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Irishxlily's Art Pad!

To prepare for season 3, I was asked to draw out all of the creature companions from season 1 and 2, and for upcoming creatures that would appear in season 3. In total i think there were 72.
These are 10 of my favorites that I either liked the design, thought were funny/cute, or felt challenged my art capability and was proud of the result.



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    I love your artwork so much. You animal anatomy is amazing!
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    It helps when you are heavily referencing from real life photos, both as a time saver and as a way to make your anatomy more accurate ;)
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    You definitely rolled a 20 on your art
  • The octodrake will haunt my dreams.
  • The Gumiho looks amazing! You're art is pure Gold!  :)
  • Wowzer! ~_~ Irishxlily you've done an amazing job! I love so many of these!

    IrishXlily, you're awesome
  • I'm not sure how responsible you are for the design of the new companions, but WOW does the artwork and design look great.  I was already hyped for the Wowzer, but seeing this artwork has blown me away at how amazing it looks.
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    @JadeLake Rob gives me a description and maybe a picture to give me an idea of what he is going for, then I draw it out.I also played by their abilities to help flesh out their designs (like for the Gumiho with the flames and the necklace). Rob also gave me creative freedom with past creature designs which allowed my imagination to run wild.
  • I like the design of the Wowzer, it reminds me of Okami.    :D
  • wow loving those creature art wouldn't want to encounter one of those in real life!
  • That Gumiho is amazing looking! I hope we get more art of him, he's adorable. :heart: 

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     :) Awesome art! Highbear is my favourite so I hope we get to see a bunch this season
  • Holy Moly these are great!
    Glad Rawb brought ya on to draw art.  ~_~
  • jesus I'm dying these are too good send help send life alert 
  • These are so great! I have to go through the new card set to see all the cool drawings you all did.
  • i absolutely love these!
  • Goddamn these Illustrations are such an inspiration!
    They are wonderfully detailed and yet looks so clean, absolutely wonderful
    Definitely in the list of my favorite styles that I've seen around
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    Well seeing as most of you probably don't fallow me on Twitter, you probably haven't seen my fanart of the show :dank:
    If you want to see other art done by me then visit my Twitter account :
    Or my Deviant Art :


    Let's start out with some Chilly Wizzy i think my first piece of fan art of the show!

    And we all love Romain's relationship with 1 rolls

    Or when Dob deep throated Job

    The Amazing Thea Mazing (this one took foreeevverrrr)

    Character Lineup doodles of "The New Crew"

    Last but not least, a possible image for the EXP t-shirts that was never used. Suzanna from the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign in S2


  • such a diverse set of styles and your concepts are always on point, I love your work
  • Your work is amazing! :smileporc: 
  • Everybody! Get in here and tell Lily how amazing her art is!
  • I need your skills :frown: 
  • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY $$$ "aquires more shirts" ~_~
  • Man, I can't get over the art of the companion creatures. They just look so ACCURATE! Like stuff that would actually appear in like, an old scroll, telling tales of legends long ago, or at least, something that would appear in a movie or something. AND THE SHIRTS! Iconic yet detailed, amazing quality, just... You ACE everything you make! Keep up the good work!
    (Also, I haven't seen the kitty-Kobolds and MY GOD they're adorable)
  • Wow! Such good stuff!
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    @Zythryl That was toooootally not what Rob and I were going for. NOPE not at ALLL *WIINNNNNKKKK WIIIINNNKKKKK*
    And thank you for liking the shirts. I hope I continue producing things people want to buy and own. Each one is like my baby and i just want people to like them ~_~
  • I remember seeing some of your first art and I knew you would be huge in this community. Your skills are incredible and definitely being put to good use now that you're part of the show. Thanks for all the support and art you've given to the community! 
  • @Irishxlily ;


    Seems like and untouched market good for you! ~_~
  • @NinjaGuy00
    What kind of monster do you take me for?!?! Nononono someone pays me to MAKE the babies so then THEY can sell them to people to buy and own. Gosh, don't make me sound like a horrible, heartless person geeze.

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