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The fear of showing your ideas to a fanbase

I love this show and as many of you possibly do, you probably have some characters that you made and try to put them in Robs lore.  We all have characters like that and I have a couple that could work very well except one.  And he's my favorite character that I've ever made and I would love to make him known but I fear that he is too powerful for the URealms world manly do to his backstory.  I need to share his story but I fear people will hate him even though it makes sense for him to be strong.  Well no ones going to look at this forum so it might become a page for his lore.  Let's start here, he is Alucard and he is the King of all Vampires (Bram Strocker Vampire)


  • The genji ana ps4 pc guy?
  • I can understand where you are coming from, ive made many characters that do feel a bit overpowered but only because I know how to play them. If I were to just show you their character sheets without their backstory or anything about their character you would more than likely say they were pretty weak.
    If you knowingly feel that this character might be too strong, then thats your first hint that you need to change somethings.
    King of all vampires in URealms, interesting. Tell me more, give me more context about this Alucard.
  • We are talking vampire as in vampire locket? Or the ones that can see through any lie?
  • @Toruk Vampire as in he is an Undead or in my case Demon from an Ulternate Universe, I like that theory and decioded to include it in his story, he's overpowered because the people in URealms don't have the knowelge of fighting undead vampires, although I would have player characters potentally find out his weaknesses
  • Ah Alucard like from Hellsing? Taking the name from it or just coincidence because it's Dracula spelled backwards so I can see how it may happen. I don't mean to be rude just wondering if it was a reference or accident.
  • @Galeden It was meant as a reference to Bram Stockers Dracula, and in my lore for him Alternate Universe theory is correct so the Van Hellsing Alucard would e an alternate version of mine, I was in middle school when I came up with his name and this is just a coinceadence I have to explain with him now
  • The one thing keeping me from making my character is that there is at present no Buccanear Class available. The other thing that is a more recent problem is that we've been over-dosing on Friendship as of late.

    Anyways, meet Captain Federschwert, der Friendly Viking: Everyone's uncle's cousin's butler's nephew's former-roommate's barbershop quartet. "Friendly" as in the guy always shows in your character's Book of Faces-feed, and due to his large army.
    Anyways, the principle gimick I've got for this character (if I wasn't clear enough) is that everyone is distantly related to him in some-shape or form (i.e. make shit up with famous attribute). Maybe you've sworn a vendeta after he killed your father's jimmy #6? The other thing (as his name sugests) is that he wields a two-handed federschwert, a sort of blunt training longsword, that most who would duel him would confuse with a feathersword (which is a weapon with a feather for its blade).
  • Meet my second favorite character the great Barney Beartilde, although you've no doubt heard of him since he is simply fabulous!  Barney is a tall dwarf(since humans aren't a thing) Bladedancer who loves to dance and takes any and all oppertunities to do so(even with an opponent) as a Bladedancer Barney can dance through the battle field striking down opponents with beauty and grace, he is full of himself and I love that about him. ex speech "It is I the great Barney Beartilde to save the day!" or "Dance with me! I can teach anyone to dance!".  He is based off of the first D&D character I made who got an ability that made it that whenever he rolled a 1 he attempted to dance with his opponent
  • @Whightknight16 Hey if you ever think youve made a charachter that is super powerful then just put them in a place like the realm of holding, like on of my favorite porcs ive made, Kravitz, He is a Porc Bonedancer who was the result of scientists trying to create porcs in the realm of holding, this in turn created a bit of an insane porc who has a "list" of people he needs to reap the souls of he has above average intelligence, He just stays in the realm of holding killing anything that really shouldnt belong or interferes with his work. the way he does this is constantly rolling 20s on amplifying crystals and then shooting death flames through the crystals to just basicly one shot everything cause he had a stupid amount of damage with basic attacks, then has his bone wizard do a second deathflame through the crystals, and if that wasnt enough, the dark spirit can just death warp anyone he doesnt like outside of the bubbles and just kill them, and none of his companions can actualy die either so overall he is just a crazy super powerful character who is the Grim Reaper of the realm of Holding
  • :A page entry form Alucards Journal: This world is very... strange to say the least.  The one they call "Bopen" is most interesting, he appears to be the only skeleton who can speak presumably without a soul or perhaps he knows soul magic?  Hmm... maybe,,, anyways I'll need to keep tabs on him, and if he thinks he's the only one who can control the dead... then he's dead wrong.
  • Bopen is ruining all of my characters, fuck you Rob
  • Why no humans?! CURSES!!!!!
  • Made my first card for my Bladedancer class custom card
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