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who is Sintour Sallazhar



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    @Sintour ;
    @Salazar_Endercon ;

    edit Sintour has a wittywizard account so it's rob/nisovin. NVM

  • @Vongeo Maybe it's a ploy to make us think it's the combo name?....
  • I'm pretty sure they made the Sintour account so someone else wouldn't steal it.
  • @WayofTime I always suspected the No Character names rule was because they wanted to do some roleplay posting on the forums as certain characters.
  • Well someone in this post mentioned some account called Sintour. The person talking in the text is the god we are making. @LexderMob
  • No, it can't be, since @Sintour was only made recently.
  • @WayofTime  i think you are right, they probably made the name so no one wouldn't steal it. i love your username Way of Time.
  • @LexderMob Thanks for the compliment! ^_^
  • @Raynicorn No, that seems very unlikely since the name of the God is meant to be determined randomly and the person already exists in the realm, judging by the way the post is written. It's probably a member of the Order of Chaos or the Sandbolds since those are the only two groups who seem to support us(the old gods).
  • @Vongeo It couldn't be @Salazar_Endercon ;
    They would have had to donate in order for their name to be chosen, and since they lack a donation badge for season 3, pretty sure it's not them.
  • :o Our visions your gifts

    Our donations are their ideals or visions.

    Our bodies your skin

    Rob is going to skin one of us and use of skin for tiles.
  • @Vongeo I see no other way this message can be interpreted.
    Boy am I glad I don't have a method to donate to the show!
    Watch out S3 donators

  • Not gonna lie, after thinking about it, "Our bodies your skin," gives me incredible possession vibes.

    It's our devout followers' bodies, but the skin we wear. Perhaps it's meant to be less literal, but that's just what came to mind all of a sudden.
  • @Zeklo You know, that does make me think of the original show; in it, when one character got 5 Sins of the Unforgotten (through cheating the Meta), their character became possessed by an Evil guardian of the Realm that also committed the 5 Sins at some point.

    What if the current Sins of the Unforgotten does the same thing? Like, after 5 sins are accumulated, the 6th person 'dies' but is then taken over by, say, the demon 'Caprikal'?
  • it could be that we gonna get a character, which we in someway will influence or even control to some capacity. maybe we will get to decide their personality or ideals.
  • Avatars are kind of our skins other than that our only real skins on the forums are our names. For a less grusome answer.
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    @Raynicorn i´am talking more about to control a God then just simply make one
  • @Vongeo tbh the first one was cooler
  • Guys were turning to fucking /pol/ here deducing who this name belongs to
  • @LexderMob Twitch playes URealms?
  • @godcrusher123  more like we get to donate to decide what this characters goal and ideals is, or it might be what we can decide to use the blood tears on
  • First things first, they are obviously a member of the Order of Chaos, considering the end quote bit.
    Second things second, they aren't related to Sallazhar Thornblade, because the his last name is Sallazhar, whereas chickenhead's last name is Thronblade, so it's probably either just a reused name or chickenhead was named after him or a relative of his.
    Third things third, I'll just be here, adding him to my list of confirmed OoC members, which is currently the DD winners, Chimera, Empusa, Maelstrom, and Sintour Sallazhar.
  • @KaeawynShifter  might be a bit early to add him/her to the list, but i also strongly believe that your assumption is one of the most likely ones. so do as you please
  • Well only other guess is that it is probably a character someone who won the divine decision made. @LexderMob
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    @KaeawynShifter Just pointing out; we have no concrete proof that Empusa and Chimera are members of the Order. We know they can sense the Old Gods, sure, but we have no proof that they are actively, or had been, a part of the Order.
  • @KaeawynShifter Sallahzhar might not be his last name, Sintour might just be another first name. we know Sallahzhar Thornblade. its vary possible that they just share the same name, this wouldn't be the first 2 characters to share a name.

    this doesn't really change anything you said tho, just something to add.
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    Taking into account Rob's behind the scenes, it's interesting to see that most things about the blood drops here were confirmed but we still know practically nothing about Sintour Sallazhar other than that he knows more about what we're doing with this divine than we do.
  • @SuspiciousFish  as it looks right now i would say he is an important character in next campaign, but if i'm honest i don't think we have any clear indication of how hi is. it's just a little bit too early
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