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Is Quintara Lotus connected to the Order of Chaos or Bopen?

So I was thinking, especially after hearing Rob mention in the Behind the Scenes mention that Quintara Lotus is chaotic in nature, and that Arcane magic in general is chaotic, that Quintara Lotus may have some connection with the Order of Chaos. It's hard to say for sure though since we only know a little about Quintara Lotus. 
And as for Bopen, we know that he uses a purple aura, and has psychic powers, so he's clearly using/made of Arcane magic, so it seems to imply he's also connected to Quintara Lotus.

I might be wrong though, since Quintara Lotus apparently heavily involved with the Elves, so it's hard to say whether she would do anti-Elf things like creating Bopen or the Order of Chaos. 


  • While she might be hangin out with the elves, she is the embodiment of chaos, and creating Bopen or the Order of Chaos or something similar would be in her nature, despite the fact she is seemingly allied with the elves she is chaotic naturally, so anything could happen

  • Well, what if creating Bopen was actually PRO-Elf, or at least Pro-Quintara?

    For the sake of arguement, lets say Quintara Lotus DID make Bopen. Why would she?
    My guesses would be for fun, testing, or magic.

    If for magic, Bopen always goes around collecting Gold, concentrated magic, and feeding it to his Gold Golem. What if that Golem was a portal or something? Eh? Maybe.

    If for testing, then Bopen is also a good choice. It's sort of like a rehearsal. Q.L. is testing her Elven "friends" to see if they can handle Bopen. If they can't stand up against Bopen, what hope would they have against something stronger? Say, Vlaurunga? Vlaurunga does not appear to care about gifts from Q.L., if you look at the sword Susurflame. Dragon Wars could be neat, and you would want a strong Elven population if you were going to attack Vlaurunga. Crossfire between dragons could be devastating. Bopen can be that training.

    If just for fun, what is more fun than a spooky scary skeleton pirate man with the power of a god? It's like battling your own Pocket Monsters. "I wonder if my Lvl. 482 Nisovin can beat a Lvl. ??? Bopen!"
  • If Bopen were related to Quintara Lotus, that would explain a lot. I mean he is rumoured to be a dragon.
  • I have thought of this and will admit that it seems possible that Bopen has something to do with Arcane magic(My guest is that Bopen IS a divine, and is a child of Goldstrandt and Quintara Lotus) his magic seems much more arcane then dark, however he certainly has a dark personality
  • There has always been a lot fishy with bopens divine claim. He needs a ring and sword for most his power, it seems can't convert people who don't have full skeletons( as in the case with McCoy) if he was divine his skull probably wouldn't of broken in the first place (unless it wasn't his skull) he is giving the golem power for some purpose although if he was divine he wouldn't need its help. Also his ideology with turning people ageless doesn't seem self centred and I doubt he would serve another's purpose if he was divine. Most importantly all of golestandt' children are seemingly trapped in his nightmare Layla and anthrahal being confirmed and Tambok living in a time frozen believer only realm and if he was just Quintara's child he wouldn't have to feed to golem and have it use magic for him. He would have the powerful arcane magic himself.
  • The real secret is that Bopen is the sword. @LuckyStrike

    Also, as an aside, there is nothing to indicate in The Senate of Deadlantis that Bopen couldn't turn McCoy. He just chose to kill him for the sake of it.
  • @Bevan in the behind the scene when rob talked about Mccoy being killed to give you the full quote he said "the reason why i killed Mccoy is i don't know.. i felt at that moment Mccoy made sense to kill Mccoy in my script it made no sense to kill Mccoy because Mccoy was the only character Roamin could play this act so if you think about it if i kill roam- it's like Roamin doesn't get to be in the show for an hour so from a show design point you should of almost came into this show and been like "well Mccoy cant die" of all the characters that are gonna get turned... I killed Mccoy honestly i might have to go back and watch that video to fully understand why i did it because it was mostly an in the moment decision- that felt like the story to me as the game master and no matter what i write in my game notes I'm getting more and more- i try to push more and more to the line of "if this feels like the correct story"for me or this feels like the story this feels like the story I like the most th-that's the story I'll do right? if this is a story that I feel will add more in the future there must have been something that I said or Deadbones said or mercy said that made me go "*gasp* I should kill him" oh I know what it is oh my god i know what it is and now I don't wanna talk about this oh should I edit this out-no Ah it's ok it's fine- now i know why i killed him and i can't tell you- oops" A conversations before Mccoy is killed Bopen asks him and mercy about this arm and he explained what's happened.(I assume the delay is Rob remembering why that is problematic and all coversations following don't seem to bother Bopen) Mccoy was seemingly rather easy to convert compared to the others so it made little sense to kill him for behavior it has something to do with that arm my guess was it infringed on the skeleton and therefore the ageless pact (since tentacles don't have bones) It could be due to the fact it was a behemoth arm but since Bopen has a pet Behemoth I have doubt species was the issue.
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