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Season 4 Changes I am thinking about



  • Season 4 already man that was fast.
  • @Sgtslow

    It's the initial ideas that Rob wants to talk about and share before he goes into more details, trying to work out exactly how things will work. He has story arcs planned up to like Season 10, but depending on how the shows goes, everything can change.

    I'm not surprised that he is planning ahead for the gameplay as well. If you remember shield hp, he knew at the start of Season 2 that he was going to remove them for Season 3
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    The best part about reading this is that I was up last night making trash Treasure cards. Seems I was planning for something before even reading about it. Here's one of the "garbage" cards I made

    Frail Dagger

    Had so much trouble getting the (custom) to work that I just made it a link

  • @TheWizard
    I think trash cards should be a lot cheaper, like 20- 50 gold. Since they're only really used to fill up your inventory with junk that you wouldn't really need. And if they're too expensive, then why not buy a different kind of item of that kind. You know what I mean?

  • I know you have your own ideas in mind about this, but, I'd like to suggest lowering the NPC/companion deathrolls to maybe four or higher, because rolling six or higher feels kind of harsh but I understand why it was raised from two or higher in the first place, after rewatching The Grand Paladin Order behind the scenes video, And how this leads to more tense and interesting scenarios.
    Another suggestion is somehow integrating brutal deathrolls to the escalating system.
  • I like these changes your suggesting Rob! I think would greatly benefit from these changes.  
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    speaking of companions...
    i understand not wanting to have the players have two characters, but i still think it would be neat if companions had at least one action of their own. maybe a chaos action so they can move or attack without the player needing to sacrifice on of their actions / interrupts to do so. maybe this way player X could use his move action and his shezite's move action to move them both into position, but only one of them could attack with his basic action. and the next turn, they could both attack, and maybe X could sacrifice his movement action that turn to grant the shezite a second attack or a movement turn of her own.

    i dunno, just random thought.
  • Bump, this would be good seeing as we're between seasons in this very moment
  • Speaking as both a frequent Dungeon Master and a Player of URealms' current build, I agree whole heartedly with these changes as these are things I would have suggested myself.

    Suggestion: Delete a horizontal row in the shop altogether. The time it takes reading through a bunch of cards, even if some are color coded to be junk, still needs to be hard reduced like that IMO. It's less jarring the less cards there are on the board.
  • @Cloud The shop needs less cards per person for sure. I think going back to a 1 shop with unlimited of each item might in fact be less scary. The problem is while everyone has their own set of cards, it feels like even more cards when you look at the table and its daunting. I think it would also be benecial if on the table it explained what gems do and what the cards are. Like saying This is what a weapon does next to the weapon shop and saying this is damage, this is range. I'm gonna playtest a few things. 
  • @TamTroll ;but i still think it would be neat if companions had at least one action of their own.

    and I will still argue that this just makes it so that player takes too much of the tables time. Companions should be additional personalities at the table and gimmick side kicks who sometimes evolve into full characters because your campaign needs it. You do not want 1 player taking 10 actions per combat vs the other players taking 5.
  • @Quartzleo

    We aren't sure what we are doing with companion death rolls just yet as we keep testing new ways to do death rolls in dead realms. Right now our plan is to have Death Rolls, Brutal Death Rolls, and Impossible Death Rolls.

    Death Rolls are the same. If the Character Rolls a 1, they die. 5% Chance of Death
    Brutal Death Roles are the Coin. If you flip a tails you die. 50% Chance of Death
    Impossible Death Rolls are the reverse Death Roll. The Character must roll a 20 to live. 95% Chance of Death.

    This would allow us to put Brutal Death Rolls onto cards for things like Legendary Spells to make them as scary as they should be and also to solve problems of what people should roll to live from something they should clearly not be able to live against with Impossible Death Rolls. We don't want to then have a complicated death roll system for companions, so will see what we end up with.

  • So has the new companion stuff you were working on been scraped? I never really liked the ex-spells. just seemed really redundant to me.
    The easiest solution to what to do with limited in my mind is to make it so you can just use a regular action to use them as well. Everything else is like that so when merging them with the anytime I think that makes sence. Still like the cant inturpt in the same way twice though
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    There needs to be a system set in place so companions aren't useless. 90% of Urealm characters that have companions do absolutely nothing and are just there as character death insurance or a cheap gimmick. That doesn't make for an exciting or memorable experience. In addition, since you are committing so much resources to having a companion in terms of slots/gold, there needs to be a payoff that makes the player glad they took that chance on a mostly random option that will deeply impact their character.  

