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Question for my Canadian Urealms friends who enjoy a good lemonade

So this is about as off topic as they get but i need an answer to a very silly question that i have had no luck in figuring out.  In the United states we use lemons for lemonade but apparently In Colombia a lemon is green and lime is yellow. so the question is if I order a lemonade in Canada, do I get a limeade or a yellow lemon lemonade?  If you can help me with this i would be very thankful as i have not been able to get a clear answer all night and i'm trying to put this to rest for both me and someone else.  If you can get me proof on this you will help end a debate and give me some much needed answers as what started as a light hearted question has now turned to the impossible riddle i can't seem to solve. 


  • I got confused by this, so I did some research. Turns out that it all originates from a Persian word for limes and other fruit that have no similarities whatsoever. It's better explained in the link below, but summed up, Latin America countries call lemons limes and vice versa because of Persian traders.


    As for your question, I highly think that Canada calls limes and lemons properly, so Canadian lemonade would be made with yellow lemons. Hope this helped! :)
  • I live in Canada and I've never heard of limes being called lemons.
    And timmys frozen lemonade is made with yellow lemons.
    Maybe on the east coast it's different but I wouldn't think so.
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