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Legendary Race: The Beenu

I just had this funny idea of the Beenu as a selectable race card. Why not discuss what you think this race cards special abilities or perks should be with everyone.


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    custom card
    Something like this would be my Idea : D
    I just thought that over the years they learned to disguise themselves as a different race to hide as. Plus the idea of them being very knowledgeable seemed fitting for me so they could pick 2 classes which works great with the Legendary theme.
    They may not be able to reproduce but that doesn't mean there can't be any alive now. I mean we have the whole eat silver and live forever thing anyway so it's not that far fetched to have at least some Beenu still alive hence them being Legendary and such.
    Instead of the actual transformation into another Race it maybe would be better to just have the disguise ability, but hey small detail that makes a big change in lore but not for the card itself.
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    Interesting passive. But if just use for normal character creation the players will get a little bit to much gold. Unless you get the average of the 2 classes (in gold)
  • @Spacewalker well my thought process was that you should have A: enough money to fulfil both classes and therefore need enough money and B: It's a legendary Race so they should be more powerful than other races. Since the classes are in itself balanced around themselves you only get enough Gold to buy some spells and a little bit of extra in the shop. So while I see your point it would make some class combinations weak, for example, the paladin, you would only really be able to buy spells from the paladin then because of the low starting gold of 200 give that the average 500 gold of another class and the average would only be 350 Gold and with that you can't really fulfil the other class and only go for the Paladin.
    (Also sorry for that horrible last sentence)
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    As long you don't give the player the option to choose templar combined with buccaneer or seeker
    Because one can get a legendary companion secretweapon for 800 gold and one can buy 2 legendary spell for 500 gold tomeoflegends.
    (What makes, in theory, it easy to make a OP character, but you cant currently get the buccaneer class in the urealms mod)

    But maybe if it is hard to unlock it is a good balance. Like one out of 100 meta card will let you pick this race. @Rovesul ;

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