.
3. Any time refill ever combat
4. some Campaign Cards can be use, but you have to go over it with me.
5. If you die, you can make a new character anytime, just don’t die on purpose to get a new character
Put "Porc oo0" in your Application if you read this.


Faction: Jorget
While the other new one
Ruth Hacete
Faction: Mano

Gold: 0

Stamina: 87
Faction: @bl1ndn3rd .

Gold: 20
Stanima: 81
Faction: Borson

Gold: 60
stamina: 84
Faction: Mano
Switch_Golem and 

 @bl1ndn3rd ;
Gold: 0
Stanima: 80
Faction: Mano

 @helperbot0613 ;

Gold: 0
Stanima: 74
Faction: Mano

 @Pufflemore ;
Sana_Vinisto_ dead
Gold: 0
Faction: Borson
same faction

 @Loreteck .
gold: 0
Stamina: 92
Faction: Mano

 @Sabertooth1114 ;
Gold: ?
Faction: Borson

 @Phendrix ;
gold: ?
Faction: pirate 

NPCs: Allies to players/companions


Mano’s Porc
Mano's Generals: 
Daeth’s commanders
Companisons of Commanders
Random NPCs: 

Chief’s Porcs
Chief's Mate:
Ken Den's Crew:

War Cheifs
Bang_Dow  Chief. Noget
Mainlor Chief. Borget
Brak_Nak Chief. Junget
Clair_ chief. Endget
Bang_Dow Chief. Fedget
Captain_Leander Chief. Poget
The Messengers:
Leander's squadron: 

Borson's Major Squads Leaders:
Kargo_Newporc Fort. Alpha
Four_Hands_Forson Fort. Theta
Consular_Lelio Fort. Delta
Jarryy_Poilsh_ Fort. Zeta
James_Jess Fort. Beta
Master_VooDoo Fort. Gamma
Elven Trainers:
The White Boar Hordes:

Up Coming Events:

Page 50:
A.    Reinforcements. 
B.    Desiccation Time.
C.    Paid Promotion 
D.    Jorget’s finest
Page 100:
A.    Borson’s Light
B.    True Magi
C.    Release the Steves
D.    Battle Field Ready
Page 150:
A. Dwarf’s craftsmanship
B. Gnoll’s Elder
C. Bounty placement
D. Enough Sitting
Page 200:
A. Mysterious Elf
B. (If fist B was chosen)
C. King of the Ogres
D. Waruk’s Rise Again Page
300: think of more later


You can be the races porc blackboar  custom card and custom card custom card. Mano’s bunch is all about magic users, with no really major close up fight (But Porbo). Mano’s strength is in his generals, and he depends on them to do most of the ground work. While he stays in his mountainous cave pit, where he practice his powerful magics. Here are the classes you may play as: bonedancer bard cabalist dreamweaver enchanter fleshweaver lumberjack magician puppeteer seeker shaman theurgist witch wizard . Finally there is the shops. 

Manos_Shop_ weapons, armor, and shields finally Manos_Shop_ which is treasure, passives and consumables.

Warfare goals for now: to scout out Jorget’s and Borson’s areas to find weakness, but do not go into full conflict with them. Defend from raiders of Chief Chef, by sea/shore line.  Defend the Bridge from anyone who doesn’t have a pass port, and liberate Steves and Slaves form Chief Chef, in calculative raids.
Benefits: You can get 2 random spells for free and a free magical companion.
Captain Chief Chef:
Race you can play are porc blackboar and custom card but no runts. Chief is all about that gold, treasure and loot, He even have slave farms (Porc servants for buyers) and a Steve farm (Porc Servants for Chief’s). Most of the area are ports and junglous, which is dangerous with the beasts in the Old Ones Jungle. The class you can play as are: bandito bard bootyraider buccaneer hydromancer rouge seachef spellslinger spellthief swashbuckler witch. Finally there is the shops Manos_Shop_ weapons, armor, and shields finally and Manos_Shop_ which is treasure, passives and consumables.
Warfare Goals for now: Raid the nearby Porc lands for gold and to capture other Porcs, to make them into Slaves, or Steves. Chief people are a bunch of thieves, and like to attack weaker targets, but they’re fine with running away. Jorger is the one they are raiding by land, while Mano is one they attack by sea. They haven’t raided anything from Borson yet, But Chief bows to no one.
Benefits: You can have a Porc Steve companion, and 1 random treasure you can pick out of three.
The races you can play are porc blackboar . Jorget values strength, so magic is not used as much. The area he lives is has many hills, which are filled with ore, and other such materials. With this, weapons, armor, and shields are very common in this area. Jorget is ready to show the world what it means to be Porc. The classes you can play are: alchemist berserker buccaneer deathknight flamedanseur ranger runemaster sharpsword swashbuckler thane and warrior finally the shop is Jorgets_only_Shop
Warfare Goals for now: To drive back the invaders of Borson, or the elf’s puppet. He will kill that weak, smart talking runt, and teach the elves a lesson, by defeating Borson’s army. Jorget will rule the over all of the Porcs, so that old bags of bones Mano will either surrender, or die. Same with that fat chef near the shores, all will fall to Jorget.
Benefits: You can pick a free weapon out of 3 randoms, a free armor out of 3 randoms, and a free shield out of 3 randoms.
You can be the races porc blackboar  custom card and custom card and now elf . Borson is ready to change what it means to be a porc, with a new era for porc kinds, but it looks like blood might needs to be shed. Borson believes in capture and rehabilitation, then killing or toucher. He is here to unite every Porc in Unity, no matter how long it takes. The classes you can play are: monk paladin petalwalker sandbender sharpsword sherif sorcerer suncleric templar and thane weapons, armor, and shields, while the other shops are Borsons_Shop_One and which is treasure, passives and consumables. Borsons_shop_two
Warfare Goals for now: Defeat Jorget, imprison him and his supporters. Once we have won, start transforming his pits into forts or castles. Then ask for Mano’s loyalty or surrender, start a war with him, if it’s necessary. Then defect Chief’s criminal nation, by capture, or death if needed. Order will be bring to the Porcs of the coast, Central Porcs, and West of the Brigde, no matter what.
Benefits: get an extra 200 gold for character creation, can get the passive diplomat, righteous, and spellblade veteran. 
Queen Ellie/Elijah Waters
You can be the races Race / Porc Race / Black Boar  Runt / (custom) and Grey Hoof / (custom) . This Queen had just freed many slaves from Chief's camps, and after political drama, she is now the leader of the army and has a camp. She is all about charming people, and gaining equipment form the army she has defeated, So during you character creation, your class will be random, you also have the option of the slavery as a CC, because all her people are mostly slave, but you can still get the random things.

Warfare Goals: World peace, yeah that is basically it, but also not getting killed off by Chief's forces to soon is a close second. There will be peace in these fair lands, she out beloved queen will save us all from our wicketed ways.

Benefits: You will get the spell charm for free (Like that not asking for my chaos to happen) And one Item, you can pick out of three.


Stage 1:
Gold Roll:
Stamina Roll: 

Stage 2:
Bought Abilities:

Stage 3:
Starting Place: (any of the many small dots)

Custom Card/ Important lore hit for later

Hope thee works, and i don't have to redo them
 Elder Sin / No More (custom)
Elder Sin / Lover's Spirits (custom)

Caerwyn Divine of Love and Pain






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