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What was the verdict on whether elves sleep or not?

Title says it all.


  • They can sleep if they want but most of the elfs meditate
  • tbh, meditation is probably still sleeping just not lying down, or just a weird theta squad thing
  • Im pretty sure they could if they wanted. I dont remember if this was mentioned in season 2 and I know it has not been talked about in s3. Going off what I remember from s1 elves normally do not sleep, they just meditate I believe.
  • From what I can remember, it was confirmed that elves sleep and the Monkey fish king from campaign 1 season 1 was lying / not telling the truth to Roamin's band of thieves.
  • If they do not sleep then I wonder what an elf with the narcoleptic attribute is like.
  • The only thing suggesting Elves not sleeping is a single character saying that they didn't sleep. There really isn't any evidence to suggest otherwise.
  • @SugarSmear It's just an elf who randomly starts meditating.
  • Maybe the reason Elves don't sleep is due to the dragon-silver they put in their tea. It serves as a slow-burning caffeine, supplement.
    The thing about Elves metabolism going faster as they age could just be as a result there being no dragon-silver in their
  • Are we really gonna trust de nada and a barringster as to whether elves sleep?
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