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Season 4 Changes I am thinking about



  • I used to make entire characters around trash items that were better than try hard characters, I miss it.
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    I really like these changes! Will miss the things like massive Seismic Slams to an extent, but definitely think capping it will be for the best. Wish all the 99s would be changed into 100s though, would make counting a lot easier :)

    Merging Anytimes and Limiteds is good as well, right now it's really easy for players to A) Do a massive amount of damage to enemies and B) Avoid a lot of damage from enemies. This way, players will have to choose between dodging big attacks or using their own big attacks. Will also make teaching a whole lot easier.

    Also yeah, I think my players have remembered to block a total of 0 times without me reminding them. It's a mechanic that makes sense in concept, but is unnecessary in practice. 

    Honestly, I really want to try and adopt these for personal campaigns already, they seem like they'll make the game much more streamlined.
  • Sounds great I have no problems with these changes!
  • Love the changes so far.
  •  What if the companion abilities became like limited abilities. They may not need to be on the power of a pyroblast but could serve as a bonus action your companion could do to assist you when needed.
    Something like this would be neet be ause they could watch your back or combo with you for 1 round. 
    But then there's the issue of if you die your companion wont be too great in combat with limited abilities
  • Hi Rawb!
    I have never actually played a game, so my opinion is just pure-viewer. Possibly biased.

    I like your ideas. I also appreciate you actually telling us your thoughts, unlike certain people/companies that wait till the week/day before an update before telling the audience.

    I think the removal of Rolling/Blocking and merging Anytimes/Limiteds is a great idea. It will streamline the process of turns, and from a show perspective, keep things moving nicely. It also makes the players and GM have less to think about, while being able to do some really creative turns.

    I am looking forward to a more junk-filled shop, and the gold nerf. I tried a few mock character creations on my own, and I was always having trouble picking between all the options. Cutting down on gold will prevent a character from getting skills that they won't really ever use, and the "junk" items can sometimes become some really memorable times in URealms. I think Millbee's puzzle box from last week was a good example of this.

    I am not sure how much the change to 99+ damage abilities will effect the game. However, based on my feelings about the previous changes you mentioned, I have an optimistic attitude, and feel it will work out just fine.

    I hope we get some more of these updates every now and then, I always love hearing/seeing/reading the stuff you make!
  • If I were to add a couple to this list I would do something about status effects, personally I feel they feel pointless at the moments 
  • I agree wholeheartedly with the changes.

    However, please include Goblin and Beenu if you ever plan on having them as playable races. Also I think player avatars in character creation is redundant, and perhaps a field could be replaced for their character's names, or both perhaps?
  • I think getting rid of any items/cornerstone where you almost never fail rolls *needs* to go. They are the ultimate anti-fun items and are basically the biggest middle finger to the GM. Now people will defend this as a DM discretion item, but the worst tabletop offenders always share this trait. 
  • I completely agree with every decision you've just made. You pretty much addressed every complaint I had with the current deck. That is all.
  • @Mortem I think how useful preventing and inflicting statuses is in a particular game depends on the GM running the game.
  • @Cloud If you want to change that, you can just change it manually in TTS. If Rob wants player avatars, he's gonna keep them there. If you don't, remove them and type in player names.
  • @Rob I actually like most of these Ideas! I love that you're communicating this with us too. It feels like I am helping develop this game in a sense and I absolutely love the work you're doing.

    1. The anytime thing is actually really good idea as it not only adds diversity in actions, but it makes sense that pulling the same trick twice on enemies won't work often.

    2. I like the removal of rolling to dodge or block because once again it can be an anytime.

    3. More things in the shop decks sounds nice and I think the community could really help you out there.

    4. There is a bit too much gold because with so much gold it feels like I am mid maxing most times rather than making interesting choices in regards to the direction I want my characters to go. I would say that 75% of them have full inventories and because of that I have some OP character that can do just about everything in their class, but if I don't spend the extra gold it feels funny.

    5. Thank god you're buffing tanks!!!! I can not tell you how happy that makes me. There are so many combos right now that deal well over 1000 dmg. Because of that when my tanks have 100-200 health it feels kind of meaningless. I want to be able to front line like a bad ass and not get blown up by a 8000 damage wombo combo unless it involves the deathroll system.

    Also some changes I kinda consider from myself if you wanna read.

