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Best Campaign for beginners?

Hello all,
I have been a supporter of Rawbs for a long time now, and I am trying to show off Urealms to a few of my friends to get them interested. Does anyone have a good idea of what campaign would be the best for someone who has never seen anything like this? 


  • You want to start with The Sunswords. It pretty much establishes the Sunswords and several re-occurring characters, like Gwyneth, Kallark and Dave.
  • I agree its a great campaign for intro to lore type stuff. But as a newbie I imagine that they are going to be most fascinated by best comedic moments or best fights scenes, and after I get them hooked I can get show them the lore campaigns.
  • I didn't find urealms untill after the second season was finished so I just started from the beginning. I think that's the best way to introduce the world slowly. If you feel the need to skip some of the unnecessary ones (like gobos of pat) then you can but I really enjoyed all of them at the time.
  • I feel like Nader's unforgotten tale would be the best think for getting people into urealms.
  • Buckeroos and The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry are great starters. Found out about uRealms Live in December of last year and those were the two I watched first. Been a fan ever since.
  • I think a good campaign to start would be woodcarvers
  • I always recommend the Guild of Explorers side quest. For me it's by far the best and shortest representation of what URealms is.
  • Hands down Sunswords. I know Azveltara z was said to be made for newer people but Sunswords just does it so much better.
  • Sunswords is good other than how dated it is mechanics-wise, but otherwise it's a solid representation of what the show is like.
  • Start with the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry! It's got enough of everything, and some character progression.
  • Personally I think woodcarvers, I have never seen any episode of season 1 and i am mostly fine with the lore of the world 
  • I would tell people to either start at the very beginning, or at Sunswords, or at Woodcarvers. Anywhere else, and you are just kinda.. lost.

    Starting at the very beginning means you get to watch the show evolve as you go through the campaigns, however I understand most people could get bored of the first few campaigns, and just stop. Plus, the first campaigns are super dated.

    Sunswords has the benefit of being a little further along in the early days, so it is a bit more developed. It introduces some characters that have become very important, specifically Gwenyth Sunsword. It adds weight to her becoming Grand Paladin, and...Whatever comes next.

    Starting at Woodcarvers gives the benefit of it being pretty much the most recent campaign you can watch without being lost. It is essentially upgrading to High-Definition. It gives a good sense of the kind of world URealms is. The biggest problem with starting in Woodcarvers is Gwenyth and Kallark showing up. They kinda spoil Season 1-Episode 10, but other than that, this campaign is great. Exciting fights, fun banter, and it begins to flesh out one of the most important things now-a-days: Ageless.

    If you don't want to start at one of these, I recommend waiting till Nader's Tales come out. The "short" animated movies will give people a good sense of the plot, without having to sit through 10 hours of rolling. People should really go back and watch them if they have time, but when each campaign is so long, it's difficult, especially during Work or School times.
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