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Brainstorming New Races

Just thought I'd make a thread to collect thoughts on Races I'd like to design usually things that haven't been made before. Right now just making a list, cards and such will come later.

Gremlin                                     First version        custom card
                                                   Second version   custom card
Jinn                                            First version        custom card
                                                   Second Version   custom card

                                                                                custom card
                                                                                custom card
                                                                                custom card
                                                                                custom card
                                                                                custom card
                                                                                custom card
                                                  Loveland Version    custom card
Changeling                               First version       custom card
Carnie                                        First version       custom card
                                                   Second version  custom card
(I may have been playing West of Loathing and have images of killer clowns dancing in my head.)
Vharkin                                      First version        custom card (Inspired by @Awesomeagle23 )
                                                    Second version  custom card
                                                                                 custom card
Michig                                        First version        custom card (Inspired by @Ninja_Goose )
                                                    Second version   custom card
Centaur                                      First version        custom card (Inspired by @LexderMob )
Greenskin                                  First version        custom card
Hobgoblin                                  First version        custom card
Jim                                              Joke Race          custom card (Inspired by @ButtSmacko )
Treants                                       First version       custom card
Siren                                           First version        custom card
Tormented Demon                       First version       custom card
Dryad                                          First version       custom card
Nymph                                        First version
Imp                                              First version       custom card
Elemech                                     First version
Golemech                                   First version
Geist                                           First version

I'd love to see other people's ideas for races, but that's not the purpose of the thread.

Edit: We have had many lovely people chime in with their own races.

@Shellguy Gives us the totally average Joomin.
Version one: custom card

@TamTroll Brings us a version of his Regenerating Troll race.
V1  V2
Companion Cards: custom card custom card
Minion Version:  custom card     Passive: custom card
Version 2 : custom card

@Frye has shared a version of the sadly lost to us, Beanu race.
Version one: custom card

a monkey race instead the absent primate race. they could have a tropical island kingdom
Version 1 custom card     Version 2 custom card     Minion Version custom card
Subrace: custom card *Rewritten but unchanged.

A spectre like life form with a wither pale body that always stand with one foot in the grave, a race doomed to live when their nature is that of the dead
Version one: custom card (*Non-Legendary. Ran out of room on the card.)

short rabbit looking creatures hows size is somewhere between Gnomes and Dwarfs, energetic kind but a bit cowardly in nature,
Version one: custom card

custom card
A race of talking Donkeys that synergizes well with Banditos and Spellthieves. Yes, it is completely inspired by Don from The Gobo's of Pat.

"frog/toad people created by Yvander"  -  Maybe the racial passive could be something along the lines of gaining a bonus action whenever you use a limited ability or something to do with interrupting enemies,
Minion Version: Moved to top.

"the head of a shark and body of a man."
Minion Version: Moved to top

"Centaurs in a forum"(I know the idea is just Centaurs, but I can only think of Roman Senators/judges now.)
Not a race, and not filled out, but made this as a kind of complement/juxtoposition to Sherif. custom card
Minion Version in top.

Ideas Brought up but no card made for them.

Races created by / linked to Elements(Just my ramblings)
Earth:          Dwarf                       Light:        Elves:                           Dark:        Ageless
                    Kobold                                     High Bears                                    Porc/Blackboar

Arcane:       Gnome                     Ice:           Ogres                           Fire:         Only interested in Dragons.
                     Goblins?                                                                                          Dragonfly

Custom Race Elemental Ties.

Earth:           Centaur                    Light:       Jinn                              Dark:         Gremlin
                     Treant                                                                                             Carnie

Arcane:        Goblins                      Ice:         Michig                            Fire:          Jim(Cause why not?)
                     Changling                                Vharkin

Races of the Void: In Urealms we often see references to the Void, but until now nothing has reached back trough the void. These beings bring a darkness untouched by the Dragon Aspect Gods.

Current Races of the Void
Carnie                               Imp

Changling could fit as well. Perhaps a Subrace of Carnie?

Edit: Classes that reference the Void. Bandito, Spellthief, and Seeker. Also Dark Spirit.

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


  • I do really like the idea of a changeling, so many cool story ideas surrounding that.

    I've been formulating an idea for a race for a while. I don't have a name for them yet but they would have the head of a shark and body of a man.
  • Gremlin is okay, but it's too one dimensional for a race card. A lot of classes would never play that race because it has little value to them. This is something that might be fun on a classes Weapon or Passive.

