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  • The first thing I thought of when I heard this was Mei's Beekeeper skin.
    Other than some punctuation, capitalization, and wording (lol "super poisoned"?), it looks really neat! I think it needs a skill that's a little more of a staple though, something really good as a utility or something. The Hive Mind card also probably needs tweaking, or maybe the bees themselves can only do a small amount of damage, but stun/poison for a turn or something, especially if the Honey Wand has no limit of Bee summoning. You could just summon infinite bees and have endless actions as I see it.
    The idea itself is really cool, and the jokes inside the cards are funny. Also, the card descriptions seem to remind me of Yu-Gi-Oh! for some reason...
  • Also what's the difference between the Crown and the Hive Mind card? Hive mind doesn't say it uses your actions to control individual bees, so it seems like you'd always go for that, and then there'd be no point in getting the Crown, right?
  • When I first read the title I thought it was gonna be about beer.
    I'm wrong sadly.
  • 0/10 does not have an ability called "Do you like Jazz?"
  • edited September 2017
    Where's Nicholas Cage when you need him?
  • NOT THE BEES! (does that help @JiJi ?)
  • @Astora Super Poisoned is wording in the game. Super status effects bypass things that make you immune to effects. Like being a large tile. you cant be burned but you can be super burned.
  • @Dolfinmaster Did not know that. Good to know. Still sounds like
    "Hey man, you got hit by a poison. by two different guys! You're like, double poisoned. SUPER poisoned, man." >_<
  • @Astora Yeah lol. the only card that really utilizes that effect is the X-Bow from the Grand Paladin Order campaign. But it like Poison in pokemon id assume. theres poisoned then badly poisoned.
  • Give Royal Jelly some more RP use or some combat use. Also make it non-limited because limited RP is generally meh. 
  • I find that although Roleplay spells can be used combat-wise, Rob tends to include at least some combat elements in the roleplay spell - like Nummyo Pagoto. 
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