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What does it mean to "make" a new divine?

So Rob talked about us making a divine in the BTS and I wondering what that would mean for the character. Now it would be US the old gods making it but would that mean they pop into existence as a child/adult or that a character is now just something that exists from an event making it? And if it is just popped into existence would that mean it knows of the old gods? or would it just have some real daddy (parent) issues?


  • I don't know if they would have a past, since divines to my knowledge are these all knowing magical beings. Tambok and that one Shark(???) from Zarlin Catacombs. They didn't seem to have problems with their past. It might be that they know how they got there as I believe Rob said they were "sent on a mission". Once they finish said mission, they just live there and be cool i guess.
  • @Shellguy Ah alright well i still would find it amazing to give us the option to make them have daddy issues when there parents are old gods... wait if your yelling at old gods were would you yell would it be up?
  • I think that once we make a divine, it has always existed. Like we put it into the world and suddenly it has a centuries-long history.

    Of course, I may be entirely wrong. It just seems like something that would happen with a creature with that much power.
  • It could also vary much depend on the divine we end up making is. Like if the divine is a gnome he probably wouldn't have been around before The BoM.
  • I still like my idea of them popping into existence (with daddy issues im going to push this hard) rather than being an already existing being because it would mean it is the old gods directly effecting the urealms world.
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