    Full heals: I think there are bit too many full heals in the game with classes. They're generally either limiteds or reusable (bathedinlafeu, redsparkheal, bravado). I think the limited ones (ex: divinemendinglayonhands) are fine because it's a single BIG heal to full health. However, the other ones take away from more normal healing. I like the idea of sustaining through damage via life steal or spell vamp. Not making it a massive mechanic in every class, but my favorite to point out is the axeofmalice with the cool sustain feature. Also I think having some more lesser heals or sustain based heals would benefit some niche cards more. Then again it's more to manage with lesser heals and I remember when you talked about the old Paladin ability 'The Light' where you mentioned nobody took it because of it being boring because of how supporty the ability was. I can see both sides, I just felt like mentioning this.

    I feel like some of the things in the supplies category giving stats would be cool such as ogreleathercloak. I can not tell you how much I love the idea of having a magicless character that works as a bruiser using that item. I do feel though that a wee bit of stamina to that and maybe a few other items would bring more incentive to take an item with a limiter because there are so many spells in the game.

    One final thing. Make prodigy Great Again! I loved the season two edition of the car, but with this being 50 gold and more often than not the attribute style supply provides less than 10 stamina I think it providing a flat stamina or something more roleplayish with the card would help it be far better. I just think something more appealing to roleplay or stats would help solidify the prodigy card getting picked up.
  • Rob
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    @Vongeo The inventory isn't changing in anyway.

    @loveland I think companions are fine for the most part right now, but that could change. 

    @Kadriaz you don't pick between arcane beam or seismic slam so this is a pointless arguement.
  • @BucketHat read the post dude. i talk about the changes to anytime actions and shields will play a part in that.

    @JackOfTheFlames no because i do not WANT to support multiple versions of urealms in anyway. in fact i don't even really want people using older versions here on the forums after new cards come out as i don't want the community trying to play multiple versions of the game. i have said from the beginning that this is a WIP and so as far as i'm concerned until were done playing around with systems and commit to things we don't want to have to deal with all these old files and versions and have people expect us to keep them around and support them. 

    @friskyBrisky that's what they already are and to be honest they don't need their own actions in combat because that would just utterly delay the game. my players quiet frankly suck ass at playing multiple characters still and the last thing i want to do is make it so combat takes longer as i have to do all these stupid extra actions for characters they have not played well enough for the audience to care about. more actions doesn't suddenly make those characters more entertaining and a good player could already balance multiple companions if they wanted too. 

    companions serve the purpose of making it so when you play with a group of friends and someone dies to a death roll early, they can sudo take over the companion. the gm can throw them some random spells or treasures and that is enough to keep playing with a good amount of cards and abilities. giving them their own actions makes it literally imbalanced instantly form a game design level and utterly drags combat on from a show level. it's a stupid idea that keeps getting brought up over and over. by all means do it in your own games, but it has no place in base urealms. one of the problems new players have is they buy companions before they even know the game and that's why they feel useless. in combat they let you be in two places at once and are often great targets for using your anytime interrupts and just generally soaking hits and death rolls so your main character doesn't have too, but i mean if your knew to the game and barely able to control 1 character. what are you doing with 2-3? also companions don't NEED to always be doing a whole bunch. they aren't the main characters of the story. they are just the adventurers coming along for the ride. you buy spells and abilities that you don't use every single fight or even at all. why is this okay for spells and abilities and not companions? companions are fine and if you think they are useless in your games then stop buying them lol
  • I really look forward to these changes! i have always disliked the shield block roll, its just a time stall and its kinda pointless unless you high roll.
  • I love the planed changes for 2 and 3. Especially random pulls can be way too generous. WIth more rp items, the treasures will feel a lot more like actual treasures. 

    I hope as well there to be some new attributes that will revolve around the garbage items. To make it more fun. 

    For others it more like a balancing thing so will see how it turns out. Nothing learned if not tested out.

  • @JazzyWaffles I know Rob will keep something if he wants it there. That goes without saying? I've already removed them myself. I'm just suggesting it for the main mod.
  • I didn't mean you should have to support the old versions, but I guess some would still be expecting you to do it. Just you do you, so far Urealms just keeps growing better and better, so I trust it will keep going so:)
    And I am glad you are keeping the inventory, it's very nicely put together and works well balance-wise. 
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    As someone who has ran several games (6-7 between the forums and discords) I can't find anything I dislike entirely as a GM. Here are some of my personal thoughts on the matter

    1) As is most players will buy a shield as a last item when they have extra gold and when they do buy a shield they rarely use it for the main effect. I have had 1 player ever use a shield frequently and that was just because it had a fun secondary effect that a different treasure could of had instead and was unrelated to blocking. This being said I think shields being removed simplifies the game in a positive way.

