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I'm a new GM! Making a campaign with pre-made custom characters! Lets talk!

Hello, I am creating my first urealms campaign. I have already created the characters that the players will be playing in the campaign so there will be no character creation. I need three players to come join me.
Here are some things I do:
Hurrahs!- Hurrahs are like donation events, at the end of every successful combat round, I will ask the party if they would like to Hurrah! these events, just like donation events, are usually negative but give a benefit to the party in some way after the combat ends. There will be some good Hurrahs, but they will be very few. The party may only activate a Hurrah! if all party members agree to it. Only three Hurrahs can activate per combat encounter. I have not made all the hurrahs for the campaign yet because I want some of them to be related to the characters and not generic events like an ambush or something.
I Have the core story in place for the campaign but I need players with backstories to make it complete. Also, I, the game master, will be a character in the campaign and be in the party. That is why there will only be three players in the party.
The three pre-made characters are a wildling lovable Kobold booty raider, A singuinian blastphemous black bore sharp swordsman, and a master magi flamboyant gnome magician. There is also me, a caretaker bookworm dwelf sheriff.
You can find all of their character sheets here!!Aj01-GInGnT-nBrK5tg9yA8sbMf4
Feel free to ask me any questions. When I decide on a group, we will all meet up on discord and decide a day and time to play that does not conflict with any of our schedules.
My discord is Coolguy3622#3114


  • I would do this, except I'm waiting for tabletop to be cheaper. the characters kits look cool, and I already have a bit of experience in Role playing games. my discord is DrthMalgys#8462, if you want to talk more
  • Sounds different and interesting, I'm down. My Discord is AT_Alpha#5637
  • I'm certainly interested in giving this a try. Discord is Fewcus#0864 if you need it.
  • @Bevan
    That being said I'm apprehensive about having a GM play a PC in the game. I'd implore you to re-consider that fact.
  • @DrthMalgys Man. I really hope in the future we can make a client that can be completely free like the rest of the game. Makes me sad when people can't play because they can't afford tabletop simulator.
  • @Rob ; I assume some kind of custom game/client would be years down the line, but if/when its made, would you try to do a 3d game like Tabletop, or a 2d topdown?
  • @Bigfoot We would probly put it at that nice 2.5D angle, but honestly it doesn't make sense to even begin to start that until the game is done with big dramatic changes.
  • @Rob Yea i didn't expect you to be working on it anytime soon as the show/game is still going through so many changes, I was just wondering about the visuals. Glad to hear its not a fully 2d experience :)
  • Table top is good for now that not problem with it but if we're lucky 5 years than we can have urealms the game 
  • If you guys didn't begin, I'm up for it, Sirnarue#6769 .
  • If there's still room im down #3350
  • honestly im saving up money for table top and praying to gaben it goes on sale
  • Wow! I leave for like two days and I already have so many people who want to join! I want you to know that this will literally be my first time being a GM as well as using tabletop in the urealms format, so don't be expecting much. That being said I have pretty much finished the first campaign and only need some fine tuning to make it special. I am very excited to see how this goes! Also, the campaign will most likely take place on a Sunday, because that is the only day I have off from work. The campaign will most likely take place at 12:00 P.M, Eastern Standard Time. I will give more details when the campaign is complete.
  • @Caleb_Bomb Can you give me another tag for your discord please? I tried to send a friend request on discord but it will not go through.
  • @Rob I think that we will probably get an official Urealms client when season ten comes out and when merchandise besides shirts are for sale. I am excited to play Urealms while watching the fabled Justin kidney donation while also snuggling with my pot puppy plushy. The future of Urealms is so bright man, we are all going to need sunglasses! which is a weird thing to say because in the Urealms universe sunglasses help you see in the dark. What a wonderful world!
  • Maybe there should be a URealms Christmas donation event where a bunch of codes for tabletop sim are given away?
  • @Rob that would remove the problem of people being unable to play because they can't afford tabletop. I have some friends who would love to play these sort of games, but can't because of the price
  • @Coolguy3622 if you wait for about 3-4 weeks, then I'll be able to play. otherwise, school will be a problem, (I live in Australia, so.... time zones >:) )
  • Tabletop simulator is currently 50% off on the humble store. Get it while its hot.
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