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Witches and AoE

edited September 2017 in URealms FAQ Submissions
How should one handle a witch with largesteeplehat and arcane spells with AoE?

With most of witch's spells, they hit one at a time, so that's easy to figure out, but lotusbloom for example, doesn't mention any timing, and novaflame even goes as far as saying they are all it at the same time. And then there's the case where the witch has giantspells or arcane spells from other classes.

So, what happens with these AoE? What happens when there are multiple characters hit at the exact same time by a single arcane spell? Is only one of the targets affected and switches place with the witch, keeping all the others in place, or does the witch take place of one of them, but all of them just get funneled to the place the witch used to be at?


  • You can only switch with 1 Target with AE Spells. Nova Flame has that extra text to make it clear because that's the type of situation that comes up all the time, I could probly add that text to Lotus Bloom as well though. arcanebolts is written in a way to obviously allow chain teleporting, but in general you should mostly every teleport once from a spell unless it behaves in a similar  way.

     This is one of those minor things that's up to the gamemaster though because it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of game balance.
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