    Personal bias; Delete Elemental Mage gauntlets, or redesign them so they don't even resemble the past incarnations. Spamming free actions is just lame and boooooring. If not for the sake of the show since there is rarely any power gaming. At least for the sake of fan games when it disappears off the player's shop in nanoseconds because it's the first item added to characters.
  • I think seeing less deathrolls overall and making them more impactful (i.e the brutal or impossible deathrolls) would be good. Right now at least to me it seems that health as a stat doesn't matter that much. Though deaahtrolls as fair counters to tanky characters is good, but I think combat only feels like deathrolls as opposed to the party surviving blows. I haven't tried out much for the systems myself seeing as a more classic style combat has pacing issues. It just felt less tense even though it isn't necessarily seen as a very important part to the show.
  • So to counter all of the hate companions seem to be getting, I don't think you guys understand the point. Companions aren't meant to be a free character to play as aside from your actual character. You need to stop thinking about them in that way, instead think of a companion as essentially just another ability your character can use. Like instead of your character casting an arcane missile instead they are crunching a target for 15 damage through their companions play. From a meta level at least this is how companions should be treated. If you companion is just standing around all combat not doing anything, then you clearly shouldn't have gotten a companion because you don't want to use them. The reason people are complaining about companions not being good is because they think they are buying a second character when you are in reality you are essentially buys a puppet that you can play your turns though rather than just double frosting for the sixth time in a row. And like Rawb already said, if you don't like the current system and you think companions should have their own actions, give it to them. There is literally nothing stopping you from making that a rule at your own table.

    Secondly, I would like to piggyback off of @CaptainDeston a bit, as a GM and a player, stamina feels a bit underappreciated. From a GM perspective I have had my players ask me what the point of stamina was if they could just full heal the next time they go in danger and besides saying, "you might roll a 1 and die." I really didn't have anything. I am no game designer and my insight might be completely bullshit but making stamina more relevant may help stress the DANGER of the DANGER state. maybe a system were the lower your stamina gets the harder it is to use certain abilities? that is a terrible suggestion btw but I feel like players need to be punished for allowing themselves to get to low stamina even if they survive a 5% chance of death.

    This is just one humble opinion among dozens not to be taken to seriously.
  • To make Stamina and Danger more important I use the increasing Death Roll rule. Sure, you can fully heal up from danger if you don't roll a 1; next time its a 2, then a 4, then 5, 7, 9, 10, 13.. etc. If they go down 7 times, its a brutal Death Roll because apparently they don't care about their safety or they got in way over their heads. 
    This seems to work out fine as I let my players know ahead of time so they aren't reckless :p
  • @pillowpower99
    the suggestion that damage and attacks should cause permanent negative effects such as making things harder to use is something that some people use sometimes in DnD and other RPG games it’s nicknamed the death spiral because while yes it’s realistic that if someone shot or hit your arm you’d have trouble using it that leads to land slide battles when fights otherwise would’ve been rather tough and even, and this applies to both sides. 
  • @pillowpower99 I agree a bit. And with companions it has been stated already by Rob that he doesn't necessarily want them in the state that they are in. Plus he's running the game as a show too so for now it'll go as whatever helps flow a lot.

    But back to what I wanted to get to. Stamina used to be more unique when it had to be used for abilities. It made a lot of stress in fights, but that's a lot of math and was a bit too hardcore for Rob and the guys. Especially when running it all live. Something to make Stamina impactful and or make danger truly dangerous would be nice. I liked the ramping deathrolls, bu I think too some balancing could be done through a diminishing returns system with player specific down counters. Either abilities could be 'life locked' in the sense that you can only use them on your first or second downing. It could inspire players to fight harder to stay up and go all out more often. Then too you could have cards balanced around you fighting on after 2-4 possible downs. Maybe they become more powerful as you go down incentivsing risk taking allowing for multiple play styles.

