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Season 4 Changes I am thinking about



  • rip obsidian wall kobolds. You will be missed by minmaxers.
  • To be honest Rob I have made characters that lacked any really usable anytime actions so I had to use the block and dodge actions... Though I see why you want to remove it
    For the anytime actions and interrupts being merged... gods speed.
    I fear that the adding more garbage to the shop deck will lead to people just having a character that they can't do anything with like once they go into combat they can't do anything or they have no items that they can use as role play especially with how rare some of the treasures are.
    I like having the extra gold especially when you get Midus items, hmmm all that hp I made a character with 158 hp with energy vest... it is beautiful.
    as for the 99 dmg max, my tanky 158hp energy vest character will thank you.
  • One addition that i would like to see is that each time a character gets back up in a combat i would like for the death roll counter to go up by one. Kinda similar to deadbones character in TGPO but it would reset at the end of each combat and would not affect deathrolls in 'soft combat' or outside of combat. I think this would be a good way of showing fatigue in the characters in combat because they keep deciding to fight on and to me this means they should be more prone to making mistakes that could cost them their life. This is just my opinion and I completely understand if you think this is stupid and/or this would be too harsh of a mechanic for where you want to take the combat system for urealms. Also I love your work and don't let the haters and the trolls get you down. 
  • I have yet to make a character who isn't able to do anything thus far. Most characters can do far too much at this point. So many nukes and full heals that aren't too expensive.@TheIr0nKn1ght
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    @TheIr0nKn1ght  if you don't get anything good in your shop, just focus on class abilities and stuff you could get from races
  • I appreciate that you're sharing your ideas with the fanbase, I'm for whatever helps the game run smoother.
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     so @Rob  i been thinking about the Changes, and i agree with all of them, except maybe the shield, i think using shield is just a habit you have to get used to, the mechanic of the shield is not broken or any thing so maybe you could try a campaign to enforce the use of shield to see how well it actually fit. not necessary during a live show but in a test game, so that you can see more clearly how it affect the game and the players experience. maybe they actually like it after using it more often or at least after trying it? just a thought
  • @LexderMob There's nothing wrong with blocking as a mechanic gameplay-wise, but remember: Show First. If blocking were properly enforced, every attack roll an enemy makes would come with at least 1 or 2 rolls from the players, which would add up and slow down combat immensely. 

    I think what people are missing is that you can still use a shield to block with the future rules, you'd just use an Interrupt to do so. It'd basically be treated as a roleplay action.
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    @RedDashLion  that is exactly why i think Rob should have it tested properly before its taken out. it could slow down combat it could not, it might work really well with it but unless it is given a chance we will never know! i just saying it will be some work to take it out and replacing it. but maybe that work can be avoided if first it is given a chance.  just a thought
  • @RedDashLion ;
    Blocking with an Interrupt in S4 ain't gonna be the same as old-school regular blocking, cause it'll always be more efficient to go for a left hook to the face or a good spelling instead of simply negating the damage. Still, I won't miss those extra rolls and that damned Obsidian Wall.
  • Personally, I'm pretty cool with all the changes.  Blocking/Dodging is kind of a slog right now and the shop definitely needs more things to bog it down; roleplay-style trinkets seem like a fun way to spice that up.  I don't really think there's that many ways of getting bonus gold, but that's very much a personal insight and I could be completely wrong.  Plus, it never hurts to limit things a little more.  I also don't see that many things that deal 99+ damage: seismicslam slamshock windumorningstar empahvision are the only ones I can think of offhand, and they're all Limited or Legendary. Merging Anytimes and Limiteds into one currency and having a way to specifically build towards it seems like a hell of a change, but it's definitely interesting and I think it'll be done well.

    If anything, the only thing I'm a little worried about is the "Never allowed to do the same Interrupt twice per fight" clause.  I definitely see the value in it as a way to force players to be more creative and not have a single fallback defense: "I raise my shield and block" gets a little bland after a while.  But in the same vein, something like that could easily stifle something dramatic and cool, like Nikers Fontaine running the gambit over and over, tanking blasts of lightning breath in stone form to save his companions.
  • @BigTom This is actually something he addressed in one of the Behind the Scenes, I believe.  Maybe the GPO BtS?  He talked about not wanting to deincentivize players from acting, which is what a stacking deathroll does.  It makes players not want to put their character out there and play risky (unless they're playing a suicidal character, which is it's own thing), which isn't great for the show.