    2) Currently, stacking limited actions is one of the best ways to break game balance. I had one player with 7 limited's in one game because he knew he could go all in on an encounter before it started if I didn't have anyone stop him. With the merge, of these actions, as well as adding them as an equipment tied mechanic, I feel like I won't have to unfairly cut off someone who decides to build a glass cannon.

    3) I like the idea of role play items in the shop. That being said adding them needs to be done cautiously because not adding enough has not effect, and adding too much removes a player's choice and potential enjoyment of building a character. Again, I do like the idea of adding rp items, but I can already see someone with a shop filled with these and having no options when making a character and kind of killing the enjoyment. I do trust Rob to add these cards with care.

    4) A lot of the time gold would not be the limit when building a character, more as the actual inventory size of the player. With the less expensive filler items being added to shops, I think I'll see a lot less of "I don't know what else to buy but I still have 500 gold"

    5) Not much I can add here, I do like rewarding tanks, and I do like the idea of going above 100 damage for player because I never like to have a player feel like their 99 damage spell didn't do as much as it could have to random hostiles.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and plans with us Rob, I know their will always be people who dislike nerfs or any kind of change, but I feel like these changes are very healthy for Urealms as a game.
  • With the merging of limited and anytime actions, What will happen to the rolplay limited abilities, like swipeclothing, soulreapsoothebeast, etc.?
    Still, loving the changes, keep it up Rob.
  • Personally I am glad the changes aren't as huge as the past 2 seasons. Hopefully this means you might get a good headstart on the show of season 4 instead of the game of season 4!  :)
  • I recently had a campaign where this one dude didn't ever use his companion, and he essentially became an NPC - except he couldn't do anythign on the NPC turn, as he was still a Companion. Personally the Companion System of feeding them your actions feels rather awkward to me, because typically unless the companion has some good abilities or a player really wants to play as their companion, they just stand there for the whole of combat. 
  • I can get behind all of these. I only think #2 will be hard for some old fans to adapt to, and players. So for GM's in the future, I'd make sure you go through your players characters. I feel it would be easy for someone to not buy a armor or shield and start with a disadvantage of only 1 or 2 any times.
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    Excellent.  I've been a big D&D player for over a decade, and the problem I have while playing or GMing this game is simply the fact that my players (or myself) are all superheroes.  Where in D&D, it takes forever- it's a serious journey- to get to like a party of level 20+ characters, they automatically start out there in URealms.  The only thing that'll challenge them (besides RP-focused campaigns) is fighting a god damned Dragon Aspect at this point.  I've (as well as many of my friends and colleagues who play URealms) resorted to modifying the game by making either ridiculously OP NPCs or by seriously downgrading the abilities, start gold, or impact of my PCs. 

    I've also been trying to train players (probably through a few dozen games with a large pool of people) to think outside the box in terms of what they can do, which has been sort of lost on us, it seems, from playing too much of an arcade style game where they can solve anything just by using an ability card.
  • @Gyrozen I think that reducing the starting gold is a good way to give someone a few abilities but not enough to just have a card for every situation. Personally, I like filling my character's inventory with spells and things and ending up using none of them in favor of trying to roleplay my way out of encounters or raise a ragtag army to do everything for me!
  • @Fobos_456
    I'm looking at your examples and I see two things: One, only Soul Reap is a fully RP limited, which means it'll probably gain text saying that it doesn't use an anytime, or that it refunds one on a successful use. Two, things like Soothe Beast that have a RP use and a combat use will probably be buffed. and Three, Oh god, since my armor and shield give me anytimes whats the ruling going to be on switching those around with Swipe Clothing?!
  • @Dart and if they had their own actions the actions would be worthless or equal to that of a players and overpowered. your players inability to use companions, is your players issue, not the games imo
  • @Gyrozen This is a gamemaster issue though. If you just use the base game and hit random cards, your going to get super heroes. Nothing is stopping you from making a simpler shop. The changes I am doing will not prevent this issue because this is part of the game. In URealms you don't have progression like D&D, you make a fun characters and take them out for a spin, so this means everything cool a character can do is frontloaded.
  • @Rob I've definitely found that limiting/creating my own shops or changing gold prices helps a lot.
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