    Jinn is too specific. If you know your going to fight fire elementals, you just broken the campaign for your gamemaster. If you don't know what your going to fight, you might never see any benefit. People already think Dvergr is a crappy racial because it doesn't do enough at Character Creation.
  • someone was talking about Centaurs in a forum, that might be a fun idea
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    custom card
    This class is a Joomin, which is pronounced Hoomen and is my alternative to Human. Being Human they are altogether just average people. Which haha... they have average as a perk, but better imo. I would rather be flashy than Murderous. I also do not believe this is game breaking because there already is an attribute for average and yea. if you had an average Joomin it would be kinda funny like just tell them not to roll and give them an average for everything (prob not realistic but would be funny). Anyways for Stamina and Gold I took the average of all the current races (That have it on the card [sorry Azveltarian]). These numbers could easily change with new races added. The math would be :: (NumOldClass(Stam)+NewStam)NumAllClass :: and for gold you can just replace Stam with Gold. Gold is 120 and not 118 because 118 is awkward and I don't think rob has numbers like that implemented. I am open for feedback and of course as always feel free to use this as you wish.
  • Im thinking some sort of frog/toad people created by Yvander, maybe a couple variants for more smooth skinned vs rough skinned, or maybe some icy type ones. Maybe the racial passive could be something along the lines of gaining a bonus action whenever you use a limited ability or something to do with interrupting enemies, maybe when you use an interrupt action, you can do that action OR cast a random spell from a selection or something.
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    This thread inspired me to attempt to make a card based on my custom Troll Race.

    Behold, the Troll / (Custom) (Gotta get an image of a female Troll at some point to go with the general theme.)

    miight have given 'em too much there. idk. would have liked to make 'em a large tile too, but i was using too much text as it is. will probably trim it down in the future if i can figure out how.
  • @TamTroll I honestly think you gave them too little. If you look at black boar, they have the same amount of stamina as trolls but 20 extra gold and no drawbacks. The 10 stamina per turn would be nice if Trolls were squishy and would get it all the time, but the fact that burning disables it and fire does double damage is a huge dealbreaker without some other upside.
  • @Loveland  possibly. i was trying to be rather conservative with it as i didn't want them to have everything Black Boars do and then some. As it is black boars have the most stamina out of the lot i think, so i didn't want to make just "Better black boars."

    suppose removing the double fire damage would make sense.  would reduce the amount of text they have on there at least. They do essentially negate poison to an extent though, so there is that.
  • Here's a card for a race you may have seen before
    This race is all about being everywhere on the battlefield being always ready to attack or assist but it comes at the cost of being incredibly flimsy.
  • @Fyre might want to re-do that link.
  • Wow! This thread has been much more popular thanI thought it'd be. I'll try to get everything added to the top post.

  • because humans are not a playable race in Urealms, (which is a decision i like) i would like a monkey race instead the absent primate race. they could have a tropical island kingdom. and be the rare exotic newcomer of the political world.
  • @LexderMob Why settle for Monkeys when you can go that extra mile and create the Monkeyfish Race? :)
  • @friskyBrisky  they might be a bit to stupid tho. but they do have a king so maybe?
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    Updating an early version of a Carnie. I know this one is overpowered as it is, but I made them quite fragile to compensate. Took inspiration from the Blood Snake Queen encounter.

    custom card

    Feels fun to rig the game.

    Also just added Changling.

    custom card

    The ability of the old bard disguise on a race, wanted to add change the voice, but takes too much room on the card.

  • i just like the idea of planet of the apes civilization but with monkeys, don't know why but it seem like it could make for both a funny and interesting race
  • @LexderMob  Eight words. "Weild-an-extra-weapon-or-sheild-on-tail"
  • edited September 2017
    @TamTroll  YES that´s a great idea, i want it even more now.
  • Updated a version of Gremlin. Gm internalizes what breaks the invisibility and adds the flavor of gremlins tinkering with items.

    custom card

  • trying to think up a new version of the Troll. would /like/ to have it so they can't use spells, but basically every class and companion ability is a spell in some form. so i don't think that'd be viable.
  • @TamTroll Perhaps add that they can choose any class but they cannot cast spells. There are several good melee classes like Berzerker, Swashbuckler, Sharpsword, etc.

    Currently There is an Ogre Leather cloak that allows that but If you want your race to be anti magic it would make sense to make it Troll leather.
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    @Minion could work. i just worry i'm adding too much text to the bottom.

    anyways i tried again. without the "no spells thing". the knockback idea comes from a pseudo-meme that goes around in my online community, where i was able to punch people into deep space and once caused an explosion (threw a grenade) by accident when trying to punch a glass display case in payday 2. we call it the "ballistic fist".

    gave 'em more stamina then the black boar, and increased how much they can heal. kept the gold the same though.
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    Working a bit on the frog Race brought up by @Ninja_Goose ; Taking inspiration from Egyptian god Heqet which also reminded me of Murky or Murlocs.

    custom card

    An Egg would be a token that you could think of a few different ways to design. I've thought of a few any ideas appreciated.

    1. Every turn spawn a minion linked to you.
    2. When you would have to deathroll instead reform at your egg. (This would mean your old body died but your consciousness goes into a new body spawned at the egg.
    3. You may burst your egg to apply poison to all adjacent targets. Or perhaps five damage and poison.

    Oh also the name is a reference to Michigan J Frog. Ya know how Elvs are Elven? Michigs are Michigan.
  •  i made i race chard for the custom card it´s just a ruff idea but i like it
  • @LexderMob Feels undertuned to me. As Rob was saying on my Gremlins classes should have something fun to do at character creation. Perhaps May look at five weapons and chose one to Wield with their tail?
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    @Minion ;  i took your suggestion to account and i improved it custom card
  • @Minion   lower the amount of money he start with, as getting a free weapon is pretty strong by it self.
  • @LexderMob Updated the top post with less money.

  • @Minion  looks good i like it  :)
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