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Everyone's Favorite Theme Park!!!! Nisovin's Adventures!

I was thinking a goofy way of telling stories about our favorite gnome wizard and getting Nisovin cash would be the magical gnome theme park. It was just a goofy idea I had maybe we could talk about ideas of what could be in it. 


  • This should probably be off topic, as I'm not sure this fits here, but...

    If any race would make an actual Amusement Park, not a 'This Park was built before you could get killed or screwed over by our robots' Park, it would be Gnomes. I would fully support a NisoLand or NisoWorld Theme Park in URealms. :)
  • I've been wondering... if Nisovin is really a gnome, does he melt in freshwater? Think about it. When was the last time you saw a gnome at a water park? Do you really think the "you must be this tall to ride" signs are actually about people from falling off, or is it to keep the gnomes from melting? Wake up sheeple! Gnomes don't go on log flumes; Nisovin is featured prominently on the marketing material. I'm not going to spell it out. Nisovin is NGNome!
  • Well I mean the bird dwellers did. @friskyBrisky
  • edited September 2017
    @Raynicorn   hasn't it changed do? or is it still canon? in Azeltaria Z (probably spelled that wrong) we see a bird facility and it isn't really an Theme Park in any way.
  • @LexderMob That place wasn't an amusement park meant to be visited by Elves and High Bears, unlike the Ruins we see in Unexpected Discovery... Although, I just realized that the Zarlin Catacombs were meant to be a Sacred Temple, so why would they have the Transmogrifying Robots is a mystery to me as well...
  • Maybe they have both. Who knows? My guess is they have theme parks and they have facilities they live in. @LexderMob
  • A teleporting roller coaster would be so dope. It could be called "The Wormhole"

  • Well, it would probably be designed and built mostly by Niso's lead. Also @Razer that sounds awesome! I figure something like this would be a neat way of getting more Niso.

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