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So I was thinking...


  • Really cool cards. Another one could be a spell that stops anyone on the battlefield from casting light magic for a turn.
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    @Razz I think that would be an interesting addition to blanket of darkness, or the legendary version that I have forgotten the name of.

    Edit: Blanket of Death
  • Damn I should've thought about that.
  • I'll just go get two cabalists with Absorb Darkness together, make sure one of them has a good limited ability, and then give one a spell scroll for grandfinale, so when one uses it, it hits the other, which makes it hit the first, which makes it hit the second etc. So basically infinite uses of a limited by two different people. Great job! I think the Grand Raven would be proud of our infinite combo!
  • Until you roll a 1, and your DM goes "Okay, now you are all swallowed by an infinite black hole."
  • I dont think any cards have a cost of 5. So if you buy a 175 gold card you're stuck with at least 5 gold and that annoys me. >-<

    Also stingy
  • These are neat cards! I actually think Lunar Eclipse would fit well to compliment Suncleric. Cuz there is kind of a thematic contrast there
    Also the titles of all your discussions are clickbait :P
               Which is interesting
  • @Ninja_Goose ;
    Also getting streetwise or freemium catalogs with that... I have 7.5 gold left
  • @Ozoner I didn't even realize.
  • Small thing but it might be better to title the thread something like "Cabalist Expansion" because it kinda makes it look like a theory thread from the front page.
  • @Maris ;
    Actually sorry, just the last two really, which are the ones I've noticed by you... because I clicked them, for reasons already mentioned :P
  • @WayofTime
    but theres the glory of it, if they get swallowed by an infinite black hole, then we have an infinite black hole, and that kills everybody! Therefore you win the combat either way! HAHAHAHAHA!

    (Seriously someone call the phinei over from their thread to come see this excellence.)
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