    That said, I could be completely misremembering what Rob said.
  • @DrMcGoodTimes That's the plan. With the previous Death Roll system where the chances of death increased, you were likely to have scenarios where characters would realize look at their 50-50 odds of dying next time they're downed, decide shit's getting too heavy for them, and back out of danger.

    Now, 99% of the time you'll only die if you roll a 1 on your Death Roll, and that number could either show up on your very first roll or you somehow cheat death after thirty of 'em. The threat of death is there, but it's not nearly as big of a deal as it was in S2. You can get up, dust off the wounds, and keep up the fight until that fateful moment.
  • Dang we'll get to like s5 and these crazy OP s3 characters won't be shit against a new character 
  • I good comprimise for the death roll system could be the return of dangerous death rolls as they give rob more flexibility but also means that situations where a character almost certainly should die don't get a 1/20 cop out.

    With the damage limit I think things like legendaries should be excempt to the rule as it makes them truely important and unique
  • I'd like more garbage spells. 
  • rob while i love the idea please keep the mirror shield around its so much fun
  • @RedDashLion
    I think what people are missing is that you can still use a shield to block with the future rules, you'd just use an Interrupt to do so. It'd basically be treated as a roleplay action.

    I thought that's the way things worked in the old rules?

    Rob had me worried for a few days. For a (long) moment I thought he was taking away our god-given right to waste all three of our any-times on blocking.

  • @AlternateWraph i believe the current way is sheild = dodge roll, no action required
  • Wow, I'm actually ok with all these changes. These will just streamline the game better and bog you down less with explanations.
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    @AlternateWraph Nah right now it's a free reaction. So anytime you're being targeted with an attack you can roll to block, with high rolls being successful (so long as you have a shield). It'll be changed to having you use anytimes, which isn't as good but better for gameplay flow.
  • @knguy I understand that Rob wants his players to keep fighting because it makes the show a lot better and I admit it does suck when a PC dies, but i want the death roll system to be a little harsher so that you don't get situations like in TGPO where coe is beating a guy death and he magically lives through it all. So maybe my idea should only be applicable to NPCs. I just feel that there needs to be more deaths of the named characters and not just the nameless mobs and Jimmys.  
  • I've got a radical idea for the deathroll system that I know Rawb won't use but we can still use for more hardcore fangames.

    You know how when you are put in Danger! you have to deathroll at the start, and then each other time you are hit until you recover? How about we have the sliding deathroll system(TM) and reset it when you get out of Danger!? Because then when you go down you have a 5% chance to die, and each other successful hit makes you more likely to die! That way Roamin isn't beating the &^%$ out of a porc companion three rounds in a row, first round is three deathrolls, 5%, 10%, 15%, second round is three deathrolls, 5%, 10%, 15%, third round... etc.

    What do you guys think? It makes it so that if you go down in a swarm of people who are all attacking you your chances of survival are low, but it still makes you want to get back up!
  • @KaeawynShifter I've tried something like that before, definitely works nicely and seems like something that would work in a campaign with more vindictive opposition. I was originally picturing something like Death's Door from Darkest Dungeon but for most campaigns sliding from 5% to a 50-50 deathroll while in Danger is seems like the best thing to add to what is currently in place.

    The threat here, as always, wouldn't be damage, it would be Bonus Actions and multi-attack abilities like Seven-Sided Strike, Rapid Fire, and Tsunami. Good choices for enemy abilities if you like the hardcore vein of action.
  • @knguy
    Well isn't that kinda the point? If you have the ability to punch a defenseless person 7 times, don't you think they'll have a higher chance of dieing after each consectutive attack? Using high level multi-attacks is great for taking down defenseless people IRL! Imagine this: You are in danger in the middle of a swarm of fire ants, they can eat you alive and almost guarantee your death because so amny of them are attacking you!

    That... that just made me see crazy, didn't it? Sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night.
  • Well if they are fire ants they would obviously have a different system retooled for it. @KaeawynShifter
  • That was a good post. I quite liked it.
  • @Dart Doofus here. If your talking about the campaign yesterday, Clair was basically like that most of the time, until near the end when Gantar got crushed by a boulder, then he used Clair to roll it off him.
  • @MasterDJV How can it be about your campaign yesterday when he made the post a month ago? :\
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    @MasterDJV you do realise that was made on setember the 13th, almost an entire month ago right? I was not talking about the recent campaign which was yesterday
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