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Players that go well together

As Rob said in the behind the scenes he'll be swapping around more often, I am just curious too see what is everyone's personal opinion's about who goes well together.

For example Spiffy and Millbee go very well together in my opinion, Millbee from what we have seen of him plays very goofy characters, who are odd and fun, while Spiffy plays very much a stoic personality, atleast from what we have seen, seeing the 2 go together is very cool as it is very much straight man, funny man routine   


  • Spiff and Millbee, eh?
    Seems kinda... Spiffee.
  • I very much want to see Spiff Roamin and Justin in a campaign together.
  • Roamin and Deadbones are a combination of lore and improv that just really makes magic happen for me, but they're together in most campaigns anyways so it works.
  • @Awesomeagle23 Justin and Spiff would be really good, as both seem to be really upbeat people, would make for a very just happy and charming pair
  • *Patrick Star voice* Anyone else think Coe and Roamin is underappreciated? I mean, the two Barbarian Kobold Headhunters.
  • Roamin can be awesome, and so can Coe, I don't think they go well together though, Roamin is a little to loud where are Coe is a too soft spoken
  • @Loveland Absolutely this. Roamin and Deadbones player interactions in Band Of Thieves and ToUW1 absolutely made those campaigns.

    I also agree with the Millbee and Spiff pairing. So a Roamin/Deadbones/Millbee/Spiff Campaign would be absolutely fantastic.
  • @friskyBrisky For experimenting sake, I would say swap Millbee with Justin, I have a feeling they would also work really well togehter
  • tbh spiff with any of the guys, even rob in a side quest. Spiff is such a new element (man I make her sound like an object... that's bad) and i absolutely loved her in this recent campaign. I just can't wait to see how she gets on with everyone!
    (I also want cool voice acting... and maybe a song, I've listened to her covers of dragon age songs, they are so good)   
  • Tbh I think any pairing would work well. Yes some are better than others but I can't think of a combination that would ruin a campaign.
  • How come no one has mentioned the fragbois Justin and Coe? They are fo' sho' the bestest grills of urealms 
  • I kind of like the idea of DB and Spiff, maybe because they are both voice actors
    @Ozkah I do like Justin and Coe as well.  
  • I would like to see how spiff is able to bounce off everyone else cause she mostly interacted with rob and millbee during AZ.
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