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who is Sintour Sallazhar

a forum where we discuss Sintour Sallazhar his messages and other stuff, like what is his goal where is his story going and stuff like that.


  • I think you meant Who is Sintour Sallazhar
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    yeh that is what it say @CasualCow ;
  • Maybe a Nisovin alias?
  • @Caprikel  could be. they clearly know about us tho. so that could be problematic  
  • isnt sallazhar the name of that thornblade guy?
  • Out of Universe, it most likely was an account created by Nisovin.

    In Universe, however, I think he's the leader of the Order. And with a name like that, he's most likely either Elven or Gnomish. For some reason, though, 'Sallazhar' is familiar to me...

    ... There is a Sallazar...
  • @friskyBrisky  old chicken head,,,,, really?! maybe but i don't know. would be interesting development do
  • the real question is how did he/she contact us?
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    @Pufflemore  that's a hard question to answer. maybe the same way Nader Leomaris communicate with us, whatever way that is
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    Do you think Chicken head's Sir name could be a last name as well?

    Like in the tradition of, Korea I believe, where last names come from first. Or the Scandinavian the son of John's last name is Johnson. Except nix the son
  • I don't think this is Sallazar Thornblade
    Considering Rob indicated that Thornblade slept with Sly Johnson's family members, and at least to me clearly had him as a side character, that doesn't seem realistic to me.
    I think he's a totally new character, probably high up in the Order of Chaos.

    Also what was that O.G.D? Is that like a character we create? Old God Divine maybe? Hmmmmm
  • If you remember, back in the same campaign with Sallazar Thornblade, Orvan Weiss was there.

    He made a comment saying something to the effect of "Why do Kobolds ride Groundbolds, you look like your horse. We (Elves) don't do that!" 
    Soon after, Rob said we might have Centaurs, so that statement might be inaccurate.

    Sintour? Centaur? Sin of the Unforgotten + Centaur? Ehhh? Maybe?
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    If any of you recall the donation event from the 1st campaign of S3 that allowed people to cause a 'Chaos Rain' that had a variety of spells go off, that donation also had it be the case that two names would be picked from those who donated to create a name for a God of Chaos of some description. It seems like this could be the answer to who Sintour Sallazhar is...y'know, maybe.
  • @Vongeo  Chicken head name on the fan site might technically not be the canon spelling of his name. as we don't get it spelled out to us. so it could just be how his name is really spelled. it spelled Sallazar on the fan wiky. so it could be a last name,  or its the name of a other character. but to give an clear answer to your question. maybe?
  • @Ninjathis ;
    "I think you just dun' solved the case ther, sheriff"

    @Bevan did we ever know which two names?
  • @Ozoner It was also possible (although I don't remember 100% if it is or isn't) that Sallazar could've been tampering with the party and aiding the Kobold Bandits, 2 of whom have connections to the Old Gods through their consumption of Golestandt's scales. Now, we can't say for certain that Chimera or Empussa are members of the Chaos Order, and we can't say for certain that Sallazar was actively doing it (it could've actually been Justin's character). But it's not that far of a stretch if it does turn out 'Sintour Sallazhar' was actually 'Sallazar Thornblade'.

    @Ninjathis ... I'd love a race of Centaurs based around the 'Sinning' in URealms. They'd be some of the most BS enemies to fight (because the 'sinning' so far has been avoiding death), but they'd most likely be cool as hell.
  • @Ninjathis  i love your idea. a centaur race would be really interesting. but at this point i just can't commit to it. might get too attached to the idea if i do  :(
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    I dunno. Having Sallazhar be Sallazar both seems like something Rob would do and something he's laughing his ass off about because we're totally going down the wrong trail. But other than Phineas I can't think of a NPC that seemed like just a side character and then became important, and I only think Phineas got it because of the voice Rob uses for him. I know that we all want it to be someone we know, but I'm pretty convinced that Sintour Sallazhar is a new character. Not just because of the thing with Thornblade, but also because we've really had no super meta characters, other than Nader Leomaris and kind of Empusa, and I doubt it's either of them.
  • I find it highly unlikely that Sintour is related to Thornblade. If there is anything that can be determined from the name, it won't be at such a surface level that it can be figured out just from looking at someone with a similar name. I've looked at anagrams, and it seems that there's nothing special as far as that is concerned.
  • The inital name of Sallazar could be familiar because of Salazar Slytherin from the Harry Potter series. The donation event from the first campaign is a good point though. It's easily possible that's the character. 
  • @WayofTime  yeah i´m with you on this one. the anagram idea was mostly to get people to think. and the Sallazhar be Sallazar could just be a coincidence.
  • We should take into account the message hidden during the Fighting Power 8 Tourny. My bet is that Sintour Sallazhar is one of the Sandbolds, a representative of the Order of Chaos perhaps.
  • Yeah, I'm not saying it is Salazar Thornblade (Chickenhead), I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if it is. There's enough wiggle room that it could go either way.
  • @friskyBrisky  i know where you're coming from. and i agree. that is the right attitude to have
  • @SMS00  that is a possibility,  
  • @SMSoo yeah that could be it, but call me jingoist Sallazhar doesn't seem like a very "koboldy" name...
  • It's funny because the divine decision winners know what it's all about yet @Caprikel is pretending he doesn't haha
  • I couldn't find any sneaky urls on the website about him :frown:
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    @tak4n How do the divine decision winners know who Sintour Sallahzer is?
  • @SuspiciousFish I forget where this was mentioned, but supposedly the divine decision winners are cued in a little bit on whats going on. This may or may not include stuff about our friend Sallahzer. 
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