    That's a general balance though. I don't think something of that sense would be show practical, but it was an idea that came up. 
  • As for something with show balancing? I think broken item counters are healthy in a sense so long as they're nerfed a bit. I think the defensive item combos that allow one to only take about 10 damage max from an enemy is cool, but that's a low number if it comes to fighting a singular opponent that has no deathroll mechanics. So I think for the show I think a re balancing of some numbers and less deathrolls overall to bring them back to a state where they're more meaningful would be nice. Maybe replacing deathrolls outside of some deserving or specific spells to a Danger Roll where someone is put in danger. Allowing for the Death spiral, but not outright killing someone unless it were say a legendary or powerful spell. Ramping and or DM discretion are good solutions. A lot of it is judgment calls on a live show and it can only get so written or structured in the cards and rules.

    Nerf to inventory and Gold costs will go a long way too because a lot of characters can build a full inventory pretty easily.
  • @pillowpower99 Reviving my account to say that if companions should truly be seen as additional abilities that your character has; then for starters, the mercenary companions should have the actual abilities and not EX versions. On that same point, the other companion abilities need to do more damage. There is simply no reason 90% of the time to use your companion's abilities. In the past, I played in a lot of URealms fan games, and I can tell you that *many* of the GMs that GM those games are really not the best (not a shot at them, but it leads into my point) and are super over-punishing to characters that don't deal necessary damage. I've straight up seen on multiple occasions the GM just target a companion and it dies fairly quickly. They're the only thing in the shop with multiple dedicated cards that cost as much as they do, and do as little as they doo. I'm not going to spend 300-500 gold on a companion that 90% isn't all that strong. And don't get me wrong, I'm no power gamer either. I like doing RP things in combat more than actually using the cards I have. It's just that besides the few companions that are actually really strong that I can count on one hand, the rest of the companions just feel super underwhelming to spend my action each turn on. 

    I personally think the solution is that the companions are separated into tiers based on rarity, which itself is based on how strong the companions are. The companion deck should be redone so it is weighted in favor of getting worse companions to balance this out, but all companions need some kind of action pool. This could be a unique action pool each round, or a large pool of actions that last for each individual combat. The thing is, if companions are going to remain as weak as they are, then you need to be able to do something else on your turn as well. Will that result in certain players dealing more damage? Yes. But if I'm spending 300-500 additional gold on a companion, which takes up a full row in my inventory, then I should seriously be allowed to deal more damage per turn off it. 

    If the companions don't get their own action pool, then they need to deal more damage in some way. It has to be one or the other. The way they are right now, the only fun companions ever are to play is if they're something like a Shezaite, Raskum, or if it's something RP heavy like the Donkey. Everything else just feels like a waste of space. 
  • @JukeInTheBox

    The problem isn't that companions giving an extra Action is 'OP' per-say, it's that it's gives a disappropriate amount of time to other players. The more action economy in Urealms, the longer it takes; generally more rolls is pretty unhealthy for the game... which is part of the reason for the big shield/anytime nerf.

    Now I think there is a complaint that the mercenary companions are way too generic but if you allow the GM to run with it then you can usually get something good going. OFC part of the problem is letting players RP two characters which unless the player is very good at RPing really bogs down the game.

    If you haven't heard they are changing companions to have passive actions on their turn which will probably fix or at least remedy the problem companions face.

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    Hey @Rob how will season 4 handle Tambok tickets? 

    Suggestion: Maybe it is a cool idea that the old gods can earn Tambok tickets. Like at the beginning of the show, in the minutes we are waiting for the show to start that we can vote for a player who is going to do something first in that campaign. Like vote for the first player to die or the first player to get a legendary(roll a 20). Just before the show starts the voting stops and an old God is selected to see what the result is (small DD). If the old God was right that old god wins a Tambok ticket and can choose which character he likes to see in the Tambok campaign. He probably needs to make it public on the forums before the next campaign. Otherwise, the player (Deadbones, spiff, Roamin etc.) can choose. This will result in that people need to be on time for the show to vote. So no more 15 min delays ~_~
    Besides, the chance of winning a Tambok ticket is small. For example, if the question was "who is going to die first", the chance is 20% (because there is a chance nobody is going to die) and first legendary (rolling a 20) is a 25%. So we will only see a few Tambok tickets every season (or we will not see any if we choose poorly)

  • add more attributes and cornerstones because 1: fun 2: why not?
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    I have a suggestion, what about a passive, attribute, cornerstone or effect that allows the character to keep any random spell it may end up casting during a campaign ?
    I don't know just throwing it out there :)

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