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Opinions on attributes and cornerstones (related to season 4 changes)

after reading the post on season 4 changes I thought it'd be nice to talk about cornerstones and attributes as a whole, they are something very unique to urealms as a tabletop platform and are one of the best parts of character creation I'm sure it's safe to say almost all of the community enjoys them regardless of ingame effects, still cornerstones have become a really powerful tool to shaping a character before many decisions are even made. I want to talk about them as I love my munchkining just as much as i love creative interesting characters. Still I don't want this to just be a salty thread so please post what your favorite current attributes/cornerstone and why along side the ones you don't like to help fuel discussion not on what's strong/weak with current cards but also what fun/interesting about them.


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    my current favorite cornerstone is brawler it's fairly simple and I think I would still like it even if the strength was toned down. The things I like about the card is the way it replaces a piece of your kit in a simple way. You basically get a weapon when you are without a weapon with the downside of not being able to have a weapon(and have the effect be active) unlike cards that give gold to strengthen your overall kit or cards that give a bonus to doing a specific thing this cornerstone is applicable and useful to most classes/characters. Spell casters can use it as a cool way to have decent basic attack damage and develop a non typical caster whilst basic attack based characters can synergize well with aslong as you aren't reliant on a specific weapon. It's a fun card that instead of buffing or adding to your kit replaces part of it and even without 15 damage I think it would still be one of my favourites.

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    A cornerstone I don't like is merchants merchants to me even as a player that likes making strong character is a cornerstone that wastes lots of time and with the ease at getting a decent portion of gold that rob mentioned in his season 4 changes thread it can go on for a while. I would prefer if this was a one time thing or at least less spammy/repetitive it's hard to not use your cornerstone since it's one of the key features of your character and I think things like this are the reason we have no-roll actions because limiting a players actions can stump peoples chance to shine but at the same time no one wants a 20 minute turn. I feel like this would be better if read either "pay 50 gold to refill all empty items once per character creation" or maybe to be more fun "draw a random treasure for each ally if they purchase your treasure gain 50 gold"
    maybe better worded and balanced for both but you get the point, an ongoing 10 gold effect can go on for a while even with gold gain removed you can still get this cornerstone with a class like templar and spend 20+ minutes buying items and like 6+ action turns although it can be repetitive stopping someone from doing it is just as unfun for them as you having to sit through them doing it.
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