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Theory to Bopen/Gwenyth Story Arc

So, it is through my thoughts from what we have seen is that I do not think Gwenyth will kill Bopen. I don't think through her experiences will she be able to assess and look into what Bopen is. I feel like she'll lead the Grand Paladin Order into a fight it can not win. I think the campaign focusing on finding Goldestandt will fleshout that the Elves/Grand Paladin Order will not be properly prepared this time around with the aggressive approach taken by Bopen and now the full might of Deadlantis behind him. It is to my belief that Bopen being the 'Pain of the Gods' as refrenced in the Azveltara Z intro will end up being something slightly out of our control since he will start killing the one we put our love and faith in to combat him as a threat.

That character  being Gwenyth and because we sent her on her darkest path she will suffer more. I feel liek she will do some horrible things to people and fail in the end because her being victorious in some way in my mind would mean she has become something so utterly twisted that we would regret giving her the power to lead. However, I think she will fail, because it will give a good way to segway into the dwarves which will focus on Bruce and Lance. I would not be so confident had Bruce not been canonically confirmed this last show. Because of Bruce's old lore and Lance being cannon I have a strong feeling the elves won't be gone, but a lot of the power will shift to the dwarves because of Gwenyth throwing so much blind might at the ageless threat.

Also, we have an underlying plot with the Sunkeys and Galfdan. If the sunswords are extinguished then that plot will become more prevalent. Because it has been referenced multiple times int he show I see an inevitable end to Sunsword power compromised mostly by Gwenyth so that this plot can rise more to the surface than before. Not to mention too that there has been lore and mentions of almost a primordial divine being known as Legion with manipulative and great power in the world of Urealms. This is another subplot that I think will emerge either with the upcoming ageless plot in occurrence with Goldstandt or it will come to doom Gwenyth after a compromise of her metal stability just like we saw with Reginald Barringster the 3rd. If not Legion would have something to do with said Sun key plot arc as they become compromised.

That's my general theory with the arc. Feel free to post in the comments on what you think will happen or give me feed back.


  • @CaptainDeston I personally feel like we won't know this for a couple of seasons at least and even then, I feel like even Rob doesn't know yet. I think it will be partly be some more divine decisions that do it
  • @Mortem Yeah, divine decisions have a lot power so we'll see how much will be in our control as old gods. I think this season is going on sessions by session, but I wouldn't hesitate to say that the plot has been though of a fair amount ahead. I would say all this speculation of 2-3 seasons ahead as a Gwenyth/Bopen confrontation doesn't look like it's happening this season.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, as I may be remembering incorrectly, but each new grand paladin gets the memories and experience of the former grand paladins, right? So I believe that this darker Gwyneth is largely because of the memories and experiences she's recently gotten from Virgo. She's certainly becoming more aggressive because of it, however she might have the wisdom to take a different approach when handling Bopen and the ageless. I'm not saying she'll win- however it does seem to be set up to where it's possible for it to go either way. I personally love the idea you suggested of focus switching from the elves to the dwarves, however I think we missed that opportunity when Lance didn't become the new Grand Paladin. At least, I don't think we'll get a strong dwarf focus for a while longer. 
  • I believe Legion is the divine child Anthahall, son of Golestandt. Also I like this arc where the power shifts from the Elves to the Dwarves, but I also find it unlikely. While the GPO is certainly a big order, it is not comprised fully of Elves. If the GPO gets totally wiped out, only a small percentage of the population of Elves will be wiped out, while a still small percent of the Dwarven population will be killed. Not all Elves and Dwarves are in the GPO nor will all the Elves and Dwarves be mobilized against the ageless. Unless, of course, the fight drags on for years and years, at which point the GPO or the Mana'arch will probably do a draft and force people to fight if they are not already fighting.
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