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who is Sintour Sallazhar



  • @SuspiciousFish Everybody that wins a Divine Decision gains an 'Order of Chaos' Accolade/Badge. Since Sintour mentioned a line of the Order's Poem, it's obvious he's also a part of the order. Rob probably has informed the DD winners of what this means, but we probably won't know exactly what it means until the 11th Campaign.
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    @friskyBrisky ;
    I don't think they'll be too clued in, if i were doing this i wouldn't have such a high risk on spoilers. Even though it'd be super cool for them to know and despite however trustworthy they probably are
  • @Ozoner that's exactly what I was thinking, it'd be cool to clue them in but not too much since they can just tell anyone they want.
  • My bet is with the idea he is a member if not the leader of the Order of Chaos.
  • @PHIJKCHU_Volcarona I agree and think that "We look forward to your arrival Old Gods. Our visions, your gift. Our bodies, your skins." is particularly interesting since this is the last line of Maelstrom's poem about the Order of Chaos.
  • @SuspiciousFish ;
    Oh man I missed that line, that's slightly creepy, but yeah we've seen visions in the show right? And at some point we're going to craft a god. That's my suspicion on OGD, Old God Divine, their body, our skin? Cuz we make it?
  • Sintour? 

  • In all seriousness, I'm beginning to think that the Old Gods are really the antagonists. Killing Phantos? Aligned with the Order of Chaos? Blood tears? We're not really being depicted in the most positive light
  • @FNH4 Not all the old gods killed Phanto! Some of us voted for peace for the ageless and for justice against Lynn Azveltara as well  :|
  • @Loveland Making her infertile is not justice. Sure it's ironic, but she did an evil act and the only thing keeping her from having children would do would be making her more vicious and more of a monster than what already exists. You don't fully understand what good is in this situation. We are in charge, but our decisions, while they can seem noble, can make things worse
  • Guy didn't anyone noticed that the number of the xp was off in the message. The number I remember was 6550. and I got 6550. But the message said 6750. So Sintour Sallazhar could have got the wrong number from his little birds. Or I have missed out on 200 XP(what would be weird because I watch the whole show). Or Rob made a mistake making that message (meta answer ) 

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    besides, I just released something. Could Sintour sallazhar the combination of two of the old gods?
    There are  @Sintour   and @Salazar_Endercon  accounts on the forum (but the last one could have sent in a better name)

    edit: Never mind that theory, they both haven't there s3 donated accolade. sintour was created today
  • It's likely he is a high member of the Order of Chaos, maybe the leader as he was able to speak directly towards to us. He knows us and can directly communicate to us. Is Sintour Sallazhar the body that the Old Gods will possess? 

    O.G.D. = Old Gods' Divine? I mean in the first campaign we would craft a god...
  • It's obviously an anagram with a cypher.

    I think we all know what the anagram is.
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    @CongenialVirus A Tunas Razor Hills?
  • @Loveland   when we decide to kill or worse, they will not care if one or more voted against it, they will see us all as monsters. because we are all seen as one and not as a collective in their eyes. hence why they always address us as if we are one. in the eyes of the victims we are all Evil. 
  • @Astora  i think you are onto something!
  • @CongenialVirus  we don't all know the anagram+cypher enlighten us onegaishimasu
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    @NovaXII  it was my acronym first :P 
    great minds think alike I suppose
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    (see comment above)
  • @Spacewalker This is assuming someone didn't donate for giggles during the Fighting Power tournament.
  • @Spacewalker Just a typo cause you can see the the final xp in the video anyway
  • @Rob Already thought that, but still, you never know what are clues for futher plot lines. Thx for clear it up :peace: 
  • @NovaXII  its true that we donated to craft a god, and this event looks like its delivering on that promise. but why would you use two words for god in the same in abbreviation? it seems at first obvious that it would stand for Old Gods' Divine. but maybe it stand for something else
  • Well wasn't part of the old gods donation that it combines two names of those who donated. @LexderMob
  • im just hoping this is chicken head posting updates for us lol. thats what he does now after being out of a bar and house.
  • Then the name Sintour @LexderMob
  • @Raynicorn   Rob said that the character name will be a combination of two old gods names, but he never said how the two names will be combined. he could simply cut them in half and put two halves together. but he could do it in many other way as well, he could anagram it, hi could reverse the name and combined it, he could cut the names in smaller piece and then re-arrange the piece. so if this is the combined name, it's not necessary easy to figure out how it is.
  • @coolethanps2 better for her to go out of control and the world realize her sins than let her live a happy life.
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