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Thoughts on Pre-Recorded Sections

So, Rob mentioned in the BTS for Azveltara Z that lots of people didn't like the pre-recorded sections, which really surprised me, because I thought it was amazing, and I wanted to talk about why...

All the players had a chance to learn how their characters play. Like, I know that sounds like a silly thing, but it's actually really important to the RP that a player knows what their character is actually like to use in combat, and not everyone can tell just by looking at them. Coe in particular played his character much more badass than his previous characters, because he knew he had to win the tournament (or at least, it looked that way to me). Millbee changed his character voice last second to reflect just how incompetent he was in the tournament. In general, everyone felt like they had a better idea about how they worked from the beginning of the campaign, and things flowed a lot better because of it.

So, really, what I'm saying is, I'd really appreciate you doing more pre-recorded stuff with the show, because I felt like it helped everyone be the best players they could be. I'm sure it made the campaign a lot easier to GM, too. I might try borrowing this idea for GMing, and run small individual sessions with my players before putting them in a room together, because it seemed to work really well.

Also, thanks for the great show. I expect the next one to be just as awesome! ^_^


  • I'll throw my oppinion in here since its really late/early and i'm bored. I'm fine with pre recorded stuff myself. I actually didn't mind the pre recorded stuff in AZ on a technichal/comedic point of view, since it was really well done, and Rob and Roamin were generally on fire with their comentary. my problem with it actually comes from a story/pacing aspect. The whole thing felt like a shit ton of build up to no pay off. that's the vibe i got from it. the whole campaign had that problem with things sort of being out of place the entire time. I think if the prerecorded stuff had gone on first the show would've benefitted greatl from it. obviously the reason that couldn't happen was because the tournament was being edited while the campaign was going, so this is just me spitballing ideas. anyway if the tournament had gone on first, then the first act started, then the spa stuff happened, and then the 2nd and 3rd act happened and the show ended on a brutal, uncomfortable scene, I think the show would've been much better, but because the show was paced and in the order that it was, it left a lot of people unsatisfied, with a prerecorded 2 hour build up.

    That whole thing made me think there was supposed to be something after it, since it felt like they were building up tension. maybe I'm just conditioned from past campaigns to expect some sort of climax and that might be my fault, but this week it didn't feel like there was even an attempt at a climax. the part that felt like a climax came halfway through the show, and the rest of the show suffered for it.

    so back to the original point, the prerecorded stuff was fine from a technichal standpoint, it just happened at the wrong part.
  • I found the Behind-the-Scenes very informative and it made me appreciate all the effort that the team is putting into delivering this show.

    @eiotinous ; I get your opinion on the order of the sections. And I would like to paraphrase a point made by :rawb: Rob in the Behind-the-Scenes. He pointed out, that it would be impractical to keep the four players on hold for 1-2 hours. They would have "cooled off" (so to say) making it hard to perform, if they were to begin another live roleplay segment after the pre-recorded tournament casting. That is the point, why he chose to put it at the end of the stream.

    Should the team choose to no longer do a stream in this style, I could understand their reason. However, I want to encourage them to try new, weird and even partially unpopular styles for this show, as I believe this is what keeps it alive and improving, :heart: 

  • I have no problem in general with prerecorded sections at least in theory. I think that in practice it can be executed better and is probably not worth the time that Rawb and the team have to sink into it. Like ideally I think any prerecorded segment should not be more the 30 minutes. It also didn't feel right that the way the campaign ended basically meant that we spent an hour hearing only Rawb, Roamin and occasionally DB as generic announcer voice. While I like Roamin and Rawb and would listen to them BS for hours on end but part of what makes Urealms what it is, at least to me, is the interactions between everyone in RP. I get Rawb's point that he can't bring in the crew after an hour and a half or more break but that doesn't change the fact literally having no roleplay from Coe, Millbee or Spiff for the last act kinda broke the experience for me. I think the problem was that because of the length and format I stopped caring about the tournament and only cared about oh whats this spooky stuff what is Rawb going to do. And while I enjoyed the #NoTricks Bei Mei Xhirt jersey plug at the end I can understand why people felt it ruined things because it defused the tension. Trying new stuff is alright but I think that overall this particular implementation of prerecorded content was less the ideal.

    As a final thought I would like to make a point about the difference.between theory and practice. While the fighting power tournament could have been done better what if instead the first prerecorded bit had been the first act of the Senate of Deadlantis. There was nothing in the first act that required it to be live Rawb could have had added death animations for each execution. He could have included more people to flesh out the crew if he wanted. Because it was the start of the Campaign and not the end the energy of the players isn't as big an issue. And it all could have been done even before the characters of Senate of Deadlantis were made. The only downside would be no donation incentives in the first act. I would say in that case outside of whiney trolls we would have as a community been happier with that as a prerecorded segment.

    As always though I am just a random Jimmy it really isn't my place/job to tell Rawb what to do and I have trust he will do what is best eventually.
  • I loved the commentary and the idea of a prerecorded fight. My problem was that trying to overlay 2 dudes describing what is happening in rp while we watch a muted video of someone playing table top simulator. The commentary a lot of the time did not match up with what we were seeing and what we were seeing was some tiles being moved around a game board. I have no problem with prerecorded stuff and seeing things happen from a more scripted story line I just feel that the tournament was the wrong application of this particular story telling